Do Psychic Phone Readings Really Work?



I have always been afraid to get a reading over the phone from a psychic.  All the 900 number scams — how can they really tell you anything if they can’t see you?


Jeannie, I get this question all the time, and it makes me smile.  Let me put it to you this way — if I, as a professional psychic, can only read you in person, how do you know I am not merely reading your body language?

Remember that what we are reading is ENERGY — energy in the Akashic records, energy in your energy field, the energy of possibility.  And such things can be read anywhere, at any time.  I have clients all over the world, and often I will do readings for them based only on information such as birth name and birth date, or a series of questions.  And these readings are every bit as accurate as the one I might do for them in person.

I admit that I prefer doing mediumship in person, because my style has a bit of what I call “heavenly charades” — I allow the deceased to give me information through a series of predetermined (by me) physical signals:  for instance, they might mime smoking a cigarette if they were a smoker.  They might slick their hair back exaggeratedly (a signal for my male deceased ones to kid about being “so handsome!”).  Miming pulling back a curtain may mean that at the end they were conscious at the moment of death, and literally saw the curtain of Heaven pulled aside.  A hand over the mouth might mean that they were either intubated, on oxygen, or having great trouble breathing in their last days — and so on.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t do mediumship by phone —  I have, often.   And it has been successful virtually every time (virtually because as I often say, even the best intuitive is only 85% accurate; the 100% accuracy is God’s alone).

But here is your biggest clue:  every single reading done by every single channel and medium in BOTH of Robert Schwartz’s books, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT were done over the phone.  We never met any of our clients in the books.  And to this day, when I do a Soul Plan Reading for a client, it is always over the phone, never in person — primarily because I do many hours of deep trance work ahead of time to pull down relevant past life information, and also because while I am channeling your Higher Self — your Soul — the less distraction that I have with someone around me, the better.

Now, does that mean to call a bunch of 900 numbers and assume you are getting a good psychic reading?  Not at all.  You need to do your homework on all of those as well — there are some that legitimate intuitives like me are happy to be a part of, such as Best Psychic Directory, where you can often find me when I am not on the road.  But be as thoughtful about choosing a phone psychic as you would be on choosing one in person.  Check for references and testimonials, make sure they have a “paper trail” if you will on the internet, and see if you can chat with a couple of their clients to see how they work.  If, after that, you really do want to work with the psychic medium in London, Ontario and you live in Washington DC, have no fear; your Spirit Guides, Angels, and the Akashic librarians will make sure the right information gets to you no matter what delivery method you check off on the heavenly order form!