Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

One cannot expect to go through a Spiritual Awakening without change.  There are as many as 59 different Spiritual Awakening Symptoms that you can find on your plate.  Will you have them all?  Let’s hope not!  But many of these will line up to be dealt with over the weeks and months (and years) that a Spiritual Awakening gets into high gear.

In order to help you make sense of all this, I have listed the Spiritual Awakening Symptoms in alphabetical order.  Those items highlighted in blue are covered in more detail in the article Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening.   WE STILL ADVOCATE THAT YOU SEE A PHYSICIAN to ensure that you have no serious physical difficulties if you are troubled by the frequency of physical changes.   I am very much a “check things out” person, after all; when I did my three dances with breast cancer, allopathic physicians and medical assistance were of vital importance.  That said, however, sometimes these are energies activated by spiritual awakening, and not a sign of illness.

  1. A sense of oneness with all:  Instead of feeling separated, with an us-vs-them mentality, there is a core acknowledgement that you are intimately connected with everything in the Universe, from atoms to galaxies and everything in-between and unseen.
  2. Activity at top of the head/pressure in different parts of the brain
  3. Amplification of the senses
  4. Asking questions:  Instead of going through life at a numb rhythm, you begin questioning what your senses tell you, seeking further knowledge.
  5. Blessing awareness:  You become profoundly aware of how the Universe supports you and encourages you in all things, and allow the knowledge and acknowledgement of it to nurture you cell-deep.
  6. Changes in body, eating habits, lifestyle
  7. Changes in prayer or meditation:  Meditation deepens, or the way you meditate changes; prayer becomes less request-formed and more of a thank you and a listening to what the Universe has to say.
  8. Changes in weight
  9. Communication with spirit:  The Unseen comes closer, and you get messages that are undeniably Not From Your Ego.  Whether it’s seeing ghosts or orbs, or hearing whispers in your mind, you accept that your experiences are coming from outside your everyday understanding.
  10. Cravings
  11. Creativity bursts:  As your right brain — the intuitive side — lights up, you find yourself moved to do something to translate its message.  Cooking, sculpting, singing, writing, designing, gardening — it’s all there, jumping up and down and asking to be let loose. This is one of the most exciting of Spiritual Awakening Symptoms.
  12. Desiring to break free from all restrictive patterns, jobs, and people: A very common Spiritual Awakening Symptom, any urge for hiding or passive-aggressive patterns that have been used to deal with unpleasant relationships, work situations or life habits come up for unraveling and release.  Your tolerance for toxicity anywhere in your life disappears.
  13. Desiring to find your soulmate:  Soulmates are our Core Team.  You find yourself wanting to gather than Team around you for the rest of your journey to come to its highest level of activation.
  14. Dizziness
  15. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions:  Watches don’t work.  Computer programs fizzle.  The car gets cranky.  Because your own vibrational/electrical field is changing, there may be some situations where they simply don’t play well together.
  16. Emotional and mental confusion: You are becoming all you are meant to be, which requires dealing with ideas, patterns and realms with which you have no experience.   The Ego part of yourself that thinks it knows how life should go is stopped in its tracks as you reform your opinions, beliefs and desires.
  17. Emotional roller coaster/stimulated sensations:  There is no set pattern to how these changes happen.  The Universe uses anything and everything at Its disposal to move you along this Path, so you find yourself going from despair to elation to wonder,  focusing on the smallest thing out of the blue — a butterfly, the taste of wine, watching a child watch the clouds.
  18. Episodes of intense energy
  19. Falling, having accidents, breaking bones
  20. Faster hair and nail growth
  21. Feeling closer to animals and plants: One of the most delightful of Spiritual Awakening Symptoms is the feeling of new and closer bonds with animals and plants.  Because they do not play head games and have Ego as we do, they are in a sense “purer souls.”  On your journey to Spiritual Enlightenment they become some of your greatest teachers.
  22. Feeling you are somehow different:  Spiritual awareness breaks you out of the mindless “hamster wheel” that the vast majority of human beings have been conditioned to run in.  It is as if you are seeing a different dimension, responding to different stimuli.  That’s because you ARE.  There is nothing wrong with this.
  23. Finding a spiritual track that makes sense and speaks to you on profound levels:  As the Universe seeks to work with you, there is one way of viewing things, one methodology or belief system, that resonates strongly with you and invites you to involve yourself deeply.  It is a great asset as you step forth from the mundane to the Divine.
  24. Food intolerances and allergies never before shown
  25. Harmony with seasons and cycles:  As your body and energy learns to run intuitively, rather than counter, to Nature and the Universe, you find yourself wanting  to stay within its boundaries.  Example:  you may find yourself sleeping less in summer, when there is more daylight, than in the winter; strawberries may call to you in the spring but have no temptation for you in the winter, when they would not normally grow.
  26. Having great ideas and putting them into action:  When you become part of the Greater World and realize that the Universe is there to help and support you, then you stop believing in your own limitations.  Whether it’s a food bank, a fundraiser or a global movement, nothing seems impossible to create, and you forge ahead.
  27. Heart palpitations
  28. Impatience:  One of the Spiritual Awakening Symptoms that can be very confusing — time seems to speed up when Spiritual Awareness comes into our lives.  You see faster what needs to be done and get a bigger sense of what is possible.  You want it all to crash into your life!  But slow down, so you can absorb everything for optimal use.
  29. Increased appreciativeness:  You are delightedly, acutely aware of all the good things in your life, from large to small.  Something as simple as being able to have a shower without bringing in water and heating it and worrying about how much water you have left becomes something that is not taken for granted, but recognized instead as a marvelous gift.
  30. Increased integrity:  The petty lies, misdirections and omissions most people use to get through their day become distasteful to you.  Your Spiritual Awareness sets your Dishonesty Meter at “featherweight” and you strive to be genuine with everyone and in everything you do, because that’s how your energy  flows.
  31. Increased intuition and altered states of consciousness:  Hunches come in waves.  You instantly know things without thinking about them.  You get a clear and clarion sense of “do this/don’t do that” from the Universe. In this most profound of Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, You find yourself lifted out of the world at unexpected moments when you view things from a larger, higher and more galactic perspective.
  32. Increased synchronicity:   You find things coming together in amazing ways.  For example, if you decide that you need to speak with someone about a project, your phone rings and it’s that person, with project ideas.  All of this gives you a greater sense of being plugged into the Harmonious Whole.
  33. Integration:  Everything about you lines up and connects:  mind, body, emotions, spirit.  You feel strong, clear and At One with all you are, like a finely calibrated machine.
  34. Introspection, solitude and loss of interest in more extroverted activities:  As you move from the everyday to the Spiritual Perspective, you want periods of silence, space and calm in order to focus on the deep-seated changes you are experiencing
  35. Invisible presences:   Ghosts, angels, spirit guides and the deceased become either visible or mentally/emotionally palpable.  You will know without a doubt that you are not alone.
  36. Left brain fogginess
  37. Life shattering events:  As we need to change, the Universe propels us into change.  Deaths, separations, diseases, bankruptcies, natural disasters and other losses can (but do not always) come crashing into our lives to shake us out of our complacency and give the Spiritual Perspective room to take root and grow.
  38. Living your purpose:  As your consciousness expands, so does your understanding of why you incarnated at this place and time.  In this most galvanizing of Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, you understand what you have chosen to do, be and give out in this lifetime and you seek countless ways of sharing yourself and your talents in the world.
  39. Looking younger
  40. Memories surfacing:  So many times our Spiritual Awakening has been started in small ways that we’ve forgotten — like priming the pump.  Old memories, synchronicities, experiences — even past lives — start floating to the surface for examination and integration.
  41. Moments of joy and bliss:  These are what I call “gratitude bubbles” — random moments that stop you in your tracks where you want to do nothing but reach out to the Universe, hug it madly, and bask in Its perfection.
  42. New sleeping patterns
  43. Old stuff keeps coming up/recognition of issues:  Places where you have always stumbled in the past — thing like scarcity thoughts, self-judgment, fear, mistrust of others — keep presenting themselves to you for acknowledgement, change and dissolving, so that you deliberately choose healthier, more whole and compassionate responses to such situations.
  44. Perception that time is accelerating:  One of the most intense of the Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, now you feel like you have 36 hours’ worth of change to cram into a 24-hour day.  Because there is so much you want to do, change, integrate and learn, it feels like time flies.
  45. Personal peak experiences:  Experiences — mystical and magical and larger than life — that generate an advanced form of perceiving reality, and are so emotionally and mentally intimate that they are difficult to discuss with others, show up more than once, setting a new pattern of understanding.
  46. Physically manifesting thoughts and desires more quickly and efficiently: The Law of Attraction responds more rapidly and thoroughly in all areas of your life.  You “get out of your own way” by leaving negative thoughts out of the mix, thinking only about what you truly want.
  47. Portents, visions, illusions, numbers and symbols: One of the most common Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, you find you are seeing numbers repeat (11:11), seeing your totem animal everywhere (ravens on book covers, in photographs, in paintings, on lunch menus!), or you get “hits” that something big is just ahead — double rainbows, finding seven four-leaf clovers in a row, etc.
  48. Power surges (hot flashes)
  49. Range of physical manifestations
  50. Seeing a person’s true form or seeing loved ones with a different face – past or parallel life: You look at someone’s face and it seems to shift, illuminate, or otherwise take on an other-worldly dimension, revealing messages and secrets about who they have been before (or may be simultaneously in another dimension).
  51. Seeing and comprehending the world with deeper meaning:  Every object, every gesture, every experience has wisdom in it to bestow.  A flower becomes not just a flower, but a symbol for birth and death.  Sunlight and shadow tell stories of past and future, positive and negative.  The simple gesture of sharing a sandwich with someone homeless feels like you are finding a way to feed the world, one person at a time, and you understand the importance of doing so.
  52. Seeing beings of other dimensions:    One of the most amazing of Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, you may discover that Elementals, fairies, energy signatures or ETs all find their way into your daily experiences and consciousness.
  53. Seeking to break free from traditions:  Old patterns of behavior, old ideologies, old ideas and old rituals that do not serve the greater good are excised from your life.
  54. Sense of impendingness:  You feel constantly like you are about to step onto a new stage, with new lines, and a new role to play.  It feels exactly like those five minutes before the curtain goes up, the bell rings to let the racehorses out of the gate, or the countdown before a space shot.  Life is about to change, and the surge of adrenaline that goes with it becomes almost a constant.
  55. Skin eruptions
  56. Teachers appearing everywhere:  Suddenly books, courses, podcasts, personal appearances, workshops and actual meetings with possible teachers and mentors happen on a daily basis, giving you every conceivable chance to learn, expand, grow and celebrate what you are becoming.  One of the truly joyous Spiritual Awakening Symptoms, you feel like you just were handed the Library Card to the Universe and the doors are open for you.
  57. Vivid dreams:  Even if you have not remembered dreams before, they are very vibrant.  You dream in color, the characters within the dreams are memorable, and you often wake up feeling like they were not just dreams, but walks on the Astral Planes, too real to be illusion.
  58. Yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, revelation:  The everyday, half-asleep world is no longer fulfilling on any level.  You want to tackle all spiritual possibilities and change your life and the lives of others for the better through true knowledge, compassion and healing.
  59. Yearning to find yourself:  You recognize that up until this point, you have been dreaming — that the “you” that you have lived with and others have interacted with isn’t anything more than a fancy-dress coat, a costume, a part to play.  You yearn to know your the compete soul-self that has been hidden underneath the conditioning, the illusions and the dualistic world.
Corbie Mitleid

Corbie Mitleid

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Corbie Mitleid
Corbie Mitleid
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