Tarot Card Spreads

  • Tarot Spreads: Finding Your Soulmate

Tarot Spreads: Finding Your Soulmate

How do you find your soulmate?  Is this new person one?  Corbie shows you two new Tarot spreads to give you the details so you don't miss the connection!

  • Tarot Spreads: Past Life reading

Tarot Spreads: Past Life Reading

While past lives are most often accessed by trance sessions and regression or retrieval, this Tarot card spread can also provide surprising clues.

  • A number of Tarot cards from the decks in the article

Choosing The Right Tarot Deck

Think about what really draws you to something. Is it the feel? The look? What you see? These things are important when choosing the right Tarot deck.

  • A happy man and woman stand behind boxes in their new home.

Tarot Spreads: The Relocation Question

Relocation has many aspects: financial, social, and family dynamics are affected. In this Tarot spread for moving, Corbie Mitleid examines the question.

  • A frustrated man sits in a room empty of people but full of computers with a book over his face.

Tarot Spreads: The Turning Point

Circumstances can hand you a turning point, where life has to change. Certified Professional Tarot Reader Corbie Mitleid shares a tarot spread for decision-making.