All Psychic Readers Are Not The Same — and Why They Shouldn’t Be



I’ve been part of the Psychic Community since the 1970s, and out in the world as a professional reader since the 1990s. I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird, and the just plain who invited them into my dimension? because the Psychic Community is, by its very nature, broad in scope and flexible in its rules and understandings.

But for those who are not part of the Community, or are initially poking their nose in the door, there can be too much concern with the rules and regulations. They get told by well meaning but misdirected folks that there are only a few ways to work on the Paths. (Things like: never buy your own Tarot deck. It must be wrapped in silk when you are not using it. You must sleep with it under your pillow for nine nights or it won’t talk to you. Etc. )

And when these new folk are first looking for a reading by an intuitive of any sort, they feel they HAVE to get it right. So, very often, I am asked some core questions: Do you mind if someone gets a reading from another reader? Is someone who just sits and starts telling things a “better” or “truer” reader than someone who asks for information? Do you ever tell people that other readers are “bad?”

Here is the answer in a nutshell: All Readers Are Not The Same. That is an absolutely true statement. It’s not solely that our skills or training differentiate us, but how we view our work, and other intuitives around us.

Recently, in a Facebook discussion, another intuitive asked why some of us ask for birthdates or names in our working methods. Now that’s a perfectly legitimate question. Yet in answer to that query, one psychic in the discussion declared with the surety of a Pope declaiming an edict, “It’s a cheat, because they then already have a good idea what they’re dealing with. In my never-humble opinion a good reader shouldn’t need prompts like that.”

Let us just say that Ma Feathers’ feathers did not take kindly to that kind of tone. For me, that’s a red flag of absolutism, superiority and judgment on others. That attitude of do it my way or you are WRONG and I will let everyone know you are a fake! has caused more trouble for more intuitives in more situations that I can possibly tell you.

To say a good reader never needs prompts negates a lot of things, such as the amount of time available, the objective of the reading, and so on. When I have a client sit down at my table at a fair or expo, I have only 15 to 30 minutes to give that client as much valuable information as I can. My firm belief is that I am not there to amaze them with my wicky-woo, I am there to be of SERVICE. Therefore substance trumps tinsel and flashing lights, if you will.

  • I ask for the birthdate because I do a quick numerological calculation to give them an idea about their year’s energy in that realm.
  • When I do mediumship, I ask for name/relationship/age of death/year of death so that I don’t waste time “fishing the astral” for the particular person they want. It allows me to get right to the discarnate we seek and get detailed information that clearly marks them as “on target.” That information can be specific verbal expressions, habits, articles of clothing, and/or conversations the deceased person had with my client while they were “in form.” It also helps to zero in on the particular discarnate, rather than wade through the mediumistic equivalent of Grand Central Station. (Do you have any idea how many dead people floating around at a large event are looking for a megaphone to get to this dimension?)
  • If someone wants to know about their career, it is only logical for me to ask them “do you want to stay where you are, change jobs, or are you an entrepreneur?” because those are three very different situations. For each of these work-related questions I have devised a very specific multi-card level spread.

Good readers should get everything they need by just looking at you… if you have to say anything to them that means they are a CHEAT. That single sentence is what has caused so many problems in the first place. Think about it: you expect a doctor to take a history in order to find out what your difficulty is. If you sit with your minister, he asks how he can help and he listens to your challenge. We are, in some sense, related to both of those professionals in terms of what our clients ask of us. And I will never consider myself “wrong,” “lesser” or “a cheat” because I give myself enough of a flight plan to get to the destination they seek in the fastest time possible

Tangential to this perspective, I won’t say that another psychic is “bad,” except for very rare circumstances. Again, it’s opinion and judgment, neither of which belongs in my speech unless specifically asked for. What I would consider good for me might not be what someone else wants, and who died and elected me Psychic Judge of the World, anyway? No one I know. Too often, those who are in competition with their fellow intuitives, for whatever reason, indulge in what I wryly call “bitchcraft:” calling someone a fake, disparaging someone else’s talents, or touting themselves as “the only real psychic in the room” (this latter I have heard at coming from a booth a few places down one of my Canadian fairs. You can bet that person got landed on by the promoter). I have my own rules on that.

Number one: If I have not had a reading with an intuitive myself, I generally don’t recommend them actively — but neither do I put them down. There have only been two instances where I actively warned people away from a given intuitive because said intuitive had a reputation for preying on young girls or doing something legally questionable that could endanger promoters who included the intuitive in their shows.

Number two: Even if I have a reading with someone and they don’t read me well or correctly, I don’t actively diss them to others. I am not easy to read.   Years of keeping one’s shields intact tends to do that. But again, I probably won’t actively recommend them. Those few intuitives who read me and read me accurately – and who are clearly ethical in their dealings — well, there I am an utter loudmouth, and happily and actively recommend them, because I know their quality and integrity.

Number three: I encourage my clients to get a reading from other intuitives as they feel moved to. It’s called different perspectives — second opinions — doing your research. And perhaps another intuitive has a specialty I don’t. A perfect example is when it comes to medical intuitive work. I’m good enough to be a “general practitioner” but if you have some serious health challenges going on, I’m likely to recommend my dear friend and colleague Staci Wells, whom I consider one of the top medical intuitives in the US. Doesn’t mean I’m not good. But it does mean I am responsible and ethical enough to consider my client’s needs over my own ego or fear of losing them as a paying customer.

You are more than likely going to make up some rules for your own choosing of an intuitive. They may not be everyone else’s rules – and that’s okay. Some requirements I’ve run across in my time:

  • “I only go to (redheads) (blondes) (brunettes).”
  • “I’m (Wiccan) (Jewish) (Catholic) (gay) (vegetarian) (polyamorous) (you name it) so I want to be read by someone with my religious/philosophical background.”
  • “I only want to see a (male) (female) intuitive.”
  • “I don’t want to hear about (health)(relationships) (my past) in a reading.”

You have every right to put those parameters on any reading appointment you have.   When you go in for a reading, it is for your welfare, your useful information, and your own personal road direction.   You have got to trust the intuitive will respect your boundaries. But remember that the more strictures you put on the reading, the less information may come to you. And when we go to people that are as unlike us as possible, we may get an entirely new perspective.

There are over 7 billion people in the world, and I can’t read them all. There is room for all of us: the newbies and the seasoned pros, the men and the women, the astrologers and the numerologists and the palmists and the channelers, as well as the Tarot masters and mediums. And just because someone’s methods are different from mine doesn’t mean they are better or worse than I am. They are merely different. And differences, as the wise author and visionary, Wendy Pini, once wrote, “make good sparks.”