Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual Awakening has a great deal to do with our mental and emotional states and the changes they go through.  But there are physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening that can be confusing as well.  WE STILL ADVOCATE THAT YOU SEE A PHYSICIAN to ensure that you have no serious physical difficulties if you are troubled by the frequency of these situations.   I am very much a “check things out” person, after all; when I did my three dances with breast cancer, allopathic physicians and medical assistance were of vital importance.  That said, however, sometimes these are energies activated by spiritual awakening, and not a sign of illness. Let’s take a look at some of the things that might be happening with you right now.

Activity at top of the head/pressure in different parts of the brain:  It’s quite common to feel an itching, a tingling or a buzzing sensation in and around your head and scalp.  The pressure in different parts of the brain is energy that will subtly change receptors for later learning and download.  (For instance, when I “hear” guides and discarnates it is literally a different part of my brain that resonates, not the part with which I hear my own thoughts.  Hard to explain, but you will  feel the difference.)

Amplification of the senses:  Your focus will be heightened on any or all levels.  You may start to hear higher or lower frequencies than were possible before.  Colors may seem brighter and more luminous; scents may seem more emphatic.  Your tastebuds may allow you to savor and recognize subtle changes and layerings in food and drink.  Your sense of touch may be more acute.

Changes in body, eating habits, lifestyle:  Aches and pains (like “growing pains”), exhaustion or bursts of energy out of nowhere, flu-like symptoms (sometimes called “vibrational flu”), digestive difficulties or bloating, changes in sexual drive — all of these are common reactions when physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening come to the fore as the Awakening process becomes the most important matter to deal with on a daily basis.

Changes in weight:  Because your eating habits and the body’s ability to assimilate nourishment is undergoing alteration, it is common for weight to change — down if you find you are needing less food and sleep; up if you need more grounding and therefore your appetite has grown.  Remember that your body is the vehicle that is deciding what kind of fuel it needs, just as a truck needs different fuel than does a sports car — or an airplane.

Cravings:  The body does have its own wisdom.  If you are craving something, it might signal a nutrient you are needing to assist with the cell-level changes — vegetarians have suddenly found themselves craving meat, for example.  Or if you need more calcium you may suddenly want cheese, broccoli or sardines when they weren’t on your favorites list before.  Clearly it’s not an excuse to go crazy with the Pringles and ice cream, however.  If you are not sure about a food, try muscle-testing to see if it’s a cellular YES or NO.
Dizziness:  You are rebalancing on many levels, and the inner ear is very sensitive; a bout or two of dizziness should not be surprising.  Spells of dizziness may also be changes in blood pressure.

Episodes of intense energy:  As the body resonates with new energies of a higher frequency, one of the most exhilarating of the physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening is that you may get a rush!  If a chakra is suddenly cleared, if old cellular memories are flushed out, the resulting energy burst is the body’s joyous response.  Remember, however, that you are on a spiritual roller-coaster and this great UP may be followed by an exhausted DOWN.  Don’t worry; just rest.

Falling, having accidents, breaking bones:  When you are literally realigning yourself down to the DNA, it’s no surprise that your balance and body’s center of gravity may be in flux.  It pays to be a little more deliberate in your actions and pay attention to the present moment while you adjust.

Faster hair and nail growth:  More than likely, your food intake has changed to the point where you are nourishing your body in better ways.  Additionally, remember that Spirit knows that your body is your “vehicle” and you are probably being upgraded from a clunker to a fresh showroom model in large and small ways.

Food intolerances and allergies never before shown:  Again, this goes with the realignment of the body.  If you were a mindless grazer or had compulsive eating situations before, your body may be doing some of the thinking for you, sending you clear messages about what no longer serves you to maintain your “vehicle” in top form.

Heart palpitations:  This may be a simple anxiety reaction to the range of changes contained within the physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening.  We humans are not fond of change!  But a Spiritual Awakening requires change on many levels.  Bring yourself into the present moment, and breathe very slowly and deeply.  Really take in the breath, accept the oxygen into your lungs with thanks. Realize that you are completely safe.  Your heart should slow down.

Left brain fogginess:  Left brain thinking is linear, logical, and this-world analytical.  Right brain thinking is intuitive, creative, and imaginative, and that which reaches beyond what we know with our five senses and logical thought.  As the right brain is surging forward to align itself with your Awakening, your left brain may feel like a bit of a “scratchy record,” with skips and blips.  It will even out.  Don’t pressure yourself.

Looking younger:  This may be a corollary with finding ourselves in a more happy and peaceful place.  (My husband says I look my age (60) when I’m upset and 40 when I’m happy.  Happiness and peace are definitely ingredients of the Inner Fountain of Youth!)  Lines may smooth out, circles and darkness fade or disappear under the eyes; you may find your posture straighter and your step more confident as you move into your Knowingness.

New sleeping patterns:   There may be nights when your body is literally buzzing.  The exhilaration may mean nights with little sleep.  However, after a bout of integration, more than likely you will want more than the usual eight hours.  Sleep cannot hurt you, and it is one of the best ways for the body to heal itself from the dump of toxic cellular memories and old intentions.  Remember that the physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening are there to help you.

Power surges (hot flashes):  Every postmenopausal woman in the world knows you CAN survive these!  A hot flash is a sudden, inexplicable feeling of heat (like your insides just stepped out into a July afternoon in Atlanta).  You may break out in a sweat, and follow it with a chill.  These are nothing to fear; it is simply the hormonal balance being recalibrated.  I call them “one minute sweat lodges” and use them to center, say a quick prayer, and breathe out.  They will pass.

Skin eruptions:  Acne happens from stress, as well as food, remember?  You may have breakouts, rashes, or hives.  They are temporary and will subside.
The physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening are only part of the wonderful ride you will be on; be sure to go to our article on Spiritual Awakening Symptoms for the full list.