Psychic Parties and Corporate Events

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Psychic Parties

Want something new and different to do with your friends? Tired of the same old birthday parties and bridal showers? Try a psychic party — it’s like having your own personal psychic expo! Corbie does both in-person parties and virtual parties via ZOOM.  [Note:  all prices are in US funds, even if ZOOM parties are scheduled in other countries.]

POLICIES on private parties, whether Regular, Mini, or a mixture of 30- and 15-minute readings:

  • All parties cancelled fewer than seven (7) days before the scheduled date will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. When you book your party, a credit card will hold the spot, just as is required for private sessions.
  • ZOOM parties require pre-payment for all attendees. Host/ess must make arrangements with me no later than one week before the party.

The Regular Psychic Party

Each guest gets a half hour to explore the “everyday tour bus” (relationships, family, jobs, finances, direction), karmic relationships, past lives, or spirit guides — or contact loved ones who have passed. The guest sets the priority on what is important for them to learn in the session; however, while I’m a skilled and to-the-point reader, not everything may be covered if the guest has a very long priority list.  The fee is $80 per person.

The Mini-Reading Party

As useful as half hour sessions are for information gathering, there are occasions (larger holiday open houses, Mardi Gras celebrations, or bridal showers, for instance) where a mini-reading is the best option. Mini-readings are 15 minutes long. The fee is $50 per person.

MINIMUM PARTICIPATION:  Because ZOOM parties do not incur travel time and expenses, minimum numbers are less.

In person:  Minimums are eight people for the half-hour reading parties, and twelve people for fifteen-minute reading parties.

Via Zoom:  Minimums are five people for the half-hour reading parties, and eight people for fifteen-minute reading parties.

YOU, as hostess, receive a special gift: your Numerology Life Report and twelve-month personal forecast FREE!

NOTE: All participants must be 18 or over. (If you are interested in a psychic party specifically for teenagers, please contact us for details.)

Corbie ENCOURAGES her clients to record their sessions on smartphones to ensure that they can review information afterward at their leisure.



I travel up to 2 hours (one way) from Cobleskill, NY, for in-person parties.  Parties more than 60 miles round trip from Cobleskill, NY, will incur an additional travel fee of $50.

How to set up for your party: You provide a card table and a couple of chairs set up in a well-lit, quiet location away from any cigarette smoke; make sure there is a parking place close to your site, if not directly in your driveway or parking lot. I bring the rest!

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Corporate Events


Imagine the excitement Corbie can bring to your business and customers!

Combining glamour, costumed elegance, no-nonsense insights and advice, and an uncanny ability to inform and amuse, Corbie fascinates patrons at psychic expos, top-tier eateries, and resorts from coast to coast. From one-on-one sessions to groups of 200 or more, Corbie combines “fun and friendly” with “exotic and entertaining.” It’s an alchemy your clients will flock to see.

Corbie is a Certified Tarot Master, a member of the American Tarot Association, and a trained medium. Her work has been instrumental in the worldwide sensations YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, YOUR SOUL’S GIFT and YOUR SOUL’S LOVE by Robert Schwartz, and she has been a featured speaker at Lily Dale Assembly – the renowned center for spiritual development which hosts best-selling authors, leaders in academic and scientific research into psychic phenomena, and the world’s most powerful mediums, teachers and healers.

Corbie’s one-woman shows, workshops and personal appearances span the US and Canada. She has an international reputation, a loyal clientele, and rave reviews.

Discover the hidden potential for your business or group!

Plan now to host and promote

  • A spooktacular Hallowe’en event
  • A fabulous New Year’s Eve peek at the future
  • A one of a kind psychic fundraiser
  • A distinctive and memorable private event
  • A fascinating and witty keynote speaker
  • Or an event custom designed for your business

There’s no time like the present to explore the infinite realm of possibilities that exist for you, your customers, and your business guests.

Contact Corbie today with our convenient booking form below to plan a unique event or package that’s right for you. Seize the opportunity to create a memorable entertainment offering that will distinguish you in the marketplace.

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Contact Info:
Phone: (518) 275-9575
Address: PO Box 297, Warnerville NY  12187-0297

I’m not psychic but I can still see the line of 25+ deep waiting to get a few minutes with Rev. Corbie at our ‘INDULGE! Ladies Night’ event. Probably more than she or anyone would have expected but fame does have its price — and at times like this, it is very nice, indeed. As a longtime Corbie fan, I give her thumbs up for being the Genuine Article! No faith needed or involved. Hearing is believing.

Thom O'Connor

Marketing Team, Proctors Theatre, Schenectady NY

Corbie gave me so much helpful information for my career and my thinking about setting up a separate business for myself. She brought so many different aspects into the reading regarding my strengths and how they tie into career and business, the best timing for it and the different areas I need to consider to go from planning to execution. We have a similar background in the business world and it’s rare to find someone in the metaphysical realm who not only has corporate world experience in the way Corbie does, but truly understands it.


North Attleboro, MA

Startlingly Accurate 

I could not, if I tried, recommend Corbie Mitleid enough. She was an amazingly fun, earthy, and provocative Tarot reader at a gala I co-chaired for the historic site Hyde Hall. She is also startingly accurate and a woman of elegance and honor too. I’ve known for her more than a decade and can vouch for her personally and professionally. Trust me: a memorable (and fun) time will be had by all!

Mitchell Owens

Cooperstown, NY

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