Sometimes there is a specific focus for a reading subject that doesn’t quite fall under general readings.  These are as follows:


  •  ROMANCE: Romance is one of the top subjects I’m asked to explore for my clients.  That’s why I have two readings dedicated to Cupid’s work.  Will love triumph?  Let’s find out!  In these readings I do a numerology compatibility report between the client and their partner, and we explore challenges and possibilities through Tarot and Oracle spreads. Sessions available for 15 or 30 minutes.


  • ROOKIE SESSIONS: When Spirit taps you on the shoulder and your own abilities start to blossom, it can be scary — and exciting. But how do you take those first steps on the Psychic Yellow Brick Road? THE ROOKIE SESSION is specifically designed for those who are just uncovering their own metaphysical gifts and want an Elder to help them with the basics. This focused, one-on-one time is tailored to each client as a safe space to ask questions, to explore, and to learn how to walk the Road with confidence and courage. This is specifically for those who are new to metaphysics: people who are just stepping into the Metaphysical Pool, just discovering their talents, and need to run through the basics (boundaries, authenticity, the ABCs of what we do, etc.) in order to use them properly. This is not a reading with “does Bruce love me?” sorts of questions, but a real chance to focus on what you want to do with what you’re discovering you have. Sessions available for 30 or 60 minutes.


  • YOUR LUCK FACTOR: Who doesn’t want to take advantage of the “lucky times” in life?  This reading will give you a fast overview of your luck factor, how it will play out in the coming year, and the timing of its arrival.  PLUS get your personal lucky numbers for the next 12 months!  This reading is sent to you via email; you are not “live” with Corbie.