Tuning Into Radio Station Creation



I’m flattered when people come up to me and say, “I wish I could do what you do. You must have a very special talent/be really connected to God/have been specially chosen to do this work.” While in some ways I can’t dispute what they say (my life has taken some pretty dramatic turns over the years to bring me to this happy place — any of which were wildly unexpected), I still don’t believe I’m the real architect. As I’m fond of saying, I’m the tool through which God works, that’s all.

None of us would expect to see a hammer strutting around and going, “Catch that backyard deck! I did that! Am I cool, or what?” The hammer’s just the hammer. The builder is the one who wielded the hammer to create the deck. And while some hammers are custom crafted beautiful things that are built for generations of carpenters, and some are merely the handyman’s special at Ace Hardware — the fact is, they both just hit nails.

That’s a poetic way of saying what I do, you can do. Honest. And you don’t need to know how to read decks of cards, scry in mirrors, or wield dowsing rods or pendulums to prove it to yourself.

We are all born with built-in radio systems that are tuned to radio station Creation. So why does it look like only some of us have special talents? We stop ourselves in some pretty incredible ways: There are folks who think that there’s nothing to this sort of “metaphysical nonsense” and never turn the radio on.   Other people think all their healing abilities, all their intuitive reading and predictive talents come only from themselves or the books they’ve read or the courses they’ve taken — with no need to “plug in” to Spirit. They try to re-tune the radio; when they do, they may get something faint, or they may get nothing but white noise as a result, but eventually they’ll turn the radio off — or drain the battery to where nothing can get through at all.   There are even folk who believe that it’s not our business to change our lives except in the most mundane fashion, and that to attempt energy or “otherworldly” work is actually the devil’s playing field. So they run in the other direction.

But if you accept that the radio system was installed correctly, and all you need to do is turn it on, you’ll be amazed at what you get.

Let’s play with that idea.   Pick a challenge. Don’t think of it as a problem – remember, how you think is what you create. Is your challenge a relationship that’s rocky? A lull in your employment sector? Having more month at the end of your money, rather than vice-versa? Put it out there. Spend a little time getting very calm and objective about it, and put it together in a phrase to ask the Universe:

I would like some information on how to (change my relationship with my wife) (find the job that will suit me best) (remove the roadblocks I create to getting to a healthy weight) (open up the flow of abundance in my life on all levels).

Now go out for a walk. Take a pad and pencil if you want to, but concentrate on staying very present with your surroundings. Let your challenge phrase simmer on the back burner of your consciousness and observe everything. And I mean everything.

What do you see? What kind of a day is it? How are the clouds playing across the sky?   What kind of weather do you have? What crosses your path, in terms of animals, birds, insects? What are you surrounded by? Woods, flowers, concrete?

What do you hear – either in nature or people? If it’s nature, what sounds dominate over other ones? Why?   If it’s people, what snatches of conversation grab your attention?

What do you smell? Take a deep breath. What scents are you catching? What do they trigger for you?

What do you taste? Taste the air. Anything in it? Metallic, earthiness, salt-tang?

What do you feel? What does the temperature do for you? Some people open up in hot weather, some in cold. What about you?

What are the attitudes of any people that cross your path? You don’t have to interact with them – just observe.

If you go to someplace like a busy city street, or a mall, or a college building – what’s the atmosphere feel like? What are some of the carved inscriptions on any walls? What do the billboards say?

If you choose to stay indoors, take a walk around your apartment.   Let your eyes light randomly on things: your kitchen counter. The books on your shelves.   Pick up a magazine and flip it open to any page.   Watch your pets. What are they doing? Do their actions have any quiet advice?   Dig through a closet that you haven’t looked through in a while. Does anything unusual or forgotten come to light just at this point?   Use those other senses, too – hearing, smell, taste. If you were a very good bloodhound who just stood in the middle of your dwelling, what would all that tell you?

Once you’ve filled your head – or your pad of paper – settle into your best “thinking space” and process it. Take note of what came across most strongly in your experiences, whether things had a pattern – and even if there was something from which you deliberately shied away. Review all these in terms of your challenge sentence, and I’ll bet you dowsing rods to danburite that you will have amazingly clear advice regarding what you asked.

However, let me point out a couple of possible pitfalls:

  • This is not a guided meditation. In a guided meditation, you are pulling from your own subconscious and your own knowing. In this case – especially if you are out in nature – you are not necessarily going to “know” about what you get, or get what you expect. Have an open mind!
  • It may take a couple of times listening to Station Creation before you get “into the music.” Like anything new, there will be an adjustment period.
  • And if you don’t like the answer you get, don’t go banging out there looking for a new answer! Station Creation doesn’t guarantee you’ll like the programming, just that you’ll get what’s really on the radio at the moment.

It all comes down to this: If God is in all that is, then why wouldn’t your answers come from all possible sources? Psychics are useful and can bring you an objective viewpoint. Man-made divination tools work if you work them. All true. But just as you don’t have to always go to a restaurant to eat, or a hotel to sleep, you also don’t always have to go to a purchased source for your answers. Try not only dining, but divining, at home. You’ll be amazed at just how well your home-made metaphysics can turn out.

A last concept for you to consider: One of my favorite self-assigned jobs is to remind you of just how much you already know. Therefore, it’s likely that you’ve already done this exercise – more than once. If you think back on periods in your life when you were stuck in a situation, and had given up on getting any answers at all, there was probably something around you – a song on the radio, a magazine story you read at the doctor’s office, a snatch of conversation overheard in a restaurant – that galvanized you with a “TA DAH!” realization, where you were able to move yourself out of the stuck place and back on the road to solving your dilemma. Compare that to stumbling on Station Creation, just by accident.

Now that you know where the Station resides, you may find it becomes one of your “preset” radio buttons.