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This is the heart of the website, and what I love to do. Reading and counseling people has been my passion since 1973. I’m not into the “wicky-woo value” but instead see it as a sacred opportunity and responsibility to help you get the very best out of your life with every tool we can create for you. I welcome your questions, and I want our sessions to be a dialogue, not just me spouting a bunch of information! When we work in a session together, co-creating your best future, it’s energy well spent and what you learn about yourself and discover about your future possibilities and opportunities will benefit you for months and years to come.

Because I’ve been reading for fifty years, I’ve gained a number of skills and mastered many methodologies.  I use any combination of them in my counseling sessions, depending on what the client seeks to learn.  There are several different ways to access spiritual and practical information.   Read through this page carefully and discover which session is right for you!

Understood Me Better

WOW! Corbie understood me better than people who have known me for years. Interesting, fascinating and worth your time and money.


Grand Island, NY

You Are My Hero!

Corbie, you are my hero! You are the voice of reason and the light of truth and inspiration when life and people get in the way of my finding the way to serenity.

Mary Jane

St. Catherines, ON Canada


I’ve had Tarot readings with others for decades, and this was the first reading that was no nonsense and to the point.


Langhorne, PA

Except for TEEN MENTORING as stated below, I only read or schedule sessions for people over 18 on my website. 
Please do NOT request a reading if you are under 18; I cannot honor your request.
Corbie MItleid, Top NY Psychic

Available Sessions

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When Spirit taps you on the shoulder and your own abilities start to blossom, it can be scary — and exciting. But how do you take those first steps on the Psychic Yellow Brick Road? THE ROOKIE SESSION is specifically designed for those who are just uncovering their own metaphysical gifts and want an Elder to help them with the basics. This focused, one-on-one time is tailored to each client as a safe space to ask questions, to explore, and to learn how to walk the Road with confidence and courage.


These readings are NOT to determine the prebirth purpose around a given relationship or situation, or for truly in-depth exploration of your past lives and how they affect this incarnation.  For such a question, please book the SOUL PLAN READING.


Romance is one of the top subjects I’m asked to explore for my clients.  That’s why I have two readings dedicated to Cupid’s work.  Will love triumph?  Let’s find out!


A new service developed specifically to help teenagers navigate these unprecedented times of pandemic and social upheaval. These readings are not for everyday subjects that would be under a “general reading” during normal times. This is specifically for teens whose metaphysical and/or spiritual side need guidance and assistance. If your child has activating spiritual gifts or is exceptionally sensitive to the energies of chaos today, this is the reading to book. Appointments may only be made by the parent or guardian of the teenager, and I will have a short discussion with the parent ahead of time.


Re-assess your Path’s essential core and claim a new direction. Using a number of my favorite modalities, I create an in-depth look at the major and minor themes and threads that are weaving themselves into your life’s tapestry at this nexus point. I also suggest how to best use these ideas to bring your life balance, meaning and achievement.


There are special occasions where we want to look at what we’ve created so far, and where we go from here. These short (20 minute) readings are great for gifting, because they do not require you ( or the gift-ee) on the phone or ZOOM with me; the readings are recorded and then sent to the parties involved.


Whether it’s a traditional business or one with a metaphysical feel, in these days of uncertain employment, entrepreneurship is the way to go. This 90-minute session with me looks at what you want to create, the branding, the product or services line, and how to get it out there in the fastest, most useful manner possible. My years of experience as an executive recruiter come into play here! There are also monthly mentoring sessions that can be scheduled.


This is the “jewel in the crown” — a session with me where we take one of your lifelong challenges and explore the “whys and wherefores” through a series of your own past lives to get to the heart of the matter. Often, your Soul (Higher Self) will come in through channeling for a sacred dialogue. While I am on the phone with you for an hour, your questions will also have had up to 12 hours of my time beforehand as I channel the extensive and detailed information.


A 90-minute consultation where we delve deep into your life, extract what you’ve always wanted to do by reviewing your experiences, and create a “rallying cry” that will help you make a difference in the world the way your heart has always asked for.

FEES AND SCHEDULING: So now that you want to get together with me, how do you do it and what will it cost? Click the button below.

Private Gatherings


Yes, I still do these home events where a group of friends get together for private reading sessions with me. And I even do them via ZOOM, which means I can do a party for you no matter where you live!


I’ve done readings for hundreds of people at large events, entertained with keynote speeches or taught creatively for small working groups. Here’s how to find me for those.

Well Worth the Wait

I recently lost someone very dear to me and Corbie helped me understand and speak to them. I felt comfortable, relaxed and at ease with her through the whole experience. She was well worth the two-year wait to see her.


Arkona, ON. Canada

Used My Husband’s Expressions

Corbie was amazing, and she nailed it. She used my husband’s expressions, and I know he talked to me. Very special. He passed one year and four months ago. He was absolutely with me in this session.


Niagara Falls, NY

So Very Thankful

Thank you, Corbie. Your role in helping my baby girl with the healing process from the heartbreaking loss of her boyfriend is something I really can’t thank you enough for. We are so blessed to have you and so very thankful for your gifts.


Frederick, MD

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DISCLAIMER (Please read).


This service is only to be used by those who are of majority age for their municipal jurisdiction.

This service is of a spiritual/metaphysical nature, and is based on the ancient teachings of the aforementioned services, of which Rev. Corbie Mitleid has the required knowledge and experience to offer these services to the public.

In keeping with principles of metaphysics, all information of a spiritual nature is meant to be a GUIDE, to assist in making an informed decision on matters affecting one’s life. In accordance with the principle of free will, the user realizes that he/she has the right and power to change any seemingly or obviously negative aspect into a more positive one, as nothing is “written in stone.” Said user of these services agrees to take full responsibility for themselves, the ones they request services for, and agrees to hold harmless Corbie Mitleid, FIRE THROUGH SPIRIT and any associated entities, in the event of improper use of information given.