We all love those hidden gems we hear about from friends — the products, services, and learning opportunities we might have missed if it wasn’t for those four lovely words: “Look what I found!” Well, the Nest staff is no different, and we have a page just for you with all those delicious discoveries.

If it’s up here, it means I personally know them, use them, or have successfully recommended them many times over the years. We don’t put just anyone up here — they have to be a source trusted by me, so you can trust them too!

AECLECTIC TAROT: A massive site dedicated to the beauty and diversity of Tarot and Oracle cards since 1996. Hundreds of decks, card meanings, deck reviews, book reviews and example spreads to broaden your knowledge and skill set.

AMERICAN TAROT ASSOCIATION: A professional and social organization to promote spiritual growth through a variety of educational programs for enthusiasts, students, scholars and readers.

ANGELIC BEINGS OF LIGHT ENTERPRISES: The web home of Lois M. Grant, an architect and pianist who cured herself of severe rheumatoid arthritis. The story of her personal growth and spiritual as well as physical healing are the subjects of her book, Spirit at Work, A Journey of Healing. She now teaches workshops and classes, to counsel those who wish to heal themselves.

BUILDING BEAUTIFUL SOULS: A deep-dish, gorgeous site for all things metaphysical. Spirit-sister Bernadette Carter-King has done a yeoman job of bringing together tons of information on a wide range of subjects and is a great go-to if you want to know just about anything with regard to spirituality, as well as a storefront with all those nifty items that you can’t live without.

BUFFALO GAL ORGANICS: Made in Buffalo, NY by my friend Kasia Cummings, her organic skincare, mineral makeup and decadent bath & body lines are made for you to pamper, nourish and indulge your senses.

COLIN TIPPING STRATEGIES FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING Colin Tipping’s masterwork, Radical Forgiveness, is an ultimately freeing methodology for transforming old stories that keep us in sadness, rage or grief. Radical Forgiveness brings empowerment and gives one the power to forgive anyone. As the old saying goes, “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick…” He has expanded his offerings since that first groundbreaking volume and is one of those great Lights making a difference in the world.

EAGLE SKYFIRE Skyfire is my wing-sister and a powerful Shaman, Seer and Tradition Keeper honed by legacy and experience to become a sought after teacher, reader, spiritual leader, and speaker on native traditions and spirituality. A more ethical, honest, and true Wayshower would be hard to find. Skyfire is based in the greater Philadelphia area.

FIRST STAR PSYCHIC FAIRS My one and only Canadian promoter team, and my long time friends! If First Star is on the show logo, you know it is ethical, professionally run, and a place of learning and entertainment. When in Canada, make time to visit one of their events.

GARDEN OF ONE The brainchild of my longtime friend Rachel Ginther, this is a retreat center in upstate New York where she makes her amazing vibrational essences, Ormus products, and runs Lady Liberty Farm, a model of sustainability. Her products are world- and life-changing!

HANG OUT WITH MICHAEL: Michael Losier calls himself the “Law of Attraction How-To Guy” and I agree 100%. Of all the LoA stuff out there (and there’s TONS), his simple volumes WORK because they aren’t a bunch of fluff-and-fuss, but clear and science-based, with worksheets and exercises you can do the moment you pick up the book. NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is his foundation stone and it works: I’ve taught from his book and I’ve seen everything from jobs to cars to houses manifest with amazing speed.

HILL WOMAN PRODUCTIONS: Run by my friend Sue-Ryn, this is a small home-based business in upstate New York. Artfully blended Herbs, Oils and Incense, Ritual Goods, Bath Salts, Potpourri, Catnip Mice & Toys, Eye Pillows, aromatherapy products, faery houses and other simple pleasures and affordable comforts for the Body, Mind, & Spirit. Of especial note are her cat toys: Party Animals (mice), Mr. Sardinis (snakies), and Kitty Magic Carpets. Our personal testers, Baron Manfred and Captain Oswald, say Meow-WOW! and give her two paws up!

KIVA: Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. I’ve been a long time lender, and love knowing that I can make change for those who can’t access massive amounts of money, but instead rely on their own passion to make change happen where they are.

LIGHTSEEDS BY HOLLY: Holly Matson is a Spiritual Virtual Assistant for Heart-Based Practitioners, specializing in systems and organization, business communications and project management.  Holly has been my social media manager for some years.

MCKITTYCREEK CATTERY: The creators of my “eldest child,” McKittycreek’s Baron Manfred, and based in Erie PA. One of the premier Maine Coon breeders in the United States, whose healthy, rowdy, brilliant fur persons will cheerfully companion you through life. McKittyKids are the Cadillac of the breed.  How can you live without a Maine Coon?  I have no idea.

NEW VISIONS BOOKS AND GIFTS: Bob Hall and Bill Trivett have more than two decades of service to their clientele, both in Pennsylvania and around the world (they do mail order!). Knowledgeable and ethical, they run a suburban bookstore and learning center and are also the team behind one of my favorite US expos, the Celebration of Life! that runs annually on the second weekend in August in York PA.

PRO PSYCHIC READINGS: You thought that Bernadette Carter-King is only my web wizard? Little do you know! Bernadette is a wonderful psychic medium in her own right and has a huge following in the Southeast. Like me, she’s straight up, no-nonsense, and is clear in delivering her messages and what she sees ahead for you.

RAVENS BREW COFFEE: Dedicated to coffee quality, sustainability and culture, and the Goddess Caffeina. It is a story that continues to be driven by a fanatical love of coffee, coffee lore, coffee quality, and rare coffees. Ravens Brew is a company that strives to offer only coffees that will be an enlightening experience for the customer, and fair and just for the small producers of their unique coffees. The official java-jolt of FIRE THROUGH SPIRIT!

SACRED WATERS MASSAGE AND SCHOOL OF INTEGRATIVE ENERGY MEDICINE: Janet (Jacobs) Klock is one of the most amazing massage therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. “Therapist” doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it. Bodymagician, compassion-in-a-touch and terrifically skilled metaphysician. She has also started a school for Integrative Energy Medicine that promises to be a place of amazing transformation. My highest recommendation!  She is in the Finger Lakes area of NY.

SHARITA STAR: Me?  I’m your words-and-pictures gal; Tarot and oracle cards and the rich tapestry of past lives, that’s my thing.  Stars?  Numbers?  Oh, for that I’m definitely sending you to Astrologer, Numerologist, Author and Speaker Sharita Star, another close colleague.  Her love is guiding and supporting people and businesses from all over the world in translating the tools of Astrology, Numerology and Lexigrams into a simple, yet powerful life map. This triple-threat woman holds open the door and ushers you into the knowledge of how your name and birthday hold the keys to success.

SHUBACOONS CATTERY: Literally litters of national winners come from this Binghamton NY breeder, creators of my “youngest child,” Shubacoons Captain Oswald (otherwise known as Oswald da Grate to Facebook fans. Yes, he has his own page). Close friends and colleagues with McKittycreek Cattery, these folks know how to create true Maine Coon-itude.  You are sure to have Purr-sonality Plus with a Shubacoons Gentle Giant.

SPIRITUALITY AND HEALTH: Spirituality and Health covers a broad range of topics under the umbrella of health and spirituality, which can include faith, Eastern philosophy, meditation, and mainstream religion; nutrition, wellness, yoga, and holistic medicine; creativity, the inner life, social justice, and issues of conscience; and public health, the human body, and the environment. Always a useful perusal.

STACI WELLS: Even readers need to go to readers. Staci has been my colleague, close friend, and personal Clue Brick Upside the Head when I’ve needed one since 2003. One of my fellow channels in Robert Schwartz’s book series, she is a superb intuitive counselor, the master of the Pre-Birth Planning Reading and, in my opinion, the best medical intuitive in the United States. Absolutely fabulous, utterly professional.

SUSUN WEED: Susun Weed, founder of The Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, New York and prolific author of women’s health books, is the voice of the Wise Woman tradition. Her goal is to help women rediscover these ancient Wise Woman ways, passed down through countless generations. If it’s herbal, Susun knows about it! An amazing resource for those who want to take command of their own health in time-honored ways.

THE INTELLIGENT OPTIMIST: Sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond the war, poverty, exploitation and pollution that the mainstream media use to fill our view of the world. The Intelligent Optimist (formerly Ode Magazine) is an independent magazine about the people and ideas that are changing the world, publishes “the stories that are different from the ones we are brainwashed to believe” (Arundhati Roy).

TRICYCLE: I believe that many teachers have value, and so does Tricycle. By remaining unaffiliated with any particular teacher, sect or lineage, Tricycle provides a unique and independent public forum for exploring Buddhism, establishing a dialogue between Buddhism and the broader culture, and introducing Buddhist thinking to Western disciplines. This approach has enabled Tricycle to successfully attract readers from all walks of life, many of whom desire to enrich their lives through a deeper knowledge of Buddhist traditions.

TWO HAWKS GALLERY: The brainchild and life project of Lee and Dave Seaward, this award-winning crystal and stone emporium has fans and customers literally world-wide. Their philosophy: “We live in a New Age. We live healthier lives, seek change and look for alternative ways to prevent and cure disease, protect the environment, improve health and evolve as spiritual beings. We take responsibility for our health and spiritual choices. Having access to information when you need it in an ever-changing world can mean the difference between struggling and thriving.” They carry  anything from rough or tumbled stones to huge cathedrals and gardens or gridding crystals; art prints, Buddha statuary, and Tibetan singing bowls.  Dave and Lee run an annual psychic fair in Cortland NY in October, where I am always to be found.  If I’m wearing crystal jewelry, odds are that the stones came from them.

WILD RAVENS: Original hand-dyed, hand-screened art garments, amazing wildlife art and more. I’ve been a longtime fan of Terry Smith’s incredible artwork, most especially her Celtic line — and all those ravens! She and husband Mark make quality t-shirts that last forever. If you see me wearing something casual with my favorite bird on it, chances are it’s theirs.

YES!: You can find doom-and-gloom periodicals anywhere. But today’s world is not the one we want—climate change, financial collapse, poverty, and war leave many feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. YES! Magazine empowers people with the vision and tools to create a healthy planet and vibrant communities. They do this by reframing issues and outlining a path forward, giving a voice to the people who are making change, and offering resources to use and pass along.