What Is A Spiritual Awakening?


When you first enter the metaphysical playground, there are all kinds of rides.  How do I astral project?  Am I an intuitive?  Can I remember past lives?  But the one that most people get to, sooner or later, is the Big One.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?  Can I get one?  How long until I can get one?

Oh, my friends, I do laugh at this.  But I laugh WITH you, not AT you.  Because every single one of us has come upon that great mysterious mountain, and wondered how we would ever climb it – that is, if we could even get a ticket in the first place.

Spiritual Awakening is the moment when the fabric of reality shifts. All of a sudden the half-asleep existence round is shattered.  Instead of the mindless wanting, working, feeding the senses, subliminal judging of everything and everybody, living in the realms of Fear and Scarcity and Never Good Enough – we stop.  Something within or without puts the brakes on for us, asks us to look within and beyond all of the mindless wheel-spinning of everyday life.

Is there a right way to have a Spiritual Awakening?  No, no and no.  Remember that comparing yourself to others is the Ego’s insidious way of stripping the moment of its connection to Spirit and Source.  If you find yourself thinking Is my Spiritual Awakening as good as Mary’s or Elizabeth’s or Sidney’s?  Are they more enlightened than I am because theirs was better/faster/different? then you’ve been pulled back into the Illusional World.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?  It’s when you realize that you have Unconditional Love, Connection, and Support surrounding you.  Your accept that you are not in this existence alone;  that there is an Eternal and Central Connection that has always been there, whether or not you have been aware of it.  The world expands, and instead of considering yourself a citizen of your state or country, of a political party or a subculture, you realize that are a singular being woven into the fabric in the Universe, and there is so, so much more to explore, connect with, and embrace.

A Spiritual Awakening will change you.  Sometimes it happens in slow shifts, as your view of the world alters day by day.  What is real and what is illusion, what you want to include in your life and what you want to release, what is truth and what is deceit, all come up to be examined.  Sometimes there can be a life-shattering event:  a near-death experience, a diagnosis of illness, a divorce, a death, or a world situation that touches everyone on the planet.  These catapult you out of complacency into a moment-by-moment awareness of what the world is really about behind the illusional curtain.

But no matter what precipitates the Spiritual Awakening, you can be assured that your guides, angels and Spirit have chosen that moment to wake you.  In that moment, they  offer you the golden ticket of consciousness that lifts you above the half-asleep existence you’ve lived until now.

Whether you take it or not will be up to you.  Will they offer it again?  That depends on your life path, your chosen prebirth planning.  But it really doesn’t matter.  When it comes (and it will, to all of us at least once), you will know that you will have your own answer to What is a Spiritual Awakening – and it will be yours alone, because each one of us has a door to walk through that has been shaped lovingly, uniquely and deliberately to give us the most joyous Welcome Home we can possibly imagine.