First-Rate Presenter

Corbie is a first-rate presenter with a wide range of knowledge on spiritual and metaphysical concepts.  She conducts herself as a true professional holistic educator, with excellent delivery and wit as her trademarks.  And she’s also a lot of fun!

Revs. Bill Trivett and Bob Hall
New Visions Books & Gifts, York PA

Healing, Direction, Clarity

With insight and humor, Corbie provides meaningful information that groups and individuals can use right away to better their lives. Her talks and guided meditations showcase the breadth and depth of Corbie’s role as teacher and mystic. Corbie’s readings provide healing, direction, relief, optimism and clarity.

Judy Copp, Owner/Founder
A Higher Balance, Salem MA

Class Gives Freedom and Greater Purpose

My total appreciation and gratitude to you — and for you! What a dynamic class, CREATE YOUR SENTENCE OF PASSION. I will joyously recommend and promote your classes to anyone who is ready and willing to transform their life, seeking freedom and greater purpose.

Helga Martin
Helga’s Healing Center, Reading PA

Teaching is Top Notch

Anything Corbie teaches or presents is TOP NOTCH. She is professional, enthusiastic and knows her stuff. I have been teaching and presenting for 15 years and have seen a lot of poor presentations in my day. This is NOT Corbie! Our customers LOVE her and the work she does. We had her at New World Gifts for an entire weekend and she was booked solid for both her classes and her private readings. She is very good at what she does, loves what she does and also makes it a lot of fun for participants. You couldn’t ask for a better guest at your place of business!

Martha Gesegnet-Blessing, RN
New World Gifts, Williamsville, NY

Corbie Wants You To Succeed

I have been a professional animal communicator for the past fifteen years, but had not invested my time and energy in the psychic show circuit. I sought out Corbie for mentoring on how to expand my practice to include travel to these venues.

Corbie, besides being herself a top-notch psychic and healer, has elevated the status of “road warrior” to an art form. Her knowledge and ability to convey information humorously, lovingly and directly are unsurpassed in my experience. She’s the one you want if you are looking to bring your practice up a notch, or if you need assistance with the professional and business ends of being a professional intuitive. Don’t waste a minute. Go find her now. More than any other mentor I’ve ever worked with, Corbie wants you to succeed — and if you listen to her, you will.

David Louis
Animal Communicator
Talk To Your Animals, Wynantskill NY

Empowered and Excited by Class

I’d always wanted to learn how to read cards but thought I couldn’t do it because I’m not naturally intuitive. I took Corbie’s DECK-A-DANCE class and felt empowered and excited to experiment with my own deck. Corbie is a gifted teacher, delivering empowering lessons through wildly creative metaphors. I giggled and chortled all the way through. A fun class! Sign up for it!

Winchester, MA

Develop Greater Confidence in Reading

The oracle class was awesome. I developed greater confidence in reading from new decks and I learned to trust my intuition — to be a channel for Spirit by getting out of my own way. Thank you!

Philadelphia, PA

A Fun Workshop

I found the DECK-A-DANCE workshop to be fun, with great information. It was interesting but still fast-moving.

New Britain, PA

Humor, Insight and Clarity

I really enjoyed your humor, intuitive insight and clarity. I learned a lot at the workshop tonight. You are an amazing reader!

Warrington, PA

Message Made Perfect Sense

The message in the past life gallery part of THE WEAVING OF YOUR LIVES made perfect sense. Your lecture felt as though you were talking directly to me.

Lyons, NY

You Gave Me A Tool

I have always wanted to be knowledgeable about my past lives but despite many meditations I’ve never seen anything, so this session at THE WEAVING OF YOUR LIVES gave me a tool to use to help me continue seeking out and learning about my past lives.

Palmyra, NY

Positive Energy

Wonderful experience… I learned a lot about how we make agreements and learn from them now, and grow from the learning next time with the next agreement. The guided meditation was amazing. Thank you for your positive energy and sharing your gifts with us. You are an amazing soul.

Rochester, NY

Great at Giving Confidence to Students

I love teachers that give students the gift of trusting themselves. You are great at giving confidence in the self.

East Meredith, NY

Found Transformation In This Experience

You share your insights and experiences exceptionally well. I enjoyed the meditation and found transformation in this experience.

Buffalo, NY

You Have So Much To Teach

DECK-A-DANCE was very informative and easy to understand. The information was helpful. It was a pleasure to gain knowledge about the different cards. Thank you for the time you spent with us. You have so much to teach, and your passion shows!

Boyertown, PA

Dynamic Teaching Style, Straightforward and Ethical

I very much enjoyed DECK-A-DANCE and was impressed by Corbie’s readings for people with the cards. A great class for someone looking to include the use of oracle cards in their intuitive practice. Dynamic teaching style, straightforward and ethical.

Oneonta, NY

A Lot of Great Information

I liked that the DECK-A-DANCE class was somewhat directed to those who will to do readings professionally and how to deal with basic questions that clients ask. I love that you say don’t worry about what the book says! You have a lot of great information to offer readers on any level.

Palmyra, NY


You’re a great teacher and I had a lot of fun for my first time! You’re really funny, too. That’s a great thing to have in a class, because I hate boring teachers.

York, PA

Great Lessons on Confidence

Great lessons on confidence and valuing what the spirits are telling you. Great exercises in intuitive development.

Oneonta, NY

Classes Were Spiritually Uplifting

Your day of classes in Reading was so spiritually uplifting, and I got so much out of then, it was so worth the time. It gave me much more energy after the weekend. Thanks so much — you are the bomb! What a gift you shared with us by being there!

Reading, PA

Energetic Teaching Style

Your class was very enjoyable and I appreciated the pace and energetic style of teaching. I found the group very interactive and experience how using our intuition is more productive than having set rules or guidelines.

Oneonta, NY

Excitement for the Future

I’m taking away from CREATE YOUR SENTENCE OF PASSION a sense of empowerment and clarity, a sense of creative community and support, and excitement for the future. I have a foundation to build on.

Williamsville, NY

Great Tools to Let Our Souls Fly

Corbie’s THE WEAVING OF YOURT LIVES workshop was my first experience with psychic workshops. She is so in touch with “real life” issues and gave our group some great tools to let our souls fly. I’m still vibrating from the awesome guided meditation, stories and readings from the afternoon session – thank you!

Adams Center, NY

Class Was Just Right For Beginners

I really enjoyed DECK-A-DANCE. For a beginner, I felt it was just right. Your sense of humor and matter-of-fact attitude really help. It’s also helpful to know, as you say, anyone can do it. Thank you!

Reading, PA

Very Empowering

DECK-A-DANCE was a great class! Very empowering. I liked the card reading demonstrations using more than one deck and liked practicing with others. It’s a great way to make us feel comfortable. Thank you!

Oneonta, NY

Loved Hearing Such Down-to-Earth, Practical Advice

I listened to your talk in Allentown on Saturday, THE MASTER COMMANDMENTS OF THE PROFESSIONAL INTUITIVE. I loved it and I loved hearing such down-to-earth, practical advice for being in the biz — rare as I have found so far! I went full time as a reader after 20+ years of doing it part time with long breaks in between and the ride has been incredible. I ams o glad I did it and feel I have really met my calling along with all the professional experience along the way. So thank you for your talk — and also you’re funny as all get-out. I loved it.

Philadelphia, PA

Approachable and Grounded

I loved how open you were and how you shared your experiences with us in THE WEAVING OF YOUR LIVES. I believe ghat it will help make people more comfortable, especially those of us who are new at this. It also makes you more approachable and “grounded.’ I am excited to learn more and to help to better my attitude and outcome of life and health.

Depew, NY

Powerful Presenter

The class  CREATE YOUR SENTENCE OF PASSION was great. Your presentation — drama, flair, humor — it’s all very effective. Your compassion came through and brought a warm human touch. You brought people in and were respectful of their boundaries. I think you are a powerful, alive, fresh presenter.

Buffalo, NY

Good to be Pushed Out of My Confort Zone


Loved the DECK-A_DANCE class! Appreciated the FUN in it. I enjoy your style. It’s good to be pushed out of my comfort zone when I don’t want to do it “wrong” so I recognize that I need to step back to get out of my own way.

Oneonta, NY

Open and Honest


The classes DECK-A-DANCE and CREATE YOUR SENTENCE OF PASSION were phenomenal. Lots of sharing, laughs and inspiration. Corbie has a very open, honest persona that leads to a very safe environment.

Rodman, NY

Guided Meditation Best I’ve Experienced

Loved the class on THE WEAVING OF YOUR LIVES. The first part was informative — so much information, all of which I wanted to get thoroughly. The guided meditation was the best I’ve experienced and I really was able to see a lot more than usual. I had healing when my Higher Self was speaking to me. The past life question and answer part at the end was fabulous. What a gift you have! The tools, handouts and booklets, etc. that were provided showed me where to go from here. I loved your sense of humor too!

Chaumont, NY

Would Recommend To All My Friends

The DECK-A-DANCE class was very informative and fun, and I would recommend it to all my friends. I thank you for taking the “book” out of it and showing us how to use our own minds.

Upper Darby, PA

Easy To Take In the Information

I found Corbie to be very energetic in her teaching style. She has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, making it easy to take in the information she is sharing. I found the exercises for the class very helpful and inspiring.

Lowville, NY

Corbie Inspires Confidence

I enjoyed your upbeat personality and your storytelling — so able to keep everyone’s attention. You inspire confidence in you and in me. It is obvious that you know what you speak about.

Oneonta, NY

Love From My Higher Self

Thanks to THE WEAVING OF YOUR LIVES workshop, I can now feel the unconditional love from my Higher Self and the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the gifts I have been given. I love your open, breezy style; you have a wonderful ability to connect with people and I bless you for sharing it with us.

Williamsville, NY

Simple, Interesting and Entertaining

I really enjoyed listening to you speak. You keep DECK-A-DANCE simple, interesting and entertaining. I didn’t think I could ever do anything like this. You gave me the confidence I needed.

Wyomissing, PA

I Am Finding Myself

Corbie, through your MASTER CLASS webinar and participation in your radio show I am finding myself. My ‘self’ is loud, and has several causes she feel strongly about; she is is taking leadership roles in almost all of them. I don’t think I would have found her without you and all that you have put in front of me to discover. I would still be “part of the problem” and not have taken the time to collect myself, compose myself and take others’ opinions into consideration before jumping in with my heart.

Kenmore, NY

Love Your “Raven” Energy

I attended your seminar PSYCHIC BOOT CAMP and wanted to thank you for your very concise, no-nonsense approach and advice to those interested in seeking a psychic’s assistance. I found your “lay it on the line” frankness very steadying. I also hugely enjoyed watching Raven energy working through you. The way you moved, the incisiveness, the quickness, the bright eyes. I love your Raven style.

Cortland, NY

Inspiring To Listen To

You did an awesome presentation at Centennial Hall on PSYCHIC BOOT CAMP. I found you to be very educational and inspiring to listen to. I have added your sites to my favorites. You have a great gift and a beautiful spirit; may you always be blessed.


Totally Confident After Class

Corbie’s DECK-A-DANCE workshop encouraged us to open up and allow ourselves to be creative with oracle spreads. It was so easy to learn how to read any oracle deck under her guidance. I feel totally confident reading any oracle deck for anyone now!

York, PA

Class Second To None

Corbie is one of the most engaging instructors I have ever had the pleasure to study with. Clear and concise, with great practical applications and practices, along with a charming sense of humor. Combined with her ability and experience, this makes her class second to none.

West Reading, PA

Amazing Teacher

As a seasoned Tarot reader and Teacher myself, Corbie helped me to “think outside the box” with DECK-A-DANCE. I used to think that oracle decks were a lot of New Age fluff, but I now see them as valuable tools for divination which can be combined with Tarot to provide even more insightful readings for clients, thanks to her teaching. She is an amazing teacher, full of wit, humor, insight and wisdom.

Rev. Bill Trivett
New Visions Books & Gifts, York PA