Can a Prediction Be Too Specific?



I had a reading a few weeks ago…I was asking people a few days before if anyone could recommend a reader. I just came across this psychic place out of nowhere and she gave me a great reading. I felt happy with it though she seemed incredibly specific…she told me the woman I would want to marry was a Gemini, with light hair and dark eyes, her name started with an L, she is not in the country but she will be by June when I meet her, and her family comes from a law background, and she likes to travel and write. I shouldn’t rush things, and there will be someone jealous of the relationship. Now that was incredibly specific…I have talked to some people that know a lot on the subject and they have said that was WAY too specific and she was just trying to give me false hope when I needed it.

My question is how accurate is this reading? I mean I did see a lot of similarities, and she was pretty good at defining the current situation. However, after talking to people I have some small doubts…could she be this accurate?


I can’t really say if she was ‘too specific’ or not, Donald. I wasn’t there, and I make it a point not to “diss” other psychics. Frankly, however, I shy away from those kind of predictions. Let me explain why: The woman may indeed come into your life exactly as foretold. Yet there may be ANOTHER woman, just as suitable, just as ‘right’ for you, who would lead you on another, equally valid, lifepath. Bot now that you have been focused on Miss L by the psychic’s prediction, you would probably ignore her, thereby short-circuiting choice and free will.

My belief is that psychics can be mentors, but we must never be gurus. We can help you choose by showing you options, but nothing is written in stone. Even the order that you do your errands can shape a future. For instance, if you go to the grocery store before the pharmacy, you could be hit by a truck. Reverse the order of the errands, and the truck and you are nowhere near each other, and you live…

I have many testimonials that tell me how accurate I am, that things happened in the order I talked about them during a reading. I’m always pleased to hear that, but I deliberately don’t focus on my “percentage of accuracy” because then I’m concentrating on me, my ego, and my statistics. And my work is not about my ego at all. I am not important. What’s important is you as my client. All I ever do is ask that God and your guides give me the information that you need, so I can lay it out for you. As a result, I generally am very good at telling you about Life’s pathways, twists and turns — but I don’t name every rock, tree and bug you’ll pass on your journey!

All that said, there are some people who make a practice out of predicting this way and they can be accurate. But I certainly would not choose to allow a perfect stranger to blueprint my life in that manner.

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