Do Spirit Guides Ever Abandon Us



A psychic at a psychic fair recently told me that my spirit guides were not present because they were confused as to how they could help me and thus I had been “abandoned” until they can figure out how to guide me.  I found this rather odd as my own beliefs as well as the many books I have read (including YOUR SOUL’S PLAN) reinforce that the spirit guide or guides are always present.  In her reading, I felt this psychic provided a great deal of accurate information about me without asking any questions, but I found her observation odd.  Can you shed light on the presence of spirit guides?


Karen, spirit guides are one of the most blessed and important parts of our incarnational toolbox.  In my understanding, gained from almost 40 years of metaphysical work — and also from talking to other metaphysicians I honor and trust, such as Staci Wells, Eagle Skyfire and Crystal Wind — we all agree on one thing.  Your guides are always there.  They are never AWOL.

This is not to say that they will continually have answers for you, in a divination session or out.  Sometimes, because they know that growth and spiritual understanding is the #1 goal for any incarnation, they will sit things out — not give us any particular guidance.  Why?  Sometimes the most valuable part of a life lesson is figuring out how to get the answer we seek, even more than the answer itself.  However, they are ALWAYS there on the sidelines: loving us, cheering us on, and giving us strength and courage.  The trick is to know the difference between guidance and using them as crutches.  And there are times when all of us depend on them more than is good for us (note Corbie’s little white wing raised here; she’s not been exempt from that particular lesson!).  That’s when our guides go silent, waiting for us to access our own Inner Knowing, because they know we have our own answers in there.  It just needs a little digging to unearth them.

My own take on this incident is not that your guides “could not figure out how to guide you.”  Rather, they saw several different — and valid — paths you could take at that particular point, and rather than limit your choices, they wanted you to move forward to discover what was most important to you at this time.  “Abandonment” and “confusion” are limiting, human concepts, and spirit guides (whether angels, ETs, discarnates, energy beings, or any other entity that might want to be part of your Upstairs Team) are anything BUT human or limited.  Even those discarnate-but-once-incarnate human souls who are guides for us have a larger viewpoint, once the body is shed.

So with respect, I will disagree with the conclusion of your psychic-fair psychic.  I think she was correct in that your guides may not have had answers for you at that time, and she was therefore not receiving anything from them for you.  But their celestial seats were filled as always.  The Upstairs Phone Line was still connected.  And they were still, as they always will be, sending you courage, strength, resilience and humor to walk your Path with joy and an open mind, hands and heart, to grasp your Life Lessons and take all you can from them.

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