Corbie’s Wayback Machine: Dealing With Betrayal In Love and Life



One of key life themes has been betrayal; I have been both the betrayer and the betrayed. I have had these experiences with both women and men in my life. I currently wanted to explore this aspect with men who have been key players in my life at this particular time. I usually have had two very different experiences with the men in my life. They usually go in two distinct patterns. Those that I have been crazy about, madly in love with and are very sexually attracted to, They also been drawn to me but then there is always another women who emerges that they are more attracted to or attached to, who they choose over me. I get into this three way triangle. The second type of relationship I have is they are very attracted to me but I am not to them, they offer me security, financial stability, etc. This has been the case with my first husband and now my second. Both husbands have had relationships outside of our marriage.



Paloma, themes happen in incarnations, especially if the Higher Self sets Itself a “project.”  In your case, the theme of betrayal is one It has chosen to study thoroughly.

You have always been an exceptionally handsome/beautiful person, regardless of gender.  You have found it convenient to be so.  Your desire for independence, for “don’t fence me in” has trumped your value of current social mores.  Paloma, you are an exceptional “excuse maker.”

Your first life was in 17th century England, a lackey for a gentleman involved in a notorious circle headed by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester and a noted libertine.  You took great advantage of your master’s debauchery by seducing the maids of the women the lords seduced, and occasionally getting a taste of the “upper Pye” with a disgraced noblewoman.  Your current-life lover was a hairdresser, Meg, in the company of one of the noblewomen that your lord seduced.  You took advantage of Meg as often as your master took advantage of her mistress.

Like many roisterers of the time, you got the pox.  Unfortunately, you did not know you had it (or could not do anything about it, as the cure was expensive and would have lost you your position) until it was too late.  You died of it, mad and disfigured.  Meg was cured due to a liaison with a barber-surgeon, but was disfigured herself and made barren.


A second life shows you in 18th century Japan.  You were one of the highest level of courtesan/prostitute (NOT Geisha).   You loved being able to remain unmarried, and have many lovers instead. You were very successful, very wealthy. One man, Jiro (your current lover), was obsessed with you and talked with your manager to gain an exclusive contract with you. You were against this, and therefore persuaded Keiji, another lover (your current husband), to “make things difficult” for Jiro.

Keiji worked behind the scenes as head of his House to offer Jiro his sister as wife. The political connections and dowry were more than Jiro could turn down. Keiji made it clear that if Jiro took his sister as wife, the relationship with you was over. Jiro accepted.

Keiji then had a clear course to you himself, but an injury left him incapacitated. The only one who could keep his mind off his failing body was you, and he demanded you constantly. Your contract with Keiji had you entertaining him but without sex until he died, several years later, by which time you were “past your prime” and no longer of interest.  You retired alone, occasionally hiring male sex workers as you felt the need, but it was a hollow existence.


A third life appears in late 18th century Russia.  All the players were as soldiers under Catherine II (the Great). You were a captain, your current husband a general.  You were headstrong, brilliant but acting first, thinking later.  Goaded by the memory of your father (who also served under the General as his personal assistant/executive officer) who died a hero on the battlefield. The general counseled you on how to succeed in the army, how to marry well, how to thread the intrigues.  You in turn, practically worshipped the general.

In this life, power, prestige and rank outweighed sex, and you spent your life and career trying to “best” your father’s memory.


Your last life was in late 19th century New York City: You were a “free love” advocate, in its original sense – those who saw marriage as a degradement of women and advocated equality of the races.  You were a lapsed Catholic, homosexual and an admirer of people like Wilde and Ellis, who lived in Greenwich Village and worked in the city government as a minor player.  Your current lover was a lesbian woman/seamstress for the legitimate theatre who agreed to be in a “marriage of convenience” with you so that you could remain in your government job without suspicion.

While both of you had other physical lovers, a very jealous relationship sprang up, each accusing the other of caring more about the love object that the “marriage” which you both began to view as the key to your safety.

Your current husband was a local parish priest whose own crusade was to save homosexual men from themselves (based on his being attacked by another priest when he was a novice; when threatened with exposure, the attacking priest threw himself in front of a carriage, ostensibly to save a child, but the story was never proven). He succeeded in “turning” you after many years, but you were now “married” to this aging lesbian and could not get a divorce, as that, too, would destroy your career.

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