York Expo Center
Memorial Hall East
334 Carlisle Rd., York, PA

August 13-14
Sat 10-6
Sun 10-5

When you have been the “Travel Channel” (as my friend Allie calls me) as long as I have, you do a lot of shows and a lot of traveling. Most of the time I limit my travels to a ten-hour radius from Cobleskill NY. This one is about seven hours away, but I would absolutely never miss it. Why? Because it is one of the most well-run, lovingly presented, impeccably planned events I do.

Bill Trivett and Bob Hall have been the wizards behind New Visions Books and Gifts for nigh onto thirty years in the town of York, Pennsylvania. They have seen a lot of readers come and go. They have seen fads flare and fade. They have seen best sellers and junk and everything in between, and they have learned to pick the metaphysical diamonds out of the pile of costume jewelry.

It’s so much easier on all of us who are intuitives to step into a hall knowing that the promoters “have our back.” Bill and Bob are right there. The months of planning (and years of experience) that go into each Expo is apparent from the moment you walk into the event. Vendors and readers come back year after year, because of the supportive feeling of family we get.

This year, as well as reading, I’ll be doing my newest lecture, “What Is A Spiritual Awakening (and Is That What The Heck Is Going On??).” If you are confused by the energies you feel, if your life is like a roller coaster with no brakes and you think Spirit is trying to hit you upside the head with a Celestial Clue Brick, this is a lecture you definitely don’t want to miss.

The expo is held at the York Expo Center in Memorial Hall East in York, Pennsylvania and is centrally located from cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington D. C., and Pittsburgh. Admission is $7 for one day, $10 for both. So no excuses – I’ll expect to see you there!