Introducing Corbie Gets Candid

May 23, 2023

You’ll note that the header does NOT have a whole bunch of what I cheerfully call “wicky-woo” about it. It’s me, in a t-shirt, no magical background. And that’s just what I wanted it to be.

“Corbie Gets Candid” are my observations that, while not necessarily metaphysical, are worth sharing with you. Could be about the state of the world, could be about what’s going on in my life.

Why this, and why now?

For a year and a half I was posting on It gained me some three hundred new pairs of eyes on my writing, though I chose NOT to make it a money-making listing. Lots of other people did that in order to have another revenue stream, but it was more important to me to just get my words out there.

And then came the news that was going to start letting AI do data-sweeps (whatever the technical name was, I’m not sure), harvesting our thoughts and ideas for bots to write more articles for that did not need to be paid for.

THAT’S when I decided to decamp.

Whether or not that was 100% accurate, it IS the future way of things; that if you publish for a site that isn’t yours exclusively, you have every chance of losing control of what you write and how your ideas are presented to the world.

So we’re circling back here, and this will be a frequent blog. While there may be a metaphysical-philosophical edge to some of the posts, they will mostly talk about what Life has deposited on my doorstep on a given morning… the occasional musing of an Elder (very different from a Boomer)… things I love to do (or be) when I’m not near a deck or my fancy reader outfits… and occasionally something dictated by my three Mewpurrvisors: Baron Manfred, The Prawn (both Maine Coons) and Harley Q. Pouncybounce (a Ginger Ninja of a rescue cat.)

And you need to be ready for the fact that I have definite opinions on The State Of The World. That’s why they are posted HERE and called “Candid” rather than in the general wisdom section. We are all allowed our opinions. And you are free to disagree with mine — but you can’t tell me I don’t have a right to HAVE them. This is, as they say, “outside business hours.”


Maine Coon Cats

Top to bottom: Prawn, Harley and the Baron.

Be sure to bookmark this section, because you never know what will turn up — and it just may be what you need on any given day.

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  1. Valerie

    Looking forward to following this candid blog.


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