A Very Realistic Reader

Corbie is easily one of my favorite people in the universe. She is such a loving and caring person. But don’t get it twisted, she won’t be giving you any fluff during your reading, so don’t order it. She’s a very realistic reader, in that she tells you exactly what she sees – whether or not it’s positive. Corbie and her readings have helped me navigate through lots of mental, emotional and career-path hurdles. I love my Aunt of the Universe!

Phoenix, AZ

Gifted Solution-Based Intuitive

Corbie is a gifted solution-based intuitive. She uses multiple modalities (she’s a wonderful numerologist) to help you figure out Life Path, and then gives step-by-step practical readings based on spiritual answers that tell you how to manifest what you’d like out of life and relationships. Very connected. Highly accurate. I highly recommend her!


The Best “Phone To Call Spirit” I Have Ever Met

I’ve had a hate/hate relationship to Spirit for a long time. As a light worker, I am grateful to be able to hold a space of compassion when people I come in contact with are in pain. Many times, people enjoy shifts just being around compassion. Lately I have been exhausted, and downright mad at my Guides for giving me so much work. I scheduled an appointment with Corbie and she was able to make a bridge for me to have a heart-to-heart talk with them. (I really wanted to wring their necks.) I was extremely skeptical while Corbie was talking, that I was really hearing from my Guides. However, the first few sentences were the exact sentence that a friend of mine said when he was channeling them. It was so surprising that I wanted to hear more. I come from a background of being in a cult, so I have a really low level of trust. This conversation, though, told me that my Guides were not sending me a boatload of work (people in pain) and they offered to stand at my bed and help me sleep. (I hadn’t told them I was having sleep problems.) When I heard that, I was very touched, and realized they were on “my side.”

Corbie was able to break through a real rough spot I was having. Clearing up questions that no one else could help me access. If you would like to talk to your “real family,” give Corbie a call. She is the best phone to call Spirit I have ever met.

Oneida, WI

A Mighty Light of Compassion and Wisdom

Some souls descend with a contract so densely packed with life lessons that they grow into mighty lights of compassion and wisdom.  You will instantly feel yourself expanded by Corbie’s wit, practicality and vast intuitive knowledge of how to navigate the Earthwalk with grace and joy.

Wendy Pini, Author/Artist/Visionary

Tells You the Truth

Corbie was very helpful to me regarding a questionable online relationship that I just could not choose to let go of alone. I did it with her help. I’d advise anyone “stuck between a rock and a hard place” to seek her out. She is very kind but will tell you the truth about what she sees.

Syracuse, NY

Understood Me Better

WOW! Corbie understood me better than people who have known me for years. Interesting, fascinating and worth your time and money.

Grand Island, NY

Thanks For the Inspiration

A couple years ago I had a reading from you. You said my path to follow was an intuitive one which included yoga, feng shui, and intuitive readings and to leave teaching (rug-rats) behind. Well, it’s taken a while (I can’t leave the teaching just yet-but doing it part-time) but I’m finally getting my feng shui certification this summer, still teaching yoga and switched to animal communication instead of mediumship. I love working with people and their animals and find it so rewarding. So, at 61 I’m finally heading where I want to go. Whoo Hooo! Thanks for the inspiration!

New Hope, PA

Quite Accurate

Corbie’s observations were quite accurate. She zeroed in on my soul path.

Clarence, NY

Smart, Practical and Vivid

Listening to your reading recording again, I am always impressed by your fluid expression and conviction, and your written work is so smart, practical and vivid. And you really know how to evoke a place and particularly how to incorporate the flora and fauna all around us in a seamless fashion.

Buffalo, NY

Knowing Me Better Than I Know Myself

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you thank you for almost knowing me better than I know myself. When you explained to me how I had been sabotaging relationships I realized what my ownership is. Thank you for sharing your vision and your abilities to assist me in taking that responsibility back and knowing what part I’m playing in the situation. I can already feel things shifting and going in a better direction.

Molly Sue
Albuquerque, NM

Gives the Client the Most Needed Information

I had a general reading with Corbie and am very pleased with it. Corbie combines her psychic gifts, knowledge of metaphysics, Tarot and other methods with common sense, clear-headed practicality and rich life experience to give the client the most needed information.  I was struggling to find meaning in a multitude of seemingly disjointed facts, and Corbie’s insight helped me to see how they fit together, much like a string helps to make a necklace out of a handful of scattered beads. Corbie also provided very useful information on an old mystery that has had a considerable impact on my life. I now have enough material for months and years of work, study and growth as well as a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. I am deeply grateful to Corbie for the helpful guidance.

Queens, NY

Thank You For An Awesome Experience

I must tell you that I was a SKEPTIC after having so many false readings. I gave up hope. I thought that I would never find the real deal in a psychic reading until I met you. Our session together was enlightening, fun, hilarious at times, and refreshing! Our energies flowed beautifully together and I loved knowing my Spirit Guides and Angels the best! I would definitely recommend you to others and am coming back for more of your services. Thank you for an awesome experience. Be blessed.

Wesley Chapel, FL

You Are My Hero!

Corbie, you are my hero! You are the voice of reason and the light of truth and inspiration when life and people get in the way of my finding the way to serenity.

Mary Jane
St. Catharines, ON CANADA

Session Helped With Recovery From Surgery

I’m sending you this email to let you know that I’m back home after my surgery. You helped with the suggestion of the visualization of all worries and pain going away with my old

[heart] valve. During my recovery I listened to our session a couple of times. I can’t tell you how much it helped me and how much better I feel due to you and your insights. It was invaluable information that will help me throughout my life. THANK YOU! You are wonderful.

Danville, CA

Thorough, Practical and Made Sense

I had never had a successful reading until I was fortunate enough to get on Corbie’s schedule. Readers I had previously approached said they could not read for me, but Corbie’s advice was thorough, practical and made sense. What she said was down-to-earth and spot-on accurate. Corbie is a highly ethical professional, a talented psychic, and a compassionate human being. If you have an opportunity to have a reading with Corbie, run — do not walk — to secure a place on her schedule.

Vineland, NJ

The “Real Deal”

Thank you so much for doing a session with my daughter, Nicole, and me. Everything you said made sense — and even the details that didn’t click at that time have now been clarified over the past week and I feel confident I am on the right track. I ran into friends who have also had a reading from you; it was great to hear their added validation of messages that come through you and that you’re a wonderful person to boot. It’s so refreshing to run into “the real deal” out there among the litter of crystal ball hoohahs.

Liverpool, NY

Never Heard More Truth

I don’t know what else to say. I’m blown away. I’ll be back, Corbie, thank you. I’ve never heard more truth from one person.

Cambridge, ON CANADA

No Smoke and Mirrors

Truly insightful, no smoke and mirrors — just truth. Words cannot describe our experience. Beyond amazing! What a beautiful, loving soul. It was akin to sitting down with a good friend to chat over coffee. An experience that lasted half an hour but what is gained could be sought over many lifetimes.
Arosa & Monica
Herkimer, NY

Friends Were Blown Away

My two friends were blown away because they know me so well and couldn’t believe how right on your reading was.

Schoharie, NY

Baggage Lifted

I feel a couple of kilos of baggage have been lifted from my shoulders. I will take everything that you have given me on board and do my VERY best to love myself next year. Many thanks.

Trondheim, NORWAY

Determined Who The Ghost Was

AMAZING! Corbie helped me to determine who the ghost was that visited me over two years ago.

Lowville, NY

Compassionate and Genial

Absolutely amazing. Corbie has a way of telling it like it is, and has a great grasp of how to interpret. Compassionate and genial, with humor.

St. Catharines, ON CANADA

Gave Me Strength

You gave me the strength to believe in myself again, and to know that I deserve to love and be loved.

Hellertown, PA

Thank You For Confirmation

Just wanted to say thanks again for this morning’s session! Two words you used while we were on the phone together are words I’ve used myself recently and I just wanted to thank you for the confirmation. One was expansion. That was my motivational word of the week last week. It’s not a word I’ve used much at all. The other was about when the right guy for me would appear. Your first option was April of 2016. At the end of 2014 I received a message saying that April would be a good month for a new romance!

Fresno, CA

Inspired Me To Change

You have definitely inspired me to change a pattern of thinking and that will stay with me forever. You are great at making people feel comfortable while talking with you. You are also straightforward with your answers while often maintaining humor, which I love. I look forward to seeing you again.

Rochester, NY

First Time Someone Has Been So Specific

You hit on exactly what I needed nutritionally. That’s the first time someone has been so specific with me, even if they have done some kind of testing..

Erie, PA

Warmth and Dedication Are So Real

Meeting Corbie has been a life-transforming experience. So much has happened inside. Her warmth and dedication are so real.

Syracuse, NY

Release and Emotion

Thank you for your sharing. The information was spot on — I can tell by the release and emotion I experienced during the reading. Bless you!

Bethel Park, PA

Your Approach Provided Deeper Understanding

Thank you so much for the reading today! I love your supportive and down-to-earth approach. You have a fantastic way of getting me to understanding what I want to know in a way that comes from within and makes complete sense. Your approach provided deeper understanding into my challenges and greater clarity into how to handle them in a way that inspired positive action. Understanding from within is where true change happens. It is refreshing not to be talked at and told what to do, which provides interesting but useless information. Our session provided clarity in an empowering way. I appreciate your skill, support and time.

Mequon, WI

Gives the Client Most Needed Information

Corbie combines her psychic gifts, knowledge of metaphysics, Tarot and numerology with common sense, clear-headed practicality and rich life experience to give the client the most needed information. I now have enough material for months and years of work, study and growth as well as a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Metairie, LA

Information Was Spot On

In November 2009 we talked about my wanting to make a move to another job. You told me that 2010 was not the year for any big moves and to wait for 2011. It dawned on me the other day that this was spot on. Back in February through April of 2010 I was thinking about leaving my job and going to work for a friend. The one big change would have been medical insurance coverage. I have a great plan through my current work, but would be on my own if I had changed jobs. In May I broke my foot, followed by a blood clot in my left leg. If I had gone to work for my friend, not only would it have cost me a TON of money but my friend would have been without an employee for six weeks.

Standish, ME

You Tell Me Straight!

Corbie, you are amazing. In the many years of your guidance, good and bad in my life, you tell me straight. God bless you.

Liverpool, NY

Thanks from Proctors Theatre

On behalf of Proctors I would like to thank you for participating in the Theatre Guild’s first women’s event, INDULGE! Your enthusiasm in being part of the event and doing one-minute readings for over 150 women that evening was very much appreciated. The final count for attendance was 505, outdoing even the number we thought the event would attract. We hope to reach out to you again for opportunities as they come up here at Proctors. You are a valued part of our theatre family.

Judy Decker, Special Events Manager
Proctors Theatre, Schenectady NY

Deep, Articulate, Confirming

A heartfelt thanks. Beyond accurate. Deep, articulate, confirming. You have a very special gift.

Cobleskill, NY

For Those Who Want More Clarity

I just had a reading with Corbie and it was amazing. She was able to give me answers to so many questions in such a short period of time. She tapped into divine guidance to help me understand some of the challenges I’m currently dealing with in my life. Corbie’s direct but warm approach really helped me to see the path I want to take more clearly. She was able to put my mind at ease with specific details about my most important queries. I would recommend Corbie to anyone who wants more clarity about their life path. Thank you so much.


Real, Genuine, Refreshing

I was immediately drawn to Corbie at a festival and knew I wanted to talk with her. She was real, genuine, refreshing, and to the point. I had a 15 minute session with her that was beyond helpful to me. I highly recommend Corbie, especially for those of you who have always been a bit hesitant. I am glad I made the decision to talk with her. For me it was 100% worth it!

Quakertown, PA

Guidance and Good Thoughts

Just wanted to acknowledge your words that I finally listened to. The CD of our session is invaluable. I was in a different mindset and could hear my reluctance to help myself move out of sameness and dullness. Thanks for the guidance and good thoughts.

DesMoines, IA

So Moving

I have had a few readings from people that I thought were exceptional. Yet the fifteen minutes with Corbie was so moving for me. She gave me clarity and strong information in just a few minutes.

Cortland, NY

Opened Up Communication

Thank you for today’s session. I just shared the recording with my husband. I hope it opens up some necessary communication between us. It definitely got his attention.

Cortland, NY

My Heart Was Racing!

Corbie was unbelievable. Spot on about everything. My heart was racing the whole time!

Syracuse, NY

A Rare Find

Corbie gave me so much helpful information for my career and my thinking about setting up a separate business for myself. She brought so many different aspects into the reading regarding my strengths and how they tie into career and business, the best timing for it and the different areas I need to consider to go from planning to execution. We have a similar background in the business world and it’s rare to find someone in the metaphysical realm who not only has corporate world experience in the way Corbie does, but truly understands it.

North Attleboro, MA

Beneficial and Helpful

Corbie was outstanding! I highly recommend that everyone have a reading with her. It is extremely beneficial and helpful. God bless you always.

Parish, NY

You Were The Catalyst For Me

My intention originally when I heard you on the radio was to get a Soul Plan reading, which I thought I sorely needed. After we spoke I decided to get a general reading first. However, all my questions began with “why?” I knew that those were questions that probably would be answered in a Soul Plan session. While I was struggling for questions for my general reading I got a pretty good talking-to from my guides about my birth father. When the session began it was clear that I was still in my ‘why’ mode, not the questions for a general reading. I appreciate your taking it in another direction. I don’t know if it was Spirit, you, your guides, my guides, or all of the above, but I am grateful. However, I don’t think it was an accident that this all came together the way it did. You were the catalyst for me to open my eyes so I can get out of my “Pity Patty Party” to see what I have known for a long time. So I began with your “six degrees” analogy. I started to look at my life with what I have rather than what I didn’t have. Now having come this far and to this heartfelt understanding a week after my session with you, I want to say thank you so very much. I am so grateful to have met you. My past is prologue, and my glass is more than half full.

Ellicott City, MD

Recommend Without Hesitation

UNBELIEVABLE! I was flabbergasted. Amazing — will return for more. Straightforward, honest; will recommend without hesitation.

St. Catharines, ON CANADA

Clear, Concise and Straightforward

A reading with Corbie Mitleid is clear, concise and straightforward. Even in the hurly-burly of a psychic expo, Corbie makes her sessions with clients personal, intimate and as comfortable as possible. She adapts to the receptivity of her clients and provides witty analogies to illustrate her findings. Her psychic readings are conducted in a way that provides a plethora of information. She will often use a multi-level “drill down” card spread to enable informed decisions. This allows the client to look at all aspects of the situation.

She willingly shares additional resources for the client to take their learning further — whether it is a book list, a postcard with useful URLs or the business card of another Lightworker who specializes in something she does not. Corbie understands that she is “not the only answer” and is happy to asset her client in finding reputable assistance along the path. She does, however, have certain “uncrossable lines” regarding her professionalism. She will not “remote spy” (gather information about a person not connected with the client on a positive basis); she will never predict a death; and she is very clear about not being able to connect in a reading situation. In the latter situation, rather than “fish” she politely informs the client she is unable to read them and returns their payment.

Rochester, NY

Best Reading I Have Ever Had

Corbie was just amazing. Answered all my questions, provided insight on my concerns and clarity on my health issue. This was the best reading that I have ever had!

Hastings, NY

Getting Out Of My Own Way

Thank you for the lovely reading yesterday. It was spot on and a wonderful gift. Everything you said resonated. It was a confirmation of the real possibilities for my hopes and dreams, right down to your cat Oswald (da Grate) jumping into your lap to “talk to me” during our session. You see, I’m a cat lover. I’ve almost always owned a cat, from childhood even into adulthood. I’ve been longing for another one but a little gun-shy under my current circumstances. Your kitty gave me a wonderful confirmation that the Universe will support me not only in my big dreams but even in this. I think it is important that you receive confirmations for this work that you do.

I’ll spend more time, as you say, “birthing this” and let go of the things that don’t appeal to me. I look forward to the classes that you will teach in North Carolina in the future and hope to see you there.

Charlotte, NC

Opened Eyes To a Bigger Picture

I want to thank you for the sessions with myself and my sister! We are thankful that you are willing to help people like us on/with our journey. After sharing my session, my sister scheduled her own session. Whoo Hoo!! She has always been a “by the Bible” girl and you helped open her eyes to the bigger picture (believe me I know from experience that this was short of a miracle). Thanks so much and I just wanted you to know that we appreciate your assistance and thank the Lord there are people like you. After asking God “Why was I put with this difficult family” meaning both sides, my own and my husband’s, I somehow stumbled on Robert’s book which led me to you. Thank you for your one on one direct personal attention! I wish you many blessings!


Most Powerful Reading Of My Life

About 10 years ago, I had the most powerful reading of my life with Corbie Mitleid. At the time, I was paralyzed at a crossroads in my life… literally getting sicker each day with the status quo — and yet terrified of change. Corbie read Tarot and Faerie cards, with channeling from the faeries, that was so profound, I memorized the questions and still repeat them today. They helped me make decisions about the many changes to come, and they had to come, to bring me to this wonderful life I have today. I highly recommend her.

Hellertown, PA

A Bright, Bright Star

Corbie is a bright, bright star! My reading with her gave me the insight and validation I was looking for at this point in my life’s journey. She was prepared, present, insightful, compassionate and humorous. I appreciated her willingness to make sure I was getting what I needed and that I understood the information she shared. She takes the “woo woo” out of connecting with Spirit. Because Corbie’s connection to Spirit is so pure, I received valuable information that was very specific. There was no doubt the information was meant for me. It was as if she was reading the book of my life. Each time I listen to the CD of my session I continue to gain insight.


Astute Analysis of Relationship

Your accuracy hit the target and verified the path my life has been taking with regard to my own spiritual growth. Your astute analysis of my relationship, and the information about my past incarnations really resonated with me. THEN your description of why my soul/spiritual self is arranging matters as they have evolved confirmed what I have felt for so long. I’m sending you a big hug from Sunny Florida, along with huge admiration and appreciation for what you do.

Winter Park, FL

Direct, Honest Reading

Corbie’s direct, honest reading gave me my much needed insight. She hit a lot of things right on. She is very gifted, and I’m thankful that she shared that with me. Above all, you know that she is sincere. I look forward to working with her again.

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

An Angel on Earth

Corbie is beautiful — an angel here on earth. She KNOWS what your private passions and spiritual paths are.

Rochester, NY

Hit On Secrets I’ve Carried All My Life

Amazing! Corbie hit on a secret thought I’ve carried with me all my life and enlightened me as to why I’ve carried it. Corbie totally corroborated my very recent feelings about a creative venture — I’m so excited to start!

York, PA

Extremely Moving

An experience I will take with me for the rest of my life. The reading was far more than just enlightening — it was extremely moving.



None of my past readings have ever compared to what I heard with Corbie. She actually touched on what I am currently going through and all of it ws 100% accurate. Everything made sense and no question went unanswered.

Buffalo, NY

Best Choice I’ve Made In A Long Time

I sat down thinking that the reading would be “relative” (might or might not apply to me). I was SO wrong. Best choice I’ve made in a long time — everything was right on! I got all the answers I needed and more.

Allentown, PA

I Want To Cry Out Of Joy

I am speechless after my reading and I want to cry out of joy. God bless you!

Chatham, ON CANADA

Found the Answers I Longed For

I can’t tell you enough how helpful it was to have a reading from you and to help me find the answers I longed for. It was so apparent I was going down the same path I went so many lifetimes before and I want to stop it now. Thank you again for helping to save my soul. You are an angel.

Caribou, ME


All the clarity I needed. I feel so rejuvenated. Such a precious gift! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Toronto, ON CANADA

Touched Things I Keep Deepest

I have never before felt someone reach inside me and touch the things I keep deepest to help me embrace them with an open mind.