General readings deal with practical matters (home, family, work, finances, etc.), one’s spiritual road, speaking with loved ones who have passed, or spirit guide conferences.  The answers here are to give you tools to move forward in your life on an everyday basis.

These readings are NOT to determine the purpose of your life.  For those readings, please book the SENTENCE OF PASSION CONSULTATION.

These readings are NOT to determine the pre-birth purpose around a given relationship or situation, or to channel one’s Higher Self (soul). For these, please book the SOUL PLAN READING. SOUL PLAN READING.

If past lives come through, they are spontaneous, do not get any kind of “background” reading, and are a general sketch rather than a detailed examination.  (For truly in-depth exploration of your past lives and how they affect this incarnation, please go to my page on Soul Plan Readings.)

Outside of my psychic fair and personal appearances, private (one-on-one) sessions are currently available by phone, ZOOM or SKYPE.


General reading menu:

  • The Burning Question
  • General readings (15, 30 or 60 minutes)
  • EMERGENCY general readings (30 or 60 minutes)
  • Couples sessions (30 or 60 minutes)