Corbie has many abilities: as a Certified Professional Tarot Reader, a Medium, a Past Life Retrieval Expert, a Psychic Consultant, and a Teacher and Lecturer. This section has selected testimonials from the thousands of clients she has read over the years, separated into her specialties for your ease of reading.


Very Empowering

I am a reader myself, but most of us have trouble reading our own cards, and so we must go to someone else. Corbie is my “go to” reader when I am stuck on a problem or cannot get out of my own way in a situation. Her interpretation of Tarot combines both traditional meanings and her own intuitive take on the cards, and her various spreads for different subjects (relationships, or entrepreneur questions, or general life path overviews) are insightful and different. My time with Corbie is not only well spent for the information she gives me, but I learn a little something about reading from her every time.

Chicago, IL


Thanks For Helping Someone I Love

I have never met you, but I wish to thank you. Not long ago, a friend of mine met you at a psychic fair in Sharon Springs, NY. You connected her with her fiancé who had passed. I have been so worried about her because I thought she would not ever be able to move on. I begged her to meet with someone who possesses your gifts and she finally did — it was you. You really helped her to release the pain she has been in, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. God bless you, and thank you for helping someone I love dearly.

Mary Ann
Omaha, NE


Changed My Life Forever

I had no idea what to expect from a Soul Plan reading. I had devoured Robert Schwartz’s books, and was amazed that I could have a reading with one of his talented channels. What I found was incredible on several levels.

Corbie herself is warm but professional; she does not spend time on her own stories but goes directly to work for the client. The five past lives she brought forward for me, spanning centuries and continents, were vastly different from one another yet each one addressed my current life challenges of feelings of fear and failure and an inability to connect with family. The details on people, places and occurrences made me feel as if I was watching a movie. I have had past life readings from other psychics, but never with this depth.

When it came time to speak with my Soul – or as Corbie says, my Higher Self – it was very clear that this was someone speaking through Corbie, rather than Corbie herself. The voice changed, the expressions changed, the word usage changed. And I cannot begin to express the love, the lack of judgment and the understanding that I received from this celestial being. The end of the session found me in tears.

Corbie is clearly a person with rare talents and a great deal of love to share with the world. I know my time with her has changed my life forever.

Sao Paolo, Brazil


A Mighty Light of Compassion and Wisdom

Some souls descend with a contract so densely packed with life lessons that they grow into mighty lights of compassion and wisdom. You will instantly feel yourself expanded by Corbie’s wit, practicality and vast intuitive knowledge of how to navigate the Earthwalk with grace and joy.

Wendy Pini, Author/Artist/Visionary


A True Professional Holistic Educator

As a metaphysical bookstore that has been in business for well over 25 years, we have learned to be discerning about who we have teach or read at our store. We expect a certain degree of experience and professionalism in our presenters. Corbie Mitleid is first rate. She has a wide range of knowledge about many spiritual and metaphysical concepts. She conducts herself as a true professional holistic educator. Delivery and wit are Corbie’s trademark. And she’s also a lot of fun!

Bill Trivett and Bob Hall
New Visions Books & Gifts, York PA