Before I became a full time intuitive counselor, I was an executive recruiter in a boutique headhunting firm, placing people in six-figure jobs for major corporations.  Understanding the ins and outs of a business was key to my success.

That’s why when I jumped from the corporate to the intuitive arena, my full-time career went from zero to cosmic with an international following in a decade.

Now, I’m ready to help you turbocharge your own business venture.

Just starting to dream? In this 90-minute intensive, I help you come up with the name, the branding, and the core of your business vision, and share my take on marketing, client relations, money sanity and everything that makes the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s economy. Even if your business is only a dream right now, this is the consultation for making it a reality!  (I recommend, but don’t require, that you do the Creating Your Sentence of Passion Consultation first). Brainstorming Your Business consultations run 90 minutes, with a short General Reading included in the wrap-up.

If you are specifically interested in doing metaphysical work full time, especially on the show circuit, the session you want is THE A-LISTER MASTER CLASS.  If you’ve read You’ve Got The Magic, Who Needs A Genie? and want to go deep-dish on your presentation and marketing, this is for you!  We’ll go over your booth, your look, your marketing, your visibility, and how to bring you to the top of your game.  Different from BRAINSTORM YOUR NEW AGE BUSINESS because this specifically focuses on those who are doing the show circuit extensively or making it the main part of your business plan.  Good for psychics, healers and vendors alike.


After your initial intensive, I’m available for monthly coaching sessions; ask about the package that is right for you.