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Cleanout Consultation Series

The Cleanout Consultation Series is designed to assist you in looking at areas of your life where you seek certainty and a greater sense of your inner congruency.

There will be sixteen sections to this series, four on each of the following subjects:  Clarity, Simplicity, Adaptability and Stress.  These will all be rolled out during 2017, and we’ll share them with you here as development is complete on each section.
Choose the one that resonates most with what you need.


In this consultation we look at what clarity means to you. We explore what is blocking you, determine what needs to be cleared away, and discover personalized practices to help you stay clear.

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This is a simpler version of Corbie’s SENTENCE OF PASSION consultation, designed specifically to work with those who have an idea of which direction they want to take their life, but are unsure how to find the most direct route.

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This consultation is geared toward those who find relationships hard to either begin or sustain; or who are having difficulties in the major relationships in their lives.

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This consultation is for those seeking a greater connection with Self and the Higher Self, who want to unlearn negative ideas around Spirit from childhood, and who want to understand the role that Spirit can play in their lives.

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The cost of each consultation is $225. If purchased as the complete set of four in a given series, the series price is $777 (a 15% discount).

In order to gain the most from these consultations, we ask that you read CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET before your appointment.

All sessions are via phone or SKYPE. Sessions run 75-90 minutes, with an MP3 recording of the session sent to you afterwards for downloading and further review.