Tip #10 For Your Professional Psychic Business: Ethics

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While this may be the last of our “tips” in this series, it really is the most important one of all — and it concerns ethics.  There are ethics, standards and soul-searching requirements for anyone who wants to be a professional intuitive or Lightworker. Here are a few “Master Commandments” that have nothing to do with which tools you use or which certifications you hold, but everything to do with how you put your work out to the public and respect the power (yes, power) you’ve been given to help change the world one perspective at a time:



When we have a problem we can’t solve, decisions that need a clear perspective, or a longing to reach the seemingly unreachable, we want an intuitive who is competent, caring, and truthful. And that’s what you should offer your clients. Competent means that you can indeed do what you say you can do (psychometry, channeling, mediumship) and do it well enough to provide the answers clients seek without resorting to guesses and “fudge factor.” Caring means that you have compassion for the client and know how to deliver even tough messages with sensitivity. Truthful means that you don’t tell the client what they want to hear if that is contrary to what Spirit feels they need to hear.

It also means that you have a professional demeanor at all times, that your work area feels safe and welcoming to your client, and that your dress and presentation show your respect for them. You are as much a professional as a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a teacher – and the more you “own” that level of professionalism, the better your relationship with your clients will be (and the more your work will be respected).



It’s so tempting these days to dream about being famous. It’s all around us. There are psychic radio shows and reality shows; the big-name intuitives like Lisa Williams, John Holland and James Van Praagh all command huge venues and huger ticket prices; and some folks have so many peripherals (books, oracle decks, daily calendars, IPhone apps) that they rake in money whether or not they see clients.

But while there are famous people in every industry, the vast majority of folks are solid, everyday workers. They make a living at what they do but never gain a high profile (or fat bank accounts). At the same time they are as worthy of respect as, and can do work equal to, those big-name people, because it’s where their hearts are. It’s what they truly want to do.

Don’t come into this field with the idea that after you read a few “how to” books and practice for a few months on friends and family you will have massive client lists. Nor will you instantly generate peripherals and books, or immediately make a good living. If that’s your take, then you are in the wrong profession. We are here because people need our guidance – often urgently and personally, not by rote from a book or a card deck. We are counselors and cheerleaders and clear guides into the unknown and the future. And the vast majority of people who need us do not have thousands and thousands of dollars to pay us.

Does that mean you should give away your abilities for free, or that it is “wrong” to accept money? Not at all; the laborer is worthy of his hire, as the saying goes. Just realize that if you are going to be in service to the people around you, what you charge must reflect that.   One famous psychic charges $800 for 20 minutes. Somehow, I don’t think your average household is going to be able to afford that kind of reading. Charge according to your years of experience: someone who has read for five years is not going to have the perspective or skills of someone who has read for forty. Also, take into account where you live: Des Moines IA and Casper WY will have a different fee scale than New York City, Los Angeles or London.



As we said, you aren’t in this to make millions. But it’s normal to want to make enough money to have a decent living. And that means there will be times when money earned through wrong use of talents will be awfully tempting, especially when bills are due.

What is bad or unearned money?

  • When you know that a client is becoming too dependent on you and asks for readings too often, but you still schedule sessions with them.
  • When a client comes back to you over and over with the same questions and clearly isn’t either listening to what you say or using what you’ve discussed to further their life, and you continue to read them.
  • When you make up things to keep a client happy.
  • When you “fudge” a reading so that a client doesn’t know you don’t have a connection.
  • When you read for some of the online sites where the callers ask for inappropriate information on someone else or ask otherwise impossible-to-answer questions and you answer them any way you can – or keep them on the line longer than necessary to up your fee.
  • When you tell someone they are “cursed” and they have to pay you extra for the curse to be removed.
  • When you agree to show a client how to steal a boy/girlfriend from someone else, get someone else out of their way for a job promotion, make a neighbor move away – anything that trespasses on someone else’s free will. Whether or not you think you can actually DO this is almost beside the point – in any event, it is wrong.

In these circumstances – some minor transgressions, some major ethical lapses – the money you earn will not help you, no matter how much you need it. You will get a reputation that will damage you in the long run. Clients who are savvy about their intuitive will not engage your services. And you are skirting the law in several states.

Make sure that you abide by the old Scriptural saying, “The laborer is worthy of his hire.” Yes, we should be paid for our efforts – but only if they are honest ones.



You are invariably going to hit a point where the information you give to a client isn’t what they want to hear. You don’t see a relationship where they want one.  They aren’t going to be able to keep their job. They are not going to be rich or famous. Their child is not going to magically behave, or dump the person that the client despises. In other words, life isn’t rainbows and unicorns, and that’s what you have for them from Spirit. And they are going to get up from your table and tell you that you are LOUSY and why would ANYONE pay you for that kind of obvious LIE?

Conversely, you might do some amazing sessions of channeling or mediumship or past life retrieval. These sessions might crack open a great enlightenment moment for the client and literally change their life in an instant. Then the client might well say that you are THE most amazing psychic they have EVER known and you MUST have a unique connection that nobody else can get.

Either way, the truth is you are the garden hose. The megaphone. The hammer that whacks the nail into the deck flooring. All these are tools held by the Master Gardener, the Master of Ceremonies, or the Master Carpenter.   When you start “believing your own press,” good or bad, you are right back in Ego.

If someone gives me those kinds of comments, I just smile and shrug. To the ones complaining: “I’m sorry, but I respect you enough to tell you what I am hearing. I won’t change or back down on what I’ve said.” And to those who compliment me fulsomely: “Thanks, but I’m not special. You can do what I do.” And both are true.

When you realize you are just the tool that is being used by Spirit to communicate, to heal, to inspire or to awaken, you delight in the work you get to do. But you don’t worry about “what can I do for an encore?” Leave that to the One who uses the tools in a purposeful and knowledgeable fashion.



If, as we’ve talked about earlier, you understand that it is Spirit bringing you the information and skills to help people in their lives, then you understand that you are not doing this work in a vacuum. And whether you believe that the Singular Point of Creation is God, Source, Spirit, or any variation thereof, it is important that you connect with your Source every single day.

The Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, are Buddhists; they make a point of meditation every day. A friend on the Red Road, Blessing Woman, smudges and greets the East every morning. A Jewish medium makes a point of a gratitude prayer as her final act of the day. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan or believe in Ralph the Wonder Dog doesn’t matter. Someone/Something Upstairs loves you, wants the best for you, and is willing to work with you.

It also helps you when you are doing a long, grueling day at a psychic fair, or a corporate event, or mediumship for an entire family – any situation where you are asked to connect with Spirit for an extended amount of time. People often ask me how I can do eleven-hour show days week after week, and I cheerfully grin and say “I get a ‘reader’s high.’” It’s quite true – when I am working for Spirit and I know that the Upstairs Folks have my back, my endurance, sharpness and joy make reading for hours and many people something to delight in.

Remember, however, that it takes a two-way connection for you to tap into the Benevolence. When you make time to connect with the One who has asked you to do the work you do, the idea that you are in this all alone dissolves. You stop trying to solve everything yourself.   The ego drops away, and you allow yourself to be filled with the Infinite and Unconditional Love that is the basis for every soul and experience that comes your way.   And you are willing and able to do the best work for the World you possibly can.



Here’s my definition of Mentor v. Guru, at least when it comes to readers:

The Mentor pushes you a bit farther than you think you can go; pushes you out of the nest just before you think you can fly; and is in the audience, applauding wildly, when you get an award for being better at what they do than they are.

When you mentor someone, you need to ask them what THEY want to do. What are their interests? Where do they want to go? Don’t say ‘I’m the only way to do it.’ At the same time push them to find some of their own answers.

Dark mentors or false gurus…ah, it’s All About Them.

The Guru keeps assuring you that you are “getting there” but you still need more sessions, more classes, more work, and more time with…the Guru. At a price.

You want to be the Mentor, not the Guru.

The better you are, the more likely it is you will get regulars – and “fans.” The regular folks are the ones who come to you periodically, trust your wisdom and what you get from Spirit, and are grateful for the fact that you can assist them in making the best decisions to move their lives forward. The fans are the ones who hang on every word, buy everything you mention, and always come to you for everything in their lives and say that YOU are the only psychic they would ever go to.

Remember how we’ve talked about Ego? Well, the “fans” are the ones that serve up a full-course meal to Ego, with a triple dessert. The idea that WE are what is important, rather than the message we give or the information we share, takes us out of the realm of Service.  It’s important to resist the pull of the Fan.



Lastly, I would remind you simply of this:  you are being entrusted with people’s hopes and dreams…with their self-image and their doubts… with their vulnerability and their boundaries.  Be worthy of that trust.

Remember that you are there for them, not for you.

Remember that you are the “tube” that the information comes through, in the service of  That From Which All Proceeds.

Remember that at the end of the day, you may never see them again, but what you say may echo within their minds and hearts for the rest of their lives.

Be worthy of that trust — both theirs, and the One Who has asked you to do Its work.

Corbie Mitleid

Corbie Mitleid

I've been a psychic, medium and channel since 1973, and am honored to be featured in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT. My professional credentials include Certified Professional Tarot Reader, membership in the American Tarot Association and ordination as a nondenominational minister through the Sanctuary of the Beloved. I’m also the author of CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET and THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD.
Corbie Mitleid
Corbie Mitleid
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