Corbie’s Top 16 Spiritual Awakening Books



I’ve always believed that no intuitive has all the answers for any given client.  That’s why I always have suggestions for books and websites I find particularly useful.  At shows I carry little postcards already printed up with this information; for you, my readers and clients that are unable to get to me in person, I’ve put together the list of my “top ten authors ” and why  I particularly like books they’ve written.

Remember that not all books may be relevant for where you are in your life, and no one author is 100% on target; use your common sense and trust your gut on what is for you and what to pass on.

In alphabetical order by author, they are:

ASKFIRMATIONS and ANGEL CHATTER (Christine Alexandria):   Affirmations have been around for a long time.  Some people can use them effortlessly, while others say “I can never make them work!”  There’s a reason why: our Ego often argues with our affirmations, taking us off-track. That’s why I love this small volume that packs a big punch. Christine has discovered that if you turn those statements into questions – for instance, changing “I make decisions with ease” (which your Ego may argue with, giving you lots of examples when you don’t) to “Why is it so easy for me to make decisions?” — the Ego has no answer! That allows your Subconscious to grab that question and give you the positive and loving Answer that the Universe has waiting for you.    Her newest book, ANGEL CHATTER, brings angelic work down from the “glurpy purple/too sweet/Hallmark” realms into real, practical and detailed working methods. Her book is filled with information, resonances and attributes for fourteen archangels that will give you a thorough grounding in Angelic Lore and how to work with these Wingfolk to bring your life into balance and perspective. Now that Doreen Virtue has removed herself from the field, Christine is the next authentic and empowering Angel Expert to step into the spotlight.

PSYCHIC PROTECTION: Balance and Protection for Body, Mind and Spirit (Ted Andrews):  Ted Andrews was a beloved and well-respected intuitive and shaman who wrote a plethora of volumes on metaphysical subjects before his death in 2009.  Most people know him from his book Animal Speak, which talks about the meanings of animals as totems and messages.  But this book on psychic protection is one that I find is very accessible for people just starting on the Metaphysical/Spiritual Road.   It covers many subjects that “rookies” run into — including  how to shield from negative influences.  “Ground, center and shield” is a three-word mantra that every beginning psychic practitioner needs to know how to do, and Ted goes over it well.  He also covers what is and is not real in the psychic world, dispelling a lot of myths and superstitions.  He then discusses the Spiritual Road, how to walk it safely, and the responsibilities therein.  If you are just starting out, I recommend that you add it to your library.

THE PLACES THAT SCARE YOU:  A Guide to Fearlessness In Difficult Times  (Pema Chödrön):  I adore Pema Chödrön.  She is a Buddhist nun based at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia, and has one of the deepest-listening, most compassionate hearts and voices I have found on the written page.  I work a lot with fear in my practice; my own Sentence of Passion is Cross the bridge from Fear to Fearlessness and fly.  If you want to understand what fear is, why we use it, and what it wants to teach us, this is your volume.  Pain and suffering are a reality; to understand it, the way you would seek to understand a friend, is the only way through it.  Chödrön teaches that walking toward the fear, rather than running away, helps us understand it and keeps us from becoming hard and brittle.   When you walk through your fear, you fear others less, you fear circumstances less, and you can be more in the world for your fellow beings, with tenderness, compassion and humor.  It’s a treasured book on my shelf.

TO LOVE IS TO BE HAPPY WITH and HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE (Barry Neil Kaufman):  Whenever I circle these on the postcard I give out, it’s prefaced with “These are the books that got me through three bouts of breast cancer, two divorces, and the deaths of my parents.”  Because it’s true — Kaufman’s Option Dialogue Process and the Option Institute where it is taught have changed my life immeasurably since 1983.  These books teach us to question the beliefs we’ve held for years, and to ask ourselves three simple questions:  What are we unhappy about?  Why are we unhappy about that?  What do we think would happen if we stopped being unhappy about that?  The first book, To Love, talks about being our own expert, and shows how that can work for us in relationships, in our view of our place in the world, in health and money situations — anyplace in our life we find ourselves feeling unhappy and powerless.    The second book, Happiness, talks about Kaufman’s Six Shortcuts to Happiness, and how to make them work for you.  And they do.  If you are willing to give up the idea that anyone else “makes” you do or feel anything; if you’ll acknowledge that your life is made up solely of your choices and reactions to what comes to you — and you want to learn how you can make the best choices and change your beliefs from one breath to the next —  then you will find these to be extremely freeing books.

STUMBLING TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT and BUILDING A BUSINESS THE BUDDHIST WAY (Geri Larkin):  Geri Larkin was not a Buddhist from a young age, or because of a burning desire to become someone walking the Eightfold Path.  Geri got involved in Zen Buddhism when she took a meditation class to stop a twitch in one eye that resulted from being so stressed out in her job as a high level executive.  That is why Larkin really understands those of us out in the Wide World.  In STUMBLING TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT (as well as her other books with whimsical titles like First You Shave Your Head and Tap Dancing in Zen), she teaches us to embrace the falters, the double-backs and the straight-out pratfalls of our lives with humor and an eye towards understanding what they are here to teach us.  She, like me, believes that being an Authentic Teacher Warts-and-All is the way to go, and we get to see how she walked her path without prettification.  If you want a Wisdom Teacher who has so been where you are and Gets You, Larkin is your go-to.  The second book, BUILDING A BUSINESS THE BUDDHIST WAY, does not require you to shave your head and wear saffron; rather, it teaches on how to make you business win-win on many levels, which she has learned through her own business career, her experiences as a Buddhist seminarian, and as a trainer.  Three steps are required for understanding: 1) simplify your life; 2) make money honestly; and 3) work is one of the most powerful spiritual practices. I don’t know one heart-centered entrepreneur who wouldn’t agree with — and benefit from — this marvelous book.

THE CHILDREN OF NOW: Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth (Meg Losey):  A large segment of my clients are parents to children that they find unusual, inexplicable, and worrisome.  With just a few questions, I usually determine that they are “children of Now” — the next-level human being that will so desperately be needed to keep civilization running in the next decades.  For those of us who are parenting, teaching, or otherwise interacting with such gifted young ones, this book can explain who they are, why they are here, and how to create joyful experiences for both of us.   Subjects the book covers are why these children’s DNA is different from previous generations; the traits and needs of the Children of the Stars and why they are here; why these children are exhibiting telepathy, telekinesis, healing abilities, and more; and how to help the Children of Now at home, at school, and socially.

CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET and THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD (Corbie Mitleid):  Yes, I know.  They’re my books.  But what kind of an author would I be if I didn’t think they were good enough to recommend? CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET discusses clarity, adaptability, simplicity and making friends (yes!) with stress.  It encourages you to write your own tale of change based on your history, your life experiences, and your personal goals.  Through stories, examples, and just-for-you-designed “Adventure Pages,” you can find your own answers, design your own toolbox, and discover that healing the old and creating the new can be positive, joyful and soul-satisfying.  And THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD?  I wrote that to be your field guide to navigating the world of professional psychics:  sharp, clear and full of practical information for those who are intrigued by the idea of using intuitive assistance, but have no idea where to start.  Everything that I’ve learned from over 40 years of doing metaphysical work is distilled into a road map for you so that every psychic session you have is a useful one.

OPENING TO CHANNEL: How to Connect With Your Guides (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer):  If you’ve ever spent time with me, you know one of my mantras is “You can do what I do; I’m not special.”  I absolutely believe that, which is why I include this book on my list of must-haves.  This is the book that taught me how to channel thirty years ago, and it’s as relevant today as it was then, even with its later revisions.  Roman and Packer, working with their own guides Orin and DaBen, teach all the basics that are so important:  what channeling is, how to prepare for it, what guides are and how to work with them, how to protect yourself from unwanted intrusions, and how to read for others if you are so inclined.  A great basic book, and one that has served me well decades into my professional life.

YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, YOUR SOUL’S GIFT and YOUR SOUL’S LOVE (Robert Schwartz):  If you want to understand pre-birth planning and Karma from a very compassionate standpoint, these are your books.  I was one of the channels and mediums that Schwartz used in these volumes, and my own cancer story is in YOUR SOUL’S PLAN under the pseudonym of “Doris.”  I am incredibly proud of being part of this series.  The book chapters look at situations we all face in our lives:  accidents, physical illness, death of a loved one, abuse, poverty and more.  Through examining one’s pre-birth plan, accessing past life retrieval, speaking with guides and channeling of the subject’s Higher Self or Soul (my specific talent), healing and forgiveness were brought to bear in every situation.

RADICAL SELF FORGIVENESS and RADICAL FORGIVENESS (Colin Tipping):  These two volumes are great companion pieces to Schwartz’s books, though they were written completely independently.  These books allow us to look at situations and understand that forgiveness is not “it’s okay that you did this and you can do it again” and that forgiving does not mean condoning what was done.  Radical Forgiveness is the complete transformation of the energy, releasing situations from your life.  Rather than a mental process, Radical Forgiveness is a spiritual one, that dissolves problems and lets you move forward in your life with ease and grace.  Colin Tipping walks his talk magnificently, and has done so for decades.  A pair of books that are eminently life-freeing

So there you have it — the books that are always a part of my library, and ones that I think will become treasured ones on your shelves as well.