Love & Relationship Psychic Readings



Love is probably the single subject most asked about by my clients. Whether it’s the potential for love in the future, looking at a relationship to see how to improve it or strengthen it, or what to do about a relationship that simply isn’t worth the heartache, it’s usually the first question that pops out at a session.

However, my longtime clients know I don’t believe in “yes, he’s 5’9” tall, blonde with a scar on his left eyebrow, name starts with G or J and his parents were from Sweden and you will meet him at the car wash.” Why?  Because pinning everything on ONE person means you will ignore lots of other possibilities for happiness, love and growth.

This kind of pinpoint reading is wonderful when it happens, and it certainly provides a lot of good advertising fodder for whichever intuitive got the bull’s-eye.  But my whole philosophy is allowing my client the free will she/he came down here to exercise, perhaps teaching them what they need to do to have a good relationship as well as what the new partner should bring in their emotional and mental suitcase.

For me, a love reading should consist of several elements:

  • What will be required of my client to make it a good relationship?
  • What should the potential partner bring to the table?
  • Where are the several possibilities that are coming into my client’s life?
  • What do my client’s guides have to say on the subject?
  • Are there any past lives that will give a clue as to where my client’s challenges have been in the past – and might be again this time?

So let’s look at a hypothetical girl – we’ll call her Clara – and see how her reading might turn out.

For the first two questions I go to my favorite Karma and Relationship oracle deck by John Grey, and pull four cards for each one.

Clara needs to bring:

HEART: She has to be completely honest and aware of her emotions, not overthink the situation.

DEFINITIONS: She needs to define who she is by her standards, not the standards of the world or typical relationships.

SUPPORT: She must understand that when her potential partner needs support, it’s not clingy support, but belief in his strength to do the right thing even when he has doubts.  And sometimes the support means jumping into the situation with as much bravery as her partner has.

OWNERSHIP: She needs to accept that any and all decisions she makes are her responsibility, as are the consequences. No blame game.

Her potential partner needs to bring:

EMPOWERMENT: It’s vital that he support Clara in what will bring her growth and self-knowledge.

FEELINGS: No “strong silent type” need apply – this partner needs to express how he feels.

DIFFERENCES: He should be completely different from anyone she has ever dated, and appreciate her uniqueness as well.

SOLITUDE: This potential partner needs to understand she won’t be attached to him at the hip – she has her own life adventures to explore.

The third question is “when are they likely to show up?” Here I look month by month for three years, reminding my client that there is always more than one possibility for a serious relationship.

Going from March to the end of December two years later, we find three distinct possibilities for Clara. For this part I use a standard Tarot deck, turning over one card to signify each month. Because Clara is between the ages of 25-40, I will focus on Knights (sometimes called Princes) as significators.  Two other cards, the 2 of Cups and the Lovers, are also significators but speak about situations rather than the specific person.

One possibility comes along in May, which is the Knight of Wands: a traveler and adventurer though he has a deep spiritual center he doesn’t like to look at often. He’s passionate about life, wildly creative but something of a here-and-gone sort of person. She might well meet him through travel. They will have tiffs and spats on a somewhat regular basis, but they will agree on major issues.

Her second possibility is the Knight of Swords. He is brave, headstrong, aggressive, unafraid of defending his own beliefs, and under constant stress. This is a relationship that will start out in a difficult situation. Clara will have to decide if the difficulties in this relationship are worth the excitement and challenge.

Her third possibility, which comes along shortly after the second, is the Knight of Pentacles. This one is a very responsible, hardworking, dependable fellow who isn’t afraid of the work it takes to make a relationship. He will be attentive, but perhaps not in the way that Clara finds comfortable. Her best bet is to accept the relationship as it stands and not try to change this Knight.

What her guides had to say on the subject:

You have never been satisfied with merely what is possible. You seek the impossible and want to unravel it. Do not look to make a relationship that is what everyone else wants – or seeks. Your relationship must not have the boundaries and strictures other relationships require. If you are willing to go wherever the relationship takes you, it will be the most important one you ever have.

And her past lives? The most important one appears to have been in 19th century England, where she meets two of the possibilities and begins a long-term Karmic circle with them. The third possibility is not involved in any past lives, and therefore may be seen as a “fresh start” if she decides to go with her third beau.

This is one of my favorite multi-level readings, because it will always give my client food for thought – and hope for the future!