Birthday reading:  Birthdays are “life markers” — how many of us look back from that day of cake-and-candles to view where we went from last year to this?   Cards and numerology are used to give you a preview of your next twelve months around the sun.

Wedding Day reading:  This is the day when two hearts become one, two lives merge, and (hopefully) life just gets better from here! This is a special reading that will give the Bride(s) and Groom(s) a little extra help in the Wedded Bliss department.   (This can be ordered as a wedding gift, too.)

Anniversary reading:  Whether it’s your first, fifth or fiftieth, this reading reflects on what you and your partner have created together and what delights and challenges mark the year ahead.

Father’s Day/Mother’s Day reading: There is no job in the world more important than raising kids right — and this reading gives you a report on how your own parents influenced your parenthood, how you’ve been doing and what you need to know! (We’ll ask for first names and birth dates for all children; they are part of the equation.)

Your Luck Factor:  Who doesn’t want to take advantage of the “lucky times” in life?  This reading will give you a fast overview of your luck factor, how it will play out in the coming year, and the timing of its arrival.  PLUS get your personal lucky numbers for the next 12 months!