Soul Plan Reading

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Many people who have read about my work in Robert Schwartz’s books, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT are so intrigued by the idea of pre-birth planning that they contact me for a “pre-birth reading” for themselves.

This type of reading is directed specifically toward your life challenges: the particular issues that you find always stopping you from your highest and best in this lifetime. It differs from a “regular” reading in that it goes very deeply into core issues that have affected you throughout this incarnation, rather than future blueprinting or general “where do I go from here?” inquiries.

I do not see the pre-birth planning session directly, and I do not retrieve dialogue from the planning sessions.
That is ONLY done by my close friend and colleague, Staci Wells.

Staci Wells is now completely SOLD OUT for 2020.
She is taking waiting list requests for 2021.

In a Soul Plan reading with me, you will receive past life retrieval with specific focus on lives directly affecting you in this incarnation; karmic tracking; examining current relationships and how they have played out previously; and, if the Higher Self desires, a conversation with your own Soul or Higher Self. These were my specialties in YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT.

These sessions are available via phone or SKYPE.

Because of the taxing nature of these readings (each session takes roughly eight hours of trance-channeling and Akashic work on my part)  I have only two Soul Plan appointments available per month.

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Soul Plan readings are not like regular readings — they entail a short conference with you first, and many hours of preparation on my part. These readings DO NOT work with texting, instant messaging or email because it is vital to have an immediate give and take with my client. To lose time in typing and waiting for answers “derails the train” and makes it difficult for me to maintain the interaction with both you AND the Akashic guides.

I have had many requests from non-English speakers, asking if we can work together with a third party translator. After many years, I have found a translator for my Dutch, German, Spanish or French speaking clients.  Using this translator will entail an additional fee.  However, using a third-party translator for other languages is not feasible at this time, as I must make sure the translator understands the basic concepts of pre-birth planning before any session.

Therefore, my rules for doing Soul Plan readings for clients outside the US and Canada are (a) you must place the call, and (b) you must speak and understand fluent English if you do not speak Dutch, French, Spanish or German.

I regret that this may mean I am not able to do a Soul Plan reading for some of you at this time, but years of experience has shown that this is the only way I can serve clients fairly and to the best of my abilities.