Oracle Card Spreads: Soul Contracts & Weddings



Take it from a woman who has had both good and bad marriages — finding the right one is worth the mistakes.  Checking out the physical/mental/emotional/logistical match up before a ring goes on is important to most couples these days.  But they’ll have more of a shot at happily ever after if they consider the spiritual “fit” between the bride and groom as well.

What does that mean?  It means that your life lessons are compatible.  It means that you understand the idea of the “60-60 marriage,” in which each partner goes that little bit more than halfway for the other; that extra 10% overlap is what keeps folks together in the tough times.  It means that you understand that marriage is a constant work in progress, and part of the contract means that you will grow together, support each other’s growth, and agree that marriage will change both of you.  Even the couples married 25 or 50 years agree that they are not the same folks who stood at the altar, made vows under the chuppah or signed the niqqah; both parties have changed… hopefully for the better.

Elsewhere in this section, I’ve given you a card spread for the logistics of the wedding day.  But this spread will speak specifically to the intangibles that should be considered when deciding whether the one who has your heart is really your best life-partner as well.

For this spread, we have seven cards:

  1. What the bride brings into the mix
  2. What the groom brings into the mix
  3. What the bride can learn from the groom
  4. What the groom can learn from the bride
  5. The prebirth contract for the marriage: main purpose
  6. What your Guides have to say on the subject
  7. How to get off to the best start

I’m going to use John Grey’s oracle deck, THE JOY OF RELATIONSHIPS  in our sample reading.  It’s my favorite deck when it comes to Karmic discovery and relationship questions.  (Remember, however, that this spread will work with any Tarot or oracle deck of your choice.)  Again, we’ll be looking at our hypothetical couple from the logistics spread, Amy and Rory.

What the bride brings into the mix:  Polarities
What the groom brings into the mix:  Wholeness
What the bride can learn from the groom:   Facts
What the groom can learn from the bride:  Ownership
The prebirth contract for the marriage, or main purpose:  Harmony
What your Guides have to say on the subject:  Full Spectrum
How to get off to the best start:  Lightness

The first card, Polarities, I always see as speaking of someone who is passionate about life; there is no “ehh, whatever” about this person.  Amy is bringing into this marriage a juiciness and a desire to be and do and taste life in a way that will energize Rory.

The second card, Wholeness, tells me that Rory is not a “Fix it project” the way some marriages can be.  What he brings into the marriage is a man who knows himself, is not scarred or damaged, and is completely ready to enter into a marriage contract.

The third card, Facts, says that Amy can learn a bit of objectivity from Rory.  Facts means seeing things not as we’d like them to be, not as we’re afraid they might be, but simply as they are, so we can work with them fastest and in the most clear manner.

The fourth card, Ownership, encourages Rory to be clear to the entire world about who he is, to own his mistakes and double backs, and never doubt that whatever road he takes, it’s of his making.  That is one of Amy’s specialities, and is a good lesson for him to learn.

The fifth card, Harmony, speaks about the specific task, challenge or lesson the two souls agreed to tackle together in this lifetime.  What the card looks like is important here, to understand the true meaning of Harmony:  it shows an ancient lyre, held up by not two hands, but three.  I always refer to that as “the you hand, the partner hand, and the “Us” hand” — meaning that a couple has to work together as a united front on many occasions, and that is what will be most important for Amy and Rory as they travel through their lives.

The sixth card, Full Spectrum, is a gift from their spirit guides to tell them that their lives WILL NOT be boring!  They will experience every possible thing that a couple can experience together — highs and lows, joys and despairs, triumphs and devastation.  But they will always experience it together and come out the stronger for it.

The final card, Lightness, is the best way for them to begin this marriage.  It shows two kites with great big hearts floating in the clouds.  In other words — make sure the honeymoon is easy, light, and gives them plenty of opportunities for laughter, to start out their marriage in the best and happiest of ways.

Knowing what the spiritual road has in store for a marriage can strengthen it from the get-go.  It’s a great spread to use for those two special people you know.