How Do I Handle Negative Predictions?



I have a personal history inundated with possible psychic predictions that came true out of my own powers.  I’m curious about what you do as a psychic when you predict future events for either your own future or events in the world that you wouldn’t want, from personal preference, to happen?  Not all psychic predictions are merely expressions of personal wishes or dreams.  If you believe in your own powers based on your predictions coming true in the past, and you predict negative happenings that may go against something you’d want to happen… then how do you go on, or take any action in the world or get involved in activities that you may want but that you feel very strongly won’t happen simply from having faith in your own supersensitive psychic feelings-power?


I make it a point not to predict as such.  That surmises that there is nothing one can do to change a potentially negative situation.  My entire philosophy of life comes down to this:  “here are your opportunities and here’s how to run with them.  Here are your challenges and how to get through them or around them.”  And while I believe in my own abilities, my philosophy and understanding is that even the best psychics are only 85% accurate.  The only one 100% accurate is God, and HeSheIt isn’t doing any psychic fairs that I know of.

I always make sure that the person for whom I’m reading knows that they have free will in any situation, from failing tests to car crashes.  Read my answer on “Specific Readings” elsewhere on the site for more on that.

As a three-time breast cancer dancer, I know that the best way to deal with any tough situation or negative happening is to (a) viscerally “get” the lesson involved, (b) have NO self pity, and (c) always say “what’s next?”

Finally, you say “having a personal history inundated with possible psychic predictions that came true out of my own powers.”  As long as you think it’s your powers doing the predicting, you’re in trouble.  When you completely give up the idea that they are “your” powers and accept that you are just the metaphysical garden hose through which information comes for those who seek your help, you will feel far less responsible for their actions, and be more open to various possibilities on how to handle what you see in the future.  (Reading 1,500 people a year, I had to learn that lesson fast, or I would have collapsed.)  Ego — whether it comes with pride or concern around being “right” enough for people — will short-circuit your abilities and you won’t be nearly as open to potentials.

And finally, remember:  what you may feel is “negative” may be precisely the event, the wake-up call, the challenge that catapults someone from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.  Who would Theodore Roosevelt have been without childhood ailments to conquer?  In my own life, had I not had the challenging childhood and young adult life I did, would I have been moved to do the work I have done, with compassion and understanding?  Probably not.  So even what looks to be a negative prediction on the surface may be a clarion call for something greater ahead, once the initial challenge is met.