Tarot Spreads: The Turning Point



How many computers have you had in your life? I bet you can’t remember. We go from one to another to another, dumping everything from one hard drive into the next. We don’t always review what’s there, or clean things out before we switch to the Great New Beastie. And eventually we have items in our computer from five, ten or fifteen years ago, with no indication as to why we felt they were important to keep.

When you run across these things, you can be amazed, or appalled, or completely confused (“Why on earth would I want a recipe for Tuna-Pistachio Aspic…?!”). But there can be surprises — treasures that are useful when rediscovered. One of these popped up recently as I was trolling my computer files for blog article ideas. Was there anything in these forgotten archives that would be interesting? Valuable? Indeed there was in, my divination folder: I found a Tarot card spread I used back in 2006 called “The Turning Point.”

Why do we look to a Tarot reading or pick up a divination deck in the first place? We want some answers, pure and simple. It’s common to pick them up when we are in a place in our life that needs clarification, and we’re either not hearing what the Universe is saying clearly, or we are so frazzled that focus is impossible. Sometimes the Frazzle Fiasco lasts for so long, we know something MUST change, and it has to be our own doing. But what should that be? Our attitude? Our road? Our choices? Our diets? Our jobs? Our companions?

That’s when a Turning Point Spread is most useful: when we know that Life Simply Can’t Go On Like This.

Your Turning Point Spread is made up of 11 cards (remember, 11 is a Master Number), in the following order:

1. Surrounding circumstances
2. Something you need to know about the present circumstances
3. Belief patterns that have led to this point
4. The bridge event that leads to the turning point
5. Turning point
6. Unexpected benefits of the turning point
7. What you learn from this turning point
8. What evolves from this turning point
9. Windfall
10. A possible outcome
11. A second possible outcome

Let’s look at each in turn.
Surrounding Circumstances speaks to you of the situation as it stands now.

Something you need to know about the present circumstances is a condition, person or action that you haven’t taken into consideration, either because you’re unaware of it or you aren’t cognizant of its importance in the greater scheme of things.

Belief patterns that have led to this point will alert you to ways of thinking that have continued to keep you in the Frazzle Fiasco.

The bridge event that leads to the Turning Point points out what finally kicked you out of your complacency or unconsciousness in the situation, bringing you to the knowledge that Change is required.

Turning Point signifies the primary shift you need to make your Life Course Correction. It can speak of a change in attitude, a shift in perspective, or an actual action that you need to take.

Unexpected benefits of the Turning Point are those internal changes and understandings that will support your shift in perspective.

What you learn from this Turning Point speaks of what internal or circumstantial shifts or lessons are your “takeaway” from this self-examination.

What evolves from this Turning Point describes the first concrete change to the situation.

Windfall is, pure and simple, an unexpected bounty or gift that comes from your change.

A possible outcome is just that – what might happen when you take this new road.

A second possible outcome is because we all need more than one perspective to make a choice.

Remember that you can do this Turning Point Spread with either a Tarot deck or one of your oracle/divination decks. Here’s an example reading, using the Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggins as our deck of choice.

Margaret’s issue is with intimate relationships. She has a history of too many “bad choices” ending in psychic scar tissue, especially around the heart. She is currently keeping her distance from everyone but knows that she needs to switch on her ability to have a deep connection through making good choices.

Surrounding Circumstances (X/The Wheel): In this situation, I see not just the Wheel but also a “revolving door.” This signifies the fact that people come and go in Margaret’s life to a much greater degree than is healthy for her; the constant change gives her a feeling of “dancing on quicksand.” It also points out that she feels on some level every relationship is a “crap shoot” (in the gaming sense of the term) that is unpredictable and out of her control.

Something you need to know about the present circumstances (Prince/Knight of Swords): We bring our learning to us in terms of what we expect from the world. This Knight is impetuous, headstrong, doesn’t really care whose blood’s on his sword. Is that how you are viewing everyone you meet?

Belief patterns that have led to this point (King of Wands): The King of Wands is the complete entrepreneur, obeying no rules but his own. Do you believe that is how other people are in your life? If a partnership situation this signifies a somewhat “benevolent dictator” – do you believe that is how you will be treated by your eventual partner? Do you believe you cannot stand your own ground?

The bridge event that leads to the Turning Point (3 of Wands): The 3 of Wands talks of a voyage of discovery, a successful enterprise. It speaks of envisioning one’s future and putting beliefs behind it. Another woman is going to inspire Margaret with her own independence and strength, allowing Margaret to see she has much more control over relationships than she thinks.

Turning Point (Ace of Pentacles): This card immediately said to me “Put your money where your mouth is.” That old expression means to show by your actions and not just your words that you support or believe in something. There is going to be a situation presented to Margaret where she can either continue to give others the power to hurt her or she accepts that she is the one to completely control her emotions and response to any situation.

Unexpected benefits of the Turning Point (Ace of Wands): Suddenly there are several “thumbs up” situations in Margaret’s life, and she finds surprisingly creative ways to deal with relationship hurdles. The Ace of Wands can also mean a surprisingly sudden relationship that can be beneficial on all kinds of levels, including spiritual.

What you learn from this Turning Point (VII/The Chariot): The chariot is about moving forward, a journey of self-discovery, and deciding what really “drives” you in the world. And it may not be relationships! You will discover what you really want to fall in love with – whether it’s career, creativity or partnerships, your energy is revved.

What evolves from this Turning Point (8 of Cups): The 8 of cups is about walking away from what doesn’t nourish you. The cups in the card represent soured wine, flat beer, dirty water – whatever you used to take in that now turns you off. And while it may look like a long, tough road ahead of you, you’re armed with the Staff of Will and the Cloak of Passion and you can make the trip to the other side.

Windfall (2 of Cups): This card is partnership, pure and simple. And whether it’s a romantic partnership, a business partnership or a spiritual partnership, there’s emotional balance and cordial encounters on the docket for you. And if you keep your wits about you, it could be the start of that partnership you’ve been waiting for, because this card DOES specifically talk about a meeting-of-the-minds relationship.

A possible outcome (9 of Swords): If you haven’t truly internalized the lessons, you have the same old fears – afraid of being cheated on, or your partner being uninterested in you, or simply making you a “notch” on his counting stick. The lessons come unraveled in short order.

A second possible outcome (3 of Pentacles): The hallmark of a long-term, stable relationship that matures into something rich with intimacy and loyalty. You use what you’ve learned and your own strong self-confidence to build a relationship that is both nourishing and enduring.

So there you have it. The Turning Point Spread is a great eleven-card blueprint that lets you really delve deep into problems that constantly plague you so that you have fresh ideas, fresh energy and a way of taking the problem and turning it on its head.