Frequently Asked Questions About Corbie’s Readings

Where are you located? Do I have to come see you?

I am located in upstate New York, in Schoharie County (about 45 minutes west of Albany).  I do not take individual in-person appointments. Individual readings are done over the phone, or using ZOOM or Skype.  They are every bit as “real” as an in person reading; there is NO difference in the energy!  Private parties and expo appearances are decided on a case-by-case basis.


What are your hours of operation?

All available times are on my scheduler, which can be accessed by clicking on BOOK A READING. I work six days a week. My only day off is Wednesday; I neither schedule appointments nor return phone calls that day.


How much do you charge? How do you take payment?

Fees, methods of payment and cancellation rules are all explained for you here.


Why are there different prices on your readings?

Charges reflect the amount of preparatory time and specialized knowledge that are part of each session.

  • General readings are done without preparation on my part; it’s a “direct plug in” for practical matters.
  • Business consultations take advantage of my years as an executive recruiter, and involve not only psychic work but specialized talents such as business branding, shaping your business plan, and marketing.
  • Sentence of Passion consultations use many of the same talents as the business consultation in assisting you to redirect your life on multiple levels.
  • Soul Plan readings take 12-14 hours of pre-work and deep trance meditation on my part, and then an hour on the phone with the client discussing my findings.


Why do you ask for payment when I book with you?

This fee means we both acknowledge that this is a real appointment, just as you would make with any other professional, and that you intend to honor it. If you break your appointment after the time allotted for cancellation, you are charged a cancellation fee, the reasons for which are clearly stipulated on the actual fees and scheduling page.


How long do I have to wait to get an appointment?

General readings can usually be scheduled within a week, sometimes within 24-48 hours.

Business consultations and Sentence of Passion consultations are usually available within 14 days.

Soul Plan readings : Because of their taxing nature, and the volume of my other work, there is limited availability for these sessions. My schedule fills up for these quickly, and we are now booking four to six months ahead.

I know I scheduled my reading on a certain date, but could you please do it right away?

My scheduler is the real-time look at my availability. If you were only able to schedule on a certain date because the scheduler did not offer anything earlier, it is because my schedule is fully booked.  If there is a SERIOUS time constraint, please book an EMERGENCY READING, which will entail an additional fee.


Should I take notes? Can I record the session?

You may take notes, but my philosophy is “If you’re taking notes you aren’t completely listening; you might miss something.” Therefore, I record your session for you, either via MP3 download (for Skype, ZOOM and phone readings), or onto a CD (at psychic events and parties). This recording is for your convenience, and is provided as a courtesy. I am not able to guarantee the quality of the recording due to the frequent energy anomalies which can occur when a psychic is around electronics or other technical challenges beyond their ability to control.

All recordings are copyright protected by Corbie Mitleid and any use other than for what they are intended (personal record of reading) is strictly prohibited without written consent.

If you require a CD copy of your Skype, ZOOM or phone session, it is available by special request for $15 (you can request it when you schedule your appointment; look for the “add on” section of the appointment scheduler). CDs are sent by regular mail to addresses within the U.S. only. You must request the CD when you request your Appointment; it cannot be created afterward, as computers no longer have the ability to “burn” a CD from an MP3.

My English isn’t good/I don’t speak English but can I get a friend/relative to translate for me while you are doing the session?

I have received many requests from people who do not speak English, asking if we can work together with a third party translator. Reading in two languages does not work, as there are many nuances in what I receive for you that translation cannot capture. Therefore:

My rules for doing readings are that you must speak and understand fluent English.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

I regret that this may mean I am not able to do a reading for you at this time, but years of experience has shown that this is the only way I can serve clients fairly and to the best of my abilities.

and finally…

Would you do a reading for a lot less than you normally charge? Would you do it for free? Because I have a lot of problems, but I’m poor.

I have received hundreds of letters like this, each one asking for everything from a general reading all the way up to a Soul Plan reading. Every letter shares a heartrending story, saying they cannot afford it, and asking that I do it for half my fee…a quarter of my fee…for free. Some people even try to “guilt” me into a free reading, saying I must not be very spiritual if I’m not willing to give them what they want.

This is how I make my living — it’s not a hobby. And while there are occasions when Spirit tells me that a pro-bono reading is required at a show, I cannot respond to free reading requests (or demands) otherwise. If I say yes to one, in fairness I must say yes to all, and to do that I would be both burnt out and out of business in short order. So while I can acknowledge each person’s difficulties and wish them heart’s ease and understanding, I must say no to such requests.

There are places on the Internet where one can get a free brief reading; google “free psychic reading” or “free tarot reading” and you will find sources that are specifically set up to assist you.

Corbie gave me the best, clearest Tarot reading I’ve ever had in my life. I’m a student of the Tarot for many years now & she’s HANDS-DOWN the most skilled card reader I’ve seen. Besides that, she’s funny, personable, honest & just plain fun to talk to! Highly recommended, this woman knows what she’s doing!



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My first reading with Corbie was 20+ years ago. It was so powerful, to this day I refer to quotes of the wisdom that came out of that session. The metaphysical and intellectual guidance she provides helps me find clarity in making tough decisions and to effectively deal with some difficult situations. It helps me move forward to enjoy all the good stuff in life! Corbie is a Sage.

Chris, Pennsylvania