Corbie’s Wayback Machine: An Introduction


Corbie’s Wayback Machine – Another Introduction

Welcome to “Corbie’s Way Back Machine!” Remember Mr. Peabody and Sherman? They had a Way Back Machine that took them to all kinds of earlier periods in history. That’s basically what a Past Life reading with me does – and boy, can it be revealing!

Now, what I do is past life retrieval. Most of you have heard of past life regression. They’re very different! In a regression, YOU would be hypnotized and visit the Akashic Halls to find a past life of your own. This can sometimes be scary and traumatizing, especially if you are reliving a difficult past life, or the moment of your death in that incarnation. That is why a regression must ONLY be done by a certified hypnotherapist or certified past life regressionist, because they know how to “pull you out” if things get dicey.

What I do is easier on you, but just as fascinating. When you present me with a situation or person you’d like to examine, I am the one who goes into the Akashic Records and pulls down the life (or lives) you need to review. Because you are not reliving it hypnotically, you can absorb it without intense emotion, but still learn from it.

We’re going to be answering some of your questions here. Remember, however, that what I receive from the Akashic for this blog are only brief examples; there are likely many more lives touching on a challenge or question you bring me, but space is limited. If you want to do a full past life session with me, looking at your question in depth, go here.

Past lives can come to me either in one very detailed description, if a particular life is of importance – or, if there is a theme that follows through, I may get several past lives, each one weaving a thread.

So let’s start with some simpler examples:

Why do I constantly say “I love you” to myself? It’s usually when no one else is around. When my family has heard me seemingly talking to myself, what I am doing is professing love. Many times I feel a strong spiritual connection in my heart center and it has been happening for over a year now.


Carmen, your guides say this is directly as a result of an incarnation in Austria in the 1800s, where you were born deaf. There was a sense of what you were missing. You did end up getting married. Your husband was very patient with you. You had a couple of kids. The difficulty here was that everyone else heard and you did not. What your soul ached for was to hear “I love you” from those you loved and who loved you. I don’t know that you read lips very well, but you did get a sense of what people were saying. You had so much yourself you wanted to say but you had no language for it. In this life, the sense I have is that you may end up meeting the husband from that Austrian life this time. He’s not run across you yet, but you may indeed meet him. And the “I love you” is in a sense reminding you that you are worthy of love. Your soul knows that – and it needs that.   You need to remember that when things are very tough. What I would say is it doesn’t matter if anyone else hears you say, “I love you.” You deserve it. Keep reminding yourself of your worthiness in being loved.


What did I do in a past life that causes me to cry every time I try to sing a song that I personally write? I can sing anything without it affecting me, but if I sit down at the piano or try to sing a song that I personally write, I can’t get through it without crying! This has happened to me since I was a child and it is so deeply inside of me that it has to have come from a past life.


Kathie, I wouldn’t disagree with you. The sense that I’m getting is not quite a traveling troubadour – someone who went around singing and playing in the Middle Ages, but more of an Irish bard. Bards in the Celtic landscape were highly valued and highly honored. I see you, though, in the 18th century. A bard then was not quite as honored, but it was still very important, especially in Ireland. You memorialized the little people. It wasn’t like you were from Scotland singing about Culloden and all the kings and major battles. You sang for normal people who needed to have their grief memorialized.

Just as in Cyrano de Bergerac, you would sing for the people who needed to speak but didn’t have the words or the voice. You were very good at what you did because you could feel the emotion behind the song. You would take a couple of farthings from a boy who knew he’d never get the girl he loved – but it was important that she knew how he felt. You would not only sing the song to her for him, but also infuse it with all of the longing, all of the hopelessness – you we able to communicate, talk about things that couldn’t be talked about and all of this informed your songs. You are getting a bleed-through of old past life memory that what you are singing is not just a song for you, but literally being the voice for other people.

If you get emotional because it’s important for what you need to say, I get that. But one of the reasons you were as good as you were was that you were not afraid of taking in the emotion of those who asked you to write for them, when they didn’t have the words or the voice. That’s why you don’t cry when it’s somebody else’s words – but when you are doing the writing and expressing so many things that others cannot, you know you are being the voice for others. So I would say to you: keep playing, keep writing. The songs mean more than you think, and they are going to be heard by other people who will say, “This is always what was in my heart but I couldn’t get it out.” You still have that ability. And get a bigger audience than you currently have! It’s important.


Response from Kathie: Thank you! My great grandfather was a Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra leader. My son is 26 and a musician who has hundreds of songs written and recorded and performs in NYC and yet has not been discovered yet. I personally have felt stuck to not be able to finish a song and a bit envious that my son does it with such ease! I wanted to also add in what I do now for a living. I am a children’s entertainer. I am actually Cinderella and I sing and tell stories to children!  I have the privilege to tell them that they are beautiful and see them with such joy in their hearts! I also have the intense need to sing and perform by touching the hearts of children. The parents cry too at the events I do, and it is so rewarding to touch the hearts of all who attend. In any case… thank you so much. Maybe I can sit and finish a song now that I understand the tears!


I dream of ancient Egypt often and was wondering why I am so attracted to that time period. And did my friend Nicole and I meet then? We are BFFs.


Chris, I see you in Egypt, but not with Nicole. You were an embalmer. You were one of the ones who prepared the bodies of the dead, and you understood what an important thing this was. Whether a person, a dog, a cat – it didn’t matter to you. Yet even though you understood and accepted how important your job was, seeing people and animals through to the Afterlife, you always in effect had to “take the taste out of your mouth” after a day’s work. When you finished, you would want to surround yourself with kids – as if you were saying to the world “yes, I know we have to leave here eventually, but until I do I want to surround myself with the most alive little beings I can.” You did not have kids yourself but you were everybody’s uncle; you were the one who always managed to have a barley sweet tucked away in your pouch for a lucky child, and you were the one who could tell the most wonderful stories. And if you have a sense of communing with royalty, it was because you saw them at the last, when everyone was equal.

For Nicole, the Egypt I see is more very early 20th century, one of the people who was with the British explorers. She was not a part of the crew who was cursed because they opened King Tut’s tomb, but she was fascinated with archaeology. She spoke very good Arabic and two or three other languages or dialects common to the area. She was male in that life. I see her about 1905-1906. She was very good at charming people, but unfortunately a bit too interested in the ladies, so he barely escaped a couple of escapades!

Chris, the reason you and Nicole feel the Egyptian pull is not because of Egypt per se, but I do see an early 19th century life in England, where you then came over to live in Boston, in America. This was a relationship that never got anywhere, it was dear friends, drinking buddies, and while each of you did have a romantic interest in each other, it was never mentioned.

There will always be an ability to talk with each other, you will always have each other’s back, but it wasn’t Egypt, it was a love of all history that bound you together.


Past lives can bring us important information about the life we’re living now, and Corbie was instrumental in bringing this type of information forward for Robert Schwartz’s subjects in both YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT.

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