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Your Soul Plan is the blueprint you decide on in your pre-birth planning sessions. Before you incarnate at any given time, you decide — in company with your guides, angels, and the other souls you will encounter — what your challenges, your learning opportunities, and your contracts will be while you are on the Earthplane in a particular body and timeline.

Soul Plan: The Soulmate Partnership

When we design our Soul Plan for each incarnation, our Soulmates agree to play whatever role we need for growth, and always with Love at the core.

What Is A Soul Plan?

Learning how to determine the main themes of life in pre-birth planning helps you lead the Examined Life with ease, grace and joy, no matter what's ahead.

Soul Plan: Karma and Contrast

Contrast is always part of a Lifepath. The Soul chooses to experience different sides of an idea to understand it fully and bring knowledge back to Spirit.

Soul Plan: Karma and Service

Service isn't just the obvious lifepath, but can also mean playing a part that brings hope and healing to others out of your own difficulties.

Soul Plan: Karma and Healing

A soul's healing helps us accept that there is no condemnation by Spirit, only learning. Soul Plans that come in with healing at their core are true gifts.