Visualizations For Health



We’re human.  That means we aren’t perfect in physical form; we get sick.  And all of us at one time or another have had friends who have been very ill, and ask for prayers, visualizations, or other good intentions.  These visualizations and intentions are quick pick-me-ups that you can do any time to send your chosen person some Healthyvibes.   You’ve got two weeks’ worth of different visualizations — go to it, have fun, and help your friend get healthy!

ONE:  Music heals!  For this one, mentally envision your friend’s favorite musician — classical or rock or country, it doesn’t matter.  Your friend is front-and-center, right by the stage, and they are the ONLY ones in the audience. Envision the musician onstage playing a concert just for your friend with the health challenge.   Every note, every beat, is like radar going out to zap any viruses, bugs, or off-kilter cells anywhere in the body. See your friend glowing with health with each song that’s played.  Music is magic, and your chosen musician is the wizard!

TWO:  Back to the world of fame and fortune: you are a casting director. Yes, that’s right. And there are hundreds of folks lined up outside your offices because they want to be cast as your friend in his (or her) life story. But the ones that “don’t have what it takes” – they’re the Nasty Bugs who *think* they can masquerade as your friend, but you know better. As people come through your door, you’ll see lots of happy, smiling, funny, talented people. (Those are all the good healthy cells.) Hand ‘em a guitar and point to the stage. And then there are – well, you know. The ones that couldn’t capture your friend’s essence if they tried! Send ‘em out the back door. When those types are all outta there, lock it. And then line up all those wonderful happy cell-type to form a back-up band to serenade your friend back to health!

THREE:  The next visualization is great when your friend may be experiencing side effects from treatments. If you want to find a medical site to get an illustrated view of the anatomy where the challenge is manifesting, go ahead. As you visualize your friend, envision the whole mechanism working precisely as it should.  For example:  if your friend is having radiation around the throat area, set the intention of no dryness, no soreness, no hoarseness, and full ability to taste. We know the Radiation Rascals are doing everything they should, but sometimes they do the radiation equivalent of “coloring outside the lines” and we have to do a little cleanup work.

FOUR:  In this meditation, you’re in a hayfield. It’s full of waving grasses, with sparks of wildflower color here and there. The birds are singing, and there are deer grazing over in the corner. Yet when you walk through the field, you notice a whole bunch of caterpillars. Normally, they’d look fine (after all, they’re part of Nature too) but THESE are a nasty grey-green and pretty stinky. Yep, they’re today’s version of Nasties in the Body. And they’re munching on way too many of the flowers (choose your friend’s favorites). Whatever they touch gets brown and nasty. So YOU, as Mother Nature (or Father, we’re into equality here), pick them all off and drop them into one HUGE chrysalis — the pod where caterpillar transformations happen. Once they’re all in, close the chrysalis, and concentrate all your love and magic on it. You’ll see it squirm and shift, turning a gorgeous gold. And then — all of a sudden, watch hundreds, thousands of monarch butterflies dance into the air — whole, healed and beautiful.

FIVE:  And sometimes the mundane is really what serves the purpose: into every life some laundry must fall. Today you have laundry duty. In your intention, pull out t-shirts, sweatshirts, armbands, (heck, ties and bras!) — anything with a picture of your friend. Throw it all in the wash with a hefty cup of PowerClean. Wash, rinse, repeat — until every single piece of clothing is sparkling, fresh, and as clean as it was the first day you put it on. For good measure: hang it out to dry on the line outside, so the warm sun can dry it and you can take that sunshine with you the next time you see or speak with your friend.

SIX:  Moving to a transportation theme, we’re working on the [friend’s name here] Highway.  You’re one of those “Keep Our Roadways Clean” champions, with a big bag, a stick to pick up trash (the point soaked in good medicine vibes), and all the time in the world.  It’s a beautiful day: the sky is cerulean with white puffy clouds…the temperature is in the low 70s, not much humidity… and your sunblock lasts indefinitely.  Walk the highway, pick up everything that doesn’t belong there (like Nasty Bugs) and admire all the rest (happy memories, successes, love and peace)!

SEVEN:  Want a Nascar visualization?  Right here:  you are the Pit Team for the your friend, masquerading as the Turbo, a world-famous racing car. The Turbo has just driven into the work area. Get out your tools, your wrenches, you HTP (Heal That Person!) additive, and work on the car, getting rid of leaky seals, grime and rust. Give it a master tune-up. It should leave the Pit in the same condition that gained it a world-famous reputation, revved and ready to win a lot more races!

EIGHT:  Next, you have a picture window with a gorgeous view (your choice of breathtaking) AND your friend is on the other side, waving!  But you can’t see it for all the grit, grime,gick, and birdlime all over it (those li’l Nasty Bugs, of course).  Fill your spray bottle full of Healthy, grab a rag out of your ragbag (color and material of your choice:  me, I’d pull out a white one that’s from a worn-out angel robe) and clean that glass!

NINE:  When you want to get cookin’: You are a brilliant chef, creating a gourmet recipe.  You’ve got that stock pot on the stove, full of wonderful ingredients.  Turn on those Healthyvibes as your gas flames underneath.  As the stock heats, you’ll skim off the fuzz and foam and fat that rises to the top — all of which contains any Nasty Bugs, leaving a perfect recipe when you’re done.  (And then you can imagine inviting your friend to dinner!)

TEN:  You get to be a superhero today.  You will wade into an underground chamber filled with small black fuzzy things (imagine a cross between a Tribble and walking refrigerator mold).  You see them racing towards an opening in the wall shaped JUST like your friend.  ZAP them with Healthyvibes that shoot like light from your hands, eyes – and heart.  Remember, the ones from the heart are twice as potent as anything else.  Clear that room!

ELEVEN:  For the next visualization, we’re back to your favorite garden. We have beautiful posies (all those healthy cells) and Wicked Weeds (you know what THEY are). Get out your trowels and garden gloves – fill that spray bottle with Healthyvibes – and go make the garden beautiful! And when you’re done, fill it with butterflies (symbols of transformation).

TWELVE:  Okay, it’s time for a fun one:  you’re in a warehouse.  FILLED with bubble wrap. Inside each bubble of the bubble wrap is a dark little cloud, roiling and wanting OUT.  YOU are in there with your boots (shoes, sandals, stilettos, what have you) that are glowing gold, having been bathed in Healthvibes, who are clinging to every inch.  Now – go be a six year old!  STOMP on every bubble wrap you can find, pop the bubbles, and watch the dark little cloud disappear in a shower of fireworks sparks!

THIRTEEN:  This one is a Ma Feathers favorite: think of your favorite backyard bird: robin, blue jay, woodpecker, what have you. (No, not eagles; that’s another visualization.) Zap ‘em and give ‘em a glow so they’re working with the Healthyvibes. Envision them in your yard, pecking at the ground, tapping on trees, hittin‘ up the bird feeder. Everything they eat — bugs, seed, worms — is a Nasty Bug.  How much can you feed your birds?

FOURTEEN:  A visualization from my times in Southern restaurants:  envision those Healthyvibes as a bunch of glowing catfish, swimming at the bottom of the river (the Chattahoochee for those of you who know Atlanta, otherwise pick your river), happily scarfing up every stray Nasty Bug they can find. Catfish are bottom-feeders, and they’re great at cleanup!