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Spiritual Awakening comes to almost everyone, though it is not always recognized or acknowledged. But in today’s world, when things are changing with lightning speed, the old world parameters are collapsing and old answers are no longer sufficient, our souls want to wake us up to our true potential and celestial nature. During a Spiritual Awakening, “everything is on the table” — changing habits, ideas, even our physical beings. These articles will help you understand what Spiritual Awakening is all about, and how to walk toward it with joy and confidence, not fear.

When Lessons Are Better Than Teachers

Sometimes we love ideas but not the teachers who teach them. Corbie Mitleid explains how to separate one from the other so you don't lose the lessons.

You Can’t Get It Wrong

You cannot get something wrong when the only rule is that you have fun. Corbie shares a great way to learn to color outside the lines of your own life!