Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway Convention Centre
327 Ontario Street
Saint Catharines, ON

July 15-17
Fri 3-9
Sat 10-9
Sun 10-6

Let me tell you about Stan and Ray, the promoters of First Star. For one thing, they know whereof they promote – they were on OUR side of the reader’s booth for many, many years. Eventually, however, they decided that they would leave the crystal-ball gazing and Tarot Card reading to the rest of us, and created my absolute favorite “show circuit” in the province of Ontario.

Why are these shows so special? For one thing, they are intimate…perhaps 15-18 readers and 5-6 vendors. That means that you don’t feel overwhelmed by so much to see that you can’t make sense of it all. Every intuitive and vendor is vetted by Stan and Ray. At a large fair, that’s not really possible. But here? Every single one of us is known personally to the promoters, who make it a point to have only the most professional, well-versed readers. The items that the vendors sell are real, not sideshow nonsense, and you’ll find them useful as well as beautiful and informative.

The lectures are varied – no two intuitives will be telling you about the same thing. And again, they are all free. Plus, Stan and Ray generously give away door prizes every hour. What’s not to love?

My own person enjoyment of the fair is because of the wonderful, open Canadians who come visit us. One of my most memorable readings there was for a young lady about ten years ago whose aura was bursting with words and stories that were begging to come out. I told her so in no uncertain terms, encouraging her to take the plunge. And now? Six books are out in print, four are contracted by major publishers – and I beam with pride when I see her, because I know that this was a bud that I helped blossom into a heck of a fine Young Adult novelist.

First Star shows in St. Catharines are always three days. The regular admission is $8, which is good for the whole weekend – but if you go to my FIRE THROUGH SPIRIT page on Facebook, you’ll see a discount coupon a few days before the fair that will give you $3 off your admission.