After our Soul Plan Reading yesterday, I sat for a long time, just blown away. I felt such a great shift. I think my true healing has just begun. I cannot thank you enough.
Alexis, Boca Raton, Florida
I had two wonderful readings this weekend from the incomparable Corbie Mitleid. I ADORE HER, what a talent! What an honor it is that a reader of Corbie’s caliber uses my deck as her “Go To Deck” — so humbling!
Erik C. Dunne , Artist and creator, TAROT ILLUMINATI and TAROT APOCALYPSIS
As a metaphysical bookstore that has been in business for well over 25 years, we have learned to be discerning about who we have teach or read at our store. We expect a certain degree of experience and professionalism in our presenters. Corbie Mitleid is first rate. She has a wide range of knowledge about many spiritual and metaphysical concepts. She conducts herself as a true professional holistic educator. Delivery and wit are Corbie’s trademarks. And she’s also a lot of fun!
Bill Trivett and Bob Hall, New Visions Books & Gifts, York PA
When it came time to speak with my Soul – or as Corbie says, my Higher Self – it was very clear that this was someone speaking through Corbie, rather than Corbie herself. The voice changed, the expressions changed, the word usage changed. And I cannot begin to express the love, the lack of judgment and the understanding that I received from this celestial being. The end of the session found me in tears.
Elisabeth , Sao Paolo, Brazil
Some souls descend with a contract so densely packed with life lessons that they grow into mighty lights of compassion and wisdom. You will instantly feel yourself expanded by Corbie’s wit, practicality and vast intuitive knowledge of how to navigate the Earthwalk with grace and joy.

Learn About Your Soul Plan


You may have found your way to my site after reading the international bestsellers YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT. I’m one of the featured psychics in both books, where my expertise is in past life retrieval and channeling people’s Souls for them to talk to.

My own Soul Plan was to be a teacher, a healer, and an inspiration for others. It meant my life would be full of trials, but I’ve learned and grown from all of them.

Knowing I’m doing what I planned to do before I was born means every day of my life can have magic in it.

When you know what your Soul Plan truly is, you can grab hold of your own dreams and make them your reality.

These readings are challenging – bringing them through is the most intense work I do.

Why? Because I’ve dedicated myself to helping people gain a true understanding of why they are here so they can navigate Life with joy.

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