The Decision to Seek Clarity

One of the biggest problems, when we know we need to “change things up,” is that everything descends on us at once. Lose the weight! Get a better job! Take better care of ourselves/our friends/our family! Make a difference in the world!

With so many things we think we “ought” to do and no order to them, we’re paralyzed. We can’t make a decision on where to go or how to get there. So we sit, and stew about it, and end up throwing our hands in the air and finding that ice cream, that chatty phone call, or that urgent pile of laundry or dishes to distract us. “I’ll think about it later” becomes our security mantra. And we never get to those life-changing possibilities.

If you were an astronomer, looking at the brilliance of the night sky, you’d see the Milky Way. You’d see stars, and planets. You’d know there were nebulae out there, and black holes, and the possibility of life on at least one of those pinpoints of light. But if you did not decide which phenomenon you wanted to explore, you wouldn’t know which instruments to use, what books to read to examine the theories already put forward, or how to begin the experiments to prove your own theories.

The astronomer would need to focus. She would need clarity on her desires and what she wanted to end up with.

And the same is true for you!

When you focus, then all those possibilities can separate themselves out. You can write them down, and truly feel in your heart what is important to you. When you do, remember there are no right or wrong answers.

But how do you pick a focus? Must you choose one dream out of many? Can your different goals support one another, or do you have one overriding desire? How do you bring the thing you want most in the world into dazzling clarity?

What you will learn in the first chapter of my book is how to find that internal telescope. It is there, waiting for you to peer through the eyepiece (your heart) to discover the wonders that lie ahead in your life if you focus on them. We’ll give you ways to use it, how to clean the lens, and how to focus it. We’ll explain to you how you can aim it true. We’ll talk about how to adjust the lens so it gives you the clearest view, with nine simple ways to stay aimed at what you really want, instead of what simply swims in front of the lens on occasion.

Now that you have your telescope cleaned, set up, and aimed at the stars, the future is a lot clearer. Whether you choose to focus on your purpose, your relationship, or your spiritual growth, it’s no longer a bunch of twinkly smudges above your head. There are vast galaxies of possibility—and they’re yours to discover.

“The decision to seek clarity is…an action that will bring forward motion & excitement to the process of getting clear.” – Corbie Mitleid