September 07, 2023

Okay, this the story of a week that could, as my Britfriends say, “get in the bin.”

But boy howdy, was it a lesson I needed.

Being in someone else’s famous book as a highlighted contributor is a two-edged sword. I’m one of the four original channels in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series on prebirth planning and Karma.

It’s great for publicity, but because people don’t know the background of how the book was written, they can come to me with some pretty not-based-in-reality expectations.



One of the things I do in that book (which, to be honest, I didn’t KNOW I could do before the author asked me to) is channeling one’s Higher Self — that complete Soul that contains every incarnation you have ever experienced. It’s not quite like doing mediumship for dead people; it takes more concentration, I have to go more deeply into trance, and it bloody well exhausts me.

But in my Soul Plan readings, if it is important, I do it. The Higher Self of the person who is central to the session is the one that makes that request, not me.

But people who read the books don’t understand that. They see me channeling on the page and assume it turns on and off like a light bulb.



That week I had two clients who wanted that sort of deep trance information in a general reading. Now, a general reading is all about practical information – not the deeply spiritual stuff, as a rule.

The first client I read wanted his Higher Self to talk to him. I told him that isn’t done in a general session, but that he didn’t need a Soul Plan reading either, since he initially said he was looking for practical information about where to go in his life. He still insisted that while everything else I was telling him made sense it was NOT what he wanted. So I broke my own rule of NO and said “Well, I’ll try.”



I know I got information for him; I had a hell of a headache after I came out of the work. But apparently because his Higher Self did not tell him precisely what to do with his life (hello, FREE WILL) he felt cheated and like I had wasted his time and stolen his money.

Even though I had told him it wasn’t necessarily appropriate, that I couldn’t promise contact, and the Higher Self speaks of spiritual matters.



The second person who came along wanted me to channel the souls of several people for whom he was a caretaker, who could not (because of medical constraints) speak for themselves. Again, asking them about things like where did they want to live, what kind of medical treatment they wanted, and how they felt about him.

And that was only *part* of a 60 minute general session that contained more than a dozen questions about his own life and circumstances, each one of which could have taken the entire session to answer.



THIS time I pulled the plug. I sent the money back, explained why what he was asking was not appropriate and wished him well.

Were the clients bad people? Not at all. They simply wanted what I could not give them.

Did it cost me hundreds of dollars in returned fees? Yep.

Was I sorry? Not one bit.

Because if I don’t respect my own boundaries and honor my abilities (and their limits) properly, who will?

Take what I had to go through, dear Reader, and put it in place in your own life and work.

If you have clients who want what you tell them you don’t do, and they push you relentlessly, hoping that you’ll knuckle under and say yes, DON’T.

Your boundaries are the most important. You have to live with you. And your self-respect is far more valuable than any pleas or demands you’re handed by clients who Don’t Get It.



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