Why I Don’t Bargain At Shows



I love doing psychic fairs, spiritual expos, and holistic events.   They are a great way for me to make contact with people who may not live close to me, but who want to sit with me for a Tarot card reading, or mediumship, or contacting their spirit guides or angels. They may not be able to do an entire Soul Plan reading with me, but they do want to touch in with their past lives. And they really do want to see what a psychic medium does “up close and personal.”

There is a lot that goes into a show appearance, however, that most people don’t think about. There’s the booth fee (anywhere between $300 and $1,000, depending on the venue and the length of the show). Then there’s the hotel. And paying my front person. And gas, and tolls, and food.

It’s not just the financial overhead that gets factored in, either. There are other dynamics in play. Being away from the husband I love for ten to twelve days every month has its own emotional tariff. Now add in the years I have spent learning my craft, the courses I have taken, the sheer number of people I read for every year (it’s well over 1,000) and the energy it takes for me to see person after person for eight to eleven hours a day.

Yes, that’s right – up to eleven hours a day at my booth. When I do a show, I am there to work: to share answers, to bring in people from the Other Side, to help with questions on romance, finances, career, spiritual roads, life paths…all the things that we humans have to deal with on our “everyday tour bus.” I rarely take a break. It is far more important to me to sit with my client and focus on them totally with compassion and care, to bring them the best psychic reading experience I can. And to go from client to client to client, with complete focus, complete compassion, constantly reaching into the Aethers, to spirit guides and those on the Other Side, using far more senses than just the usual five – trust me, at the end of show day I am completely exhausted, no matter how much I’ve enjoyed the proceedings.

All that said – I do charge for my readings. The pricing I have set for my psychic readings is fair, and generally in line with other practitioners who have my skill set and level of experience. At the same time, there are always those people who come to me and say one of five things:

  • “How about doing a reading for less? At least you’re getting paid.”
  • “Can my friend and I have a reading together and only pay for one?”
  • “Here, do a free reading for me and if I’m impressed I’ll tell all my friends about you.”
  • “Wow. That’s a lot. But I really want a reading.” [Stands there, watches me, waiting for me to offer them a deal.]
  • “Why won’t you give me a free reading? You’re just greedy. You’re not very spiritual.” [Yes. To my face.]

None of these are going to get what they’re asking for. Why? Because they are asking me to value myself, my training and my time LESS, just because they didn’t want to pay a fair wage for the services offered. They are attempting to guilt me, bully me, or wheedle me into taking less for my services.

Think about this carefully, and then just switch the profession.

  • To the hair stylist: “How about doing a cut for less money? At least you’re not standing around.”
  • To the plumber: “How about you change the pipes in my bathroom sink AND replace my dishwasher but I only pay for one service call?”
  • To the cleaning woman: “Clean my house a couple of times for free, and if I think it’s good enough I’ll tell everyone how good you are.”
  • To the dress shop owner: “Wow, that’s a lot for that dress. But I really want it for my party.” [Stop. Stare. Wait.]
  • To the physician: “Why won’t you see me for free? You’d rather I just got sick and died. You’re not very compassionate.”

These examples really aren’t so far-fetched.   And in each one, the person who wants the services is trying guilt, manipulation, vague promises or outright wheeling-and-dealing to underpay for a service that has a set price.

While I respect bargaining in some situations (there are actually some cultures who EXPECT you to haggle), a psychic event is not one of them. And the more time you waste trying to get me to lower my price, the less time I have to take care of clients who are standing there, willing to pay fairly, and respect both my time and theirs. So generally I will just ignore you – and I’m certainly not inclined to give a cut-rate appointment to you.

For those who accuse me of never doing a pro bono (Latin for “for the good”) reading, trust me; I do. If someone comes up to me respectfully and asks about my services and simply says they don’t have the money that day, Spirit will sometimes nudge me and whisper, “This one. This one needs you.” And I always heed that whisper from Heaven. To them, I may say “Look, I can’t read you here at a discount, but this I will do. If you call me on (this day) at (this time), I’ll read you for free.” I can do that ten times in a weekend, and it’s a certainty that only one or two will make the effort to call me at the time specified. That’s because they truly needed my guidance. The rest? Could care less; if they didn’t feel like they got a “win” in the situation by getting me to lower my price, they can’t be bothered to contact me later.

So when you are going to a psychic fair, remember these rules:

  1. The admission price (somewhere between $5-$20) just gets you in the door. There may be several free lectures for you to go to as well. You are welcome to “window shop” the psychics and vendors who are at the event, and they will probably all be more than happy to answer questions regarding the services they provide, the products they sell, and how they came to be in that segment of the metaphysical business world. But the admission price generally does not include a reading.
  2. Unless you have a particular psychic medium you really want to see, take your time. Visit each booth. Take a look at the set up and what is on/around the table.
  3. Talk directly to the psychic medium if you can; if they are busy doing a reading, please don’t interrupt them (would you want to have someone interrupt YOUR Tarot card reading?). If they have an assistant, or a “front person,” talk to them. Otherwise read the information available in the form of brochures, signs, or the testimonial books. These will give you a feel for their skill level, their specialties, their client interaction, and how people felt after their session at the table.
  4. Lastly, remember that you are putting out your hard-earned money. If the psychic doesn’t feel like they are intelligent, honest, or truly engaged in supporting and empowering the client, don’t go to that person. Save that money for a psychic medium that will sincerely and actively support your quest to make your life more fulfilling, abundant and joyful.

A reading is a two-way street, paved with mutual respect, professionalism and willingness to engage. Remember that your “fair pay” equals the psychic’s “fair play” – and everyone leaves the session respected and empowered.