Well Worth the Wait

I recently lost someone very dear to me and Corbie helped me understand and speak to them. I felt comfortable, relaxed and at ease with her through the whole experience. She was well worth the two year wait to see her.


Used My Husband’s Expressions

Corbie was amazing, and she nailed it. She used my husband’s expressions, and I know he talked to me. Very special. He passed one year and four months ago. He was absolutely with me in this session.

Niagara Falls, NY

Talked To My Gram

Very grateful to talk to my gram and know it was her. I now know what I need to do to clear out my mind and heart.

Milwaukee WI

So Very Thankful

Thank you, Corbie. Your role in helping my baby girl with the healing process from the heartbreaking loss of her boyfriend is something I really can’t thank you enough for. We are so blessed to have you and so very thankful for your gifts.

Frederick, MD

No Doubt It Was the One I Love

An amazing reading — I made contact with a loved one and it felt so good — there was no doubt it was the one I love!

Waterloo, ON CANADA

It Couldn’t Be Anyone Else

I lost my partner and no one could really get her. I sat down with Corbie and within two minutes of starting our session she was right there, saying things that I know were right from her. Even though it was a little racy, Corbie didn’t change the message or clean it up. And that was good, because that is how I knew it really was her. We both laughed a lot through the session, and that was her, too. I am sure I spoke with her through Corbie — it couldn’t be anyone else! I will always be grateful for our time together.

Oneonta, NY

Right On

Corbie was right on about a lot of things, especially with my deceased sister. Thank you so much.

Auburn, NY

Changed My Outlook

One word: amazing. Had answers that I could never had thought of myself. So thankful that we got in touch with my Papa. It changed my outlook on life and I can definitely see where I plan to go.

Mt. Pleasant, ON CANADA

Communicated In a Way I Only Imagined

Corbie is very insightful and knowledgable about what she reads. After my dad died a year ago, I have had a lot of unanswered questions. She was able to contact my father and allow us to communicate in a way I’ve only imagined. I understand my role, my path, and how I can help my father reach peace.

Albany, NY

Truly Gave Me the Peace I Needed

I went to Corbie at the Hamilton, Ontario psychic fair. I had looked up who was going to be there and had made a decision on who I was going to see. My instincts were right — Corbie was amazing. I wanted to know about my stepfather who had recently passed and she was able to tune into him right away. I was devastated when he passed and when she told me that he was okay and that all my mom needed was me to make it through, it gave me peace. She told me that he would make me a promise that he would be there on my wedding day. That was the one thing I was so upset about when he passed and now I know he will be there. I have never been a skeptic about these things but I have been leery. I can say that she is one of the most calming people I have ever met and she truly gave me the peace that I needed to finally know that everything will be okay.

Hamilton, ON CANADA

Weight Off My Heart

Overwhelming, but in a good way. My mind is going to be in a better place because of the reading and there is a weight off my heart.

Clayville, NY

Proved There Is Life Beyond Death

I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me. This has helped me more than anything I’ve ever experienced. It means so much to me to have spoken with my deceased father. You have proven to me there is life beyond death.

Quakertown, PA

Conversation with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Being a trained medium and channel, Corbie communicates with spirit guides in all forms (elementals, avatars, angelic contact, animal totems, and deceased loved ones) and serves as a medium for those on the Other Side. She is an absolutist when it comes to insisting on specific verification, and therefore asks for four “cosmic dog tags”: The full name of the person desired, who they were to the client (son, friend, co-worker), the year they died and how old they were. While this gives nothing away, it does quickly gather the energies required. Corbie then connects with the spirit and asks it for key references for validation: how the person died, recognizable clothing, habits, emotional aspects or mutual histories have all come to the fore. Once the client acknowledges the validity of the spirit contacted, Corbie then allows them to talk to their loved ones directly; often Corbie’s demeanor, vocal traits and accent will switch to that of the deceased loved one to act as a further indicator for the client.

Chili, NY

Messages Put My Soul At Ease

I had felt drawn to Corbie each time I came to the psychic fair in Buffalo. I finally gathered the courage to sit down with her after seeing others. Not only was I connected with my deceased brother, I was connected with all those who lived in the same house who I had lost all in a year and a half. There were unanswered questions due to a very early traumatic death. Rev. Corbie was right on to a degree I never expected. The messages were exactly what they should have been and put my soul at ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Grand Island NY

Healing In My Heart

As I sit in reflection of your reading I am more at peace with myself and my loss of my husband. Your ability amazed me in capturing my love’s energy from the Other Side. It was as if he spoke directly to me by your catching tone inflections and phrases perfectly. THANK YOU for healing in my heart!

Liverpool, NY

Would Not Have Believed This Possible

Until I talked to my mother on the Other Side, I would not have believed this possible. But it really was her, I know it.

Kitchener, ON CANADA

Electrified By the Reading

I am electrified by your reading — all of it — and especially about speaking with great -grandmother Viney. So illuminating. I am so looking forward to greater knowledge and peace as I continue my journey.

Lexington, KY

Understands the Way of the Universe

I lost my fiancé of eight years in 2004. A month after Rob was killed, I met Corbie for a reading at a spiritual expo in Allentown PA. Oddly, I wasn’t going to her for a reading to contact Rob, but that’s what happened. Not only was she able to accurately describe how he was killed, she was able to contact him on the Other Side. gthe words she spoke were without question words I know Rob would have said. As she explained his transition to the Other Side, I came to understand why he was needed there and I needed to stay here — for now, anyway. It is that understanding of the ways of the universe that Corbie has been so good at articulating to people. By the way, my reason for going for that reading that day was to find out who my spirit guide was. It made sense that Rob came through because for a number of years after his passing, he took on the role of spirit guide for me.

Allentown, PA

A Sense of Peace

I need to thank you. My reading was amazing and you absolutely blew my mind contacting my grandfather. You left me with a sense of peace where he is concerned and I can’t thank you enough for that. You are very gifted. My Grandmother wants to come see you next time.

St. Catharines, ON CANADA

Best Reading in Five Years

This was the best reading I’ve had in five years. I finally got closure from my husband and heard what I needed to hear.

Marilla, NY

I Now Know I Can Move Mountains

Life has been a tremendous heartache for me. Lots of tears that could fill the ocean –the fear to forget and to forgive. After this session I now know I can move mountains and reach for the sky. You have given me my life back after I connected with my deceased family again. Thank you with all my heart.

Cortland, NY

Grandma Clear As Day

I couldn’t help but laugh when I asked for a connection from my Grandma. It was clear as day it was her…my best friend. I loved it!

Kitchener, ON CANADA

Able To Speak To Grandpa

The most amazing experience I could ever have. For the first time in eight years I was able to speak to my beloved grandfather.

Utica, NY

Happy Experience of the Other Side

What a happy experience! A glimpse of the “Other Side” and my husband’s existence there clarified. My heart is healed.

Sharon Springs, NY

I Heard My Husband

Corbie was a wonder! She helped me to HEAR my husband. I can’t thank her enough.

Alden, NY

The Same Gesture He Always Used

My husband and I had been married for 42 years and losing him was devastating. I couldn’t get over it, I missed him so much. When I sat down with Corbie at the psychic fair in York PA, it wasn’t five minutes before he came through with the same gesture he always used when he came in the house every night after work. I know it was him and that he is not gone forever, and that I will meet him in Heaven.

Baltimore, MD

Corbie Truly Channels the Angels

I had been working on a spiritual project for several years. I had been to many mediums that claimed to channel the most powerful spirit in the Aethers. They were supposed to represent councils that were watching mankind and were going to help us or judge us. But as I met with these mediums and asked questions related to my project, they always gave me information that was also available on the Internet. the information always had a little twist to it but never really had the substance that was needed to help me.

When I met Corbie Mitlied. I asked Corbie if she could help me and she said she would try. It was less than 10 seconds into the reading that I heard the tone and tempo of her voice change as an angel entered her body to speak to me. At the end of the reading Corbie told me the name of the angel was Metatron. This angel told me in a very matter of fact way that I should stop listening to what others are telling me and just trust that I know what I need to complete my project. I asked a couple more questions and the answers I received validated that I did indeed know enough to write my book.

I immediately went home and started writing my book. I did not stop writing for 9 months. Twenty four hours a day/7 days a week I simply typed what Spirit told me and slept. When I stopped writing the mysteries hidden in the Catholic Bible’s prophecy “The Revelation of Christ” were completely understood and the book was copyrighted.

I have been back to see Corbie several more times and always left her knowing that she is the real deal.

John Naughton, Author
Buffalo, NY