I don’t generally read for people under 18.  I feel they’re better served by living their own lives, learning how to think and make decisions based on facts and circumstances, and making exciting discoveries for themselves about what the world has to offer.

But the world is crazy right now, no matter what country you live in, or who you are.  And as bad as it is for us as adults, children and teens are getting a double whammy.  They don’t remember “the good times,” they don’t have control over their life choices even when things are routine, they don’t have experience getting through other crazy periods, and they feel powerless as the Great Upheaval rolls on, mowing down their normality everywhere It can.

It’s even worse if you have a teen who is an Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow child, or who has activating spiritual gifts that make the extreme energies difficult to process.

Both of you can feel like there’s nowhere to turn.

That’s why I’ve created special sessions for teenagers who need help in figuring out how to navigate the world right now. This is NOT a session for questions about teen romance or other “general” information. I still believe that in those instances, letting Life play out is the best way to go. But if they have more metaphysical and spiritual questions that will allow them to get through this new Paradigm, I am delighted and honored to help out.

The appointment MUST BE MADE by the parent or guardian for them, and I will have a short conversation with the adult when the appointment is booked. These sessions will be deeply discounted from my normal, “adult” general readings, at $75 for 30 minutes and $150 for 60 minutes.