Divination is a way of seeking to know future potential or the hidden significence in situations running the gamut from love to career to health to money — basically everything that makes up our lives. Many different tools are used in examining and predicting likely opportunities, challenges and options.

How Should I Work With My Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides and Angels can work in similar ways, but they are not always similar entities. Psychic Medium Corbie Mitleid explains the differences.

What Are Runes Used For?

Runes are traditionally used in spells and charms, but today can be used as a fascinating predictive method. Corbie Mitleid explains how to read them.

What Are Oracle Cards Used For?

Oracle Cards and Divination Decks are easy-to-learn tools for sharpening and expanding your own intuition. Corbie Mitleid describes what to look for.