Tarot Spreads: The Sorting Hat (Harry Potter Tarot Spread)



(Card images courtesy of Elly Pieper. If you want to see her full deck based on the Harry Potter universe check out her deviant art account at HP Tarot by Ellygator on DeviantArt)


Ever have trouble sorting out what you should do in a situation? Me too. And how often do we wish we had someone wise, someone experienced in all the metaphysical morass to wade through figuring out a problem…someone like a Hogwarts professor?

Well, we can’t get you an admissions letter via owl, but we CAN consult some of the Professors in our Sorting Hat spread. The nine card layout is done as follows (you can even shift the “Hogwarts” card a bit to the left if you want the true Sorting Hat tip slouch):



Snape       Flitwick

Slughorn      Sprout      McGonagall      Hagrid


Hogwarts itself (the situation as it stands)
Hooch/Flying (What is coming in)
Snape/Defense Against the Dark Arts (what must you defend against),
Flitwick/Charms (what supports you),
Slughorn/Potions (what you must create),
Sprout/Herbology (what you must grow),
McGonagall/Transfiguration (what you must transform),
Hagrid/Care of Magical Creatures (how your spirit animal guards you in this)
Dumbledore (the end result)

Here’s our example: Edith comes to me at a crossroads about her entrepreneurial career.  She had been a video producer but was also doing life coaching and trying to write a book.  She was no longer sure what direction to go in, and couldn’t focus the way she used to. What does our Professorial Staff have to say?

HOOCH: 6 Swords
SNAPE: 4 Swords
FLITWICK: 2 Pentacles
SLUGHORN: 6 Pentacles
SPROUT: 3 Pentacles
McGONAGALL: 8 Swords
HAGRID: King Wands

Here’s our interpretation:

The situation as it stands — The 2 of Cups is a partnership card, and speaks of emotional cordiality, heart-level work, and a possible business partner.  Edith agreed that a business partner might help her focus better than juggling everything on her own, and it was being considered.  I also explained to her that she needed to partner with her work, not let it control her, which was her habit.

What is coming in — The 6 of Swords is the gateway through problems, a shedding of that which no longer serves, and a transition to something completely new.  Edith is going to have to choose carefully among all her possibilities; she won’t be able to juggle everything the way she has in the past.

What she must defend against — The 4 of Swords warns about feeling trapped, stalled projects, disappointment and frustration.  It says in no uncertain terms that she needs some time out to THINK.  Then she will need to make some choices about what to keep and what to put aside as no longer what she wants for her career path.

What supports her — The 2 of Pentacles, like all 2 cards, is about balance and equilibrium.  It hints that a calculated risk — all her eggs in one basket, you might say — could well turn out to be more successful than she could have hoped.  But it also says to remember that she CAN multitask as needed, and her versatility going from one thing to another will still support her in this transition.

What she must create — The 6 of Pentacles speaks of assistance, and it is vital that Edith find for herself — creating it from scratch if she must — a new network of colleagues and supporters in this fresh venture.  Once she knows precisely what she wants to create in her entrepreneurial business, these people will be there with help, advice and very possibly financial backing.   By sharing and remembering the networking golden rule of give-and-take, she finds exactly what she needs.

What she must grow — The 3 of Pentacles is the card of the Master, the long-term event.  In regard to her business, she must grow her expertise in a single, chosen field, so that she becomes the go-to woman in her line of work.  If she does this, the card indicates that her business will have great longevity.

What she must transform — The 8 of Swords is the fear card; the traditional picture of the bound and blindfolded woman has her in a bleak landscape. But looking carefully at the picture, one sees she is not pinned down by the swords around her.  If Edith has the courage to look the challenge square in the eye and move forward confidently, she can defeat anything in her way — and may find that the problems disappear of their own volition.

How her Spirit Animal guards her in this — If Edith were a wizard, we’d call her spirit animal her Patronus.  Regardless of what she calls him, her spirit animal (a Raven) is bringing her innovative ideas and helping her to keep her mind and creativity open and receptive.  Ravens are brilliant at solving puzzles and one of the smartest birds out there.  (Don’t know your Spirit Animal?  Visit What Is My Spirit Animal for the most comprehensive listing on the Web.)

The End Result — Dumbledore advises always seeking your Truth.  Reassessing where she is and where she wants to go, Edith gains the success and recognition she desires, and finds that her period of reflection and planning has her ready to take her new business to the heights.

So there you have it: using the Sorting Hat Spread, looking at a situation with the courage of Godric Gryffindor, the wisdom of Rowena Ravenclaw, the perseverance and attention to detail of Helga Hufflepuff — and yes, even the resourcefulness and determination of Salazar Slytherin — you can come up with an answer worthy of a nod of approval from Harry, Ron and Hermione!