General Information and Fees

For all readings via phone or SKYPE: Your consultation is recorded for you and the recording sent to you as an MP3 download for your further reflection. (This is important because I will not remember your session for more than a few minutes after the session ends!) If, instead, a CD is required to be mailed, there is an additional $10 fee for shipping and handling. Please note that the recording is made available as a courtesy to you, and quality is not guaranteed. What you are paying for is my time, experience, focus, guidance and knowledge.

Sessions at psychic fairs, expos, in-person sessions and private parties include a CD to take home, rather than an MP3.

My scheduler requires payment via PayPal at the time of booking.  When a reading is in person at a fair or expo and not prepaid, cash or Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) are accepted.

We DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS of any kind under any circumstances; please do not ask.  

Due to unfortunate experiences in the past when rules have been relaxed, no exceptions will be made.



GENERAL READINGS: $225 per hour. Half-hour readings are $125.  Time is charged in 30-minute blocks.

FINDING YOUR NORTH STAR READING:  $275; as this reading does not involve direct client interaction there is no per-hour charge.  Please note that this reading cannot be cancelled after it is ordered .

CREATE YOUR SENTENCE OF PASSION CONSULTATIONS: $400 for the first 90 minutes. Any additional time requested is at $150 per 30-minute block.

NEW AGE BUSINESS CONSULTATIONS: Initial consultations are $400 for the first 90 minutes. Any additional time requested is at $150 per 30-minute block.

  • Monthly mentoring sessions are $350 per hour, with a 30-minute minimum, and billed in 30-minute blocks.

SOUL PLAN READINGS: $500 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. (The six hours of preparatory time/trance-channeling on my part is included in the first hour’s fee; subsequent hours are extra time spent with the client on the phone working with the results.)  The vast majority of sessions are completed within the one-hour timeframe.  Additional time is billed in 30-minute blocks.

TRANSLATION SERVICE is available for Soul Plan Readings in Dutch, French and German.  Please make sure that if you need such services, you check the appropriate add-on box when you schedule your appointment.  The additional fee is $125 for the session.



Please treat your time and mine as valuable – just as you would that of a doctor, a lawyer or any other professional whose services you sought. Due to my packed schedule and the specialized nature of these sessions, we have instituted a Cancellation and Missed Appointment Fee policy for 2019.

If you cancel your session within 48 hours of making your appointment, you will have funds returned minus a $75 cancellation fee.

Cancellations made after the initial 48 hours, but no later than

  • 24 hours ahead for a general session,
  • 72 hours ahead for consultations, or
  • 10 days ahead for Soul Plan Readings

 will result in a Cancellation Fee of 50% of the minimum charge ($65/$110 for general readings, $200 for consultations, $250 for Soul Plan readings).


If you cancel, you will ALWAYS receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation from me.  If you do not receive such an acknowledgement, it means I have not received your cancellation.

ALL no shows (a no show means that an appointment is not cancelled but the client misses the appointment and/or is unavailable at the scheduled time) will not receive a refund of any kind.  This includes missing prebooked appointments for one-on-one sessions and psychic events.

No exceptions will be made. Please be considerate of my time, as I would be of yours. If you miss your appointment without contacting my office you may not be given an opportunity to reschedule. While I regret the need to do this, I generally have people waiting up to eight weeks for consultations and Soul Plan readings, and for a session to be missed without good reason is unfair to everyone concerned.