Don’t settle for a forgery…

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Does the world of psychics just feel like a big scary forest?

Have you ever had a reading that felt off – or downright dangerous?

Are you completely confused by the claims of psychics?

Do you know how to choose an intuitive you can trust?

The world is full of professional psychics. Some of them are merely scam artists, waiting for you to “cross their palm with silver” — and a lot more.

New York Psychic Corbie Mitleid

Then there are those devoted to knowledge and truth:  authentic intuitives who are honored to be of service to their clients.

real psychic medium guidance book corbie mitleid

Avoid getting lost on the Path to Self-Knowledge, and take…


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is your field guide to navigating the world of professional psychics: sharp, clear, and full of practical information for those who are intrigued by the idea of using intuitive assistance, but have no idea where to start.

Yellow brick road
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Psychic Guidance is an art.

Don’t settle for a forgery.


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Corbie’s work is always first rate — not just as an author, but also as a trusted and very talented psychic adviser.  She is, for sure, the real  thing and this book is fun to read, gives LOTS of the Inside  Scoop from  someone who’s “been there and done that.”  Corbie has my “Haunted Housekeeping Seal of Approval!”

ANDREW BREWER, “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Psychic”

The Psychic Yellow Brick Road is smart, sensible and doesn’t fly over the reader’s head with jargon and hyperbole. Instead, it clearly explains why working with an intuitive counselor is a useful method for identifying challenges…we’ve needed a ‘field guide’ like this for a long time!”

STACI WELLS, Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive

If you’re seeking to get your first reading, or your fiftieth, you’ll be a much savvier client simply by reading The Psychic Yellow Brick Road.  You’ll understand how to choose a quality psychic, and you’ll be much better prepared to recognize a good reading from a poor one — or even a downright scam.  Moreover, many of your most pressing questions about psychic and medium abilities, spirits and spirit communication will be answered.  I loved teh author’s insight, clarity of thought, and her writing style (with a natural humor that had me smiling throughout the entire book).  Overall, a fun, insightful and stimulating read.  

-BOB OLSON, author of Answers About The Afterlife and host of

Psychic guidance is an art.

Don’t settle for a forgery.

Corbie Mitleid has seen it all – the rip-offs, the truth-tellers, and the workaday psychics who may not have marquee names but are skilled and valuable nonetheless. Active as a professional psychic medium since 1994, Corbie has experienced clients from every angle: Rookies. Seasoned co-creators. Skeptics. And she’s dealt with the desperate, the delusional, and the ones who think psychics are a shortcut to gaining their heart’s desires without lifting a finger for themselves.

Why do some people have terrible experiences?  Why do they end up going from reader to reader, never finding what they need? Because they didn’t have a reliable GPS (Guide to Psychic Services) to take with them on their search.

But that doesn’t have to be YOUR story. You can follow the Psychic Yellow Brick Road instead!

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Keep yourself safe from the charlatans, gain a clearer idea of what you can (and cannot) expect, and prepare to get the most out of every session.


Know what to ask (and which questions won’t help you). Understand the answer you’re given, and KNOW whether those answers are too vague, too detailed, or just plain NOT what will assist you in making your life the best it can be.


Know the situations that you have a right to put an instant STOP to, if they happen to you.


Angels and spirit guides are an important part of the Metaphysical and Spiritual pantheon, and we all have them. This section shares how to get to know them and work with them.


Learn what makes a true medium, the different kinds you may encounter, and understand what you will gain from a mediumistic experience.

Whether you’re a first-time client or a veteran explorer of the metaphysical realms, in THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD you’ll find clear and useful information and suggestions to make every session with your intuitive a valuable one.
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Don’t get caught by the flying monkeys!

Find the real wizards TODAY!

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Corbie Mitleid has been on the mystic’s path for over 50 years—meeting challenges, always questioning, leading the “examined life.” For her, this road has illuminated an essential Cosmic Truth: The Creator gives all of us what we need for a life filled with miracles and joy. As long as our hearts are open, whole, and aligned with our Source Energy, anything is possible. (And it never hurts to bring laughter on the path with you!) If Corbie can share that blessing with you, she feels she’s doing things right.


Corbie is a psychic, channel, and medium, and has been reading since 1973. She travels coast to coast across the United States and into Canada as a full-time intuitive counselor, inspiring and helping thousands of individuals every year as a teacher and facilitator. Appearing frequently on radio and television, Corbie is a featured channel in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series on Karma and pre-birth planning, Your Soul’s Plan, Your Soul’s Gift and Your Soul’s Love. Corbie is also the author of the self-help volume Clean Out Your LifeCloset, which encourages you to write your own story of change based on your history, your life experiences, and your personal goals; and You’ve Got The Magic, Who Needs a Genie?, detailing how to be a successful part of the holistic expo community from the professional side of the aisle.


Corbie’s certifications and affiliations include:

  •  Certified Tarot Master (through The Tarot Guild)
  • Certified Professional Tarot Reader (through the Tarot Certification Board of America)
  • Member of the American Tarot Association
  • Ordained Minister of the Sanctuary of the Beloved (Order of Melchizedek)

Corbie’s specific skills include Tarot and Oracle/Divination card readings, spiritual/intuitive counseling, past life retrieval and analysis, mediumship, spirit guide and Angelic conferences, and channeling (including enabling clients to speak with their Soul or Higher Self).


Corbie lives in upstate New York with her husband, a professional historian, and three cats: two large and exuberant Maine Coons, and one pocket rocket ginger ninja, a rescue boy from the Bronx.

real psychic medium guidance book corbie mitleid

The field guide to psychic readings you’ve been waiting for!

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