If you are specifically interested in doing metaphysical work full time, especially on the show circuit, the sessions for you are based on the information in You’ve Got The Magic, Who Needs A Genie?   Different from BRAINSTORM YOUR NEW AGE BUSINESS, these sessions specifically focus on those who are doing the show circuit extensively or making it the main part of their business plan.  Good for psychics, healers and vendors alike.

Learn from the woman they call “The Travel Channel!”


The Basics session: If you’re just moving into the expo world, or want to reshape how you’re viewed at shows, this is the consultation you want. Corbie will discuss your talents, how to showcase them, where your best venues might be, and how to present yourself to your best advantage through booth design and signature fashion. 

The A-Lister Series: If you’re serious about wanting to take your expo game from start to stratosphere, this is for you. In six one-on-one sessions with Corbie, you’ll get a chance to go deep-dish into the basics, the social approach, the intangibles that make an A-lister, the keys to self-care, and a grab bag full of useful information on parties, webinars, podcasts, and everything else that goes into becoming a well-known professional on the circuit. Corbie takes her decades of knowledge and tailors it to your specific field, choice of venue, and future plans.