Specifics v. Generalities In Psychic Readings



When a reader states they will deliver “detailed” answers, what does that mean? I asked several questions recently and paid for a “detailed” reading and each answer was about 5-10 short sentences in length. I guess I expected a bit more. The answers were so vague and general. For example, when I asked which past life is affecting me the most in this life I got the answer, “I feel that in your last life you did not complete what you wanted to, in this life you are still working on this.” In your opinion, is this detailed? I understand that the answers to Life aren’t usually handed out, that we need to discover things for ourselves, but if a reading offers nothing that is helpful, how does one learn to find a better way to phrase questions or seek qualified psychics?

Secondly, I had a dream last night that could have been a past life experience, and this experience was traumatic. This dream could answer a lot of questions I have about myself and why I fear intimacy. Is it possible for a reader to home in on a specific past life, sort of a way to validate that my dream really was a past life experience?


Gayle, you have several queries here:

  1. What constitutes a “detailed” reading?
  2. How do I make sure I’m getting a good one?
  3. Can a psychic help me understand a dream and tell me if it is, as I suspect, a past life?

Let’s go right to the past life situation, as that seems the most pressing for you. To me a past life, even if only described in a few sentences, should give you a definite feel for your character/personality, a time period, perhaps a country, and a bit about WHY this is important for you to recall during this incarnation. Examples might be:

“The constant conflict with your sister this lifetime stems from a life when the two of you were brothers, and she stole your inheritance during the Franco-Prussian War.”

“This soul has come in as your best friend in many lives past, but chose to incarnate as your father this time to give you extra support. He has ongoing Karma with your mother stemming from a life with her in 17th century Tibet.”

“You have died or been killed several times because you chose to have children out of wedlock, including in the most recent previous life, in Chicago during the 1940s. Therefore, this time you chose to focus on a life unburdened by children of any kind.”

When you sit with me and ask for a session about your past lives, I will often give you a whole scenario — but past lives are my specialty, and I am not sure that my level of detail is a common thing. Can a psychic pick up on a dream and identify it as a past life? It’s happened. In fact, one of my favorite “client stories” is about a past life reading I did that described a life during the Civil War, where my client was heavily involved in the Underground Railroad. The scene I unfolded for her during trance was the same dream she had been having for years, right down to what the building looked like and the dress she was wearing at the time. And she hadn’t said a word about it to me before the reading.

Does this happen all the time? I wish it did! But it happens for me often enough that I know it’s truly possible and not just an occasional fluke. Meanwhile, if you have a particular past life you are interested in, try giving the psychic just a couple of salient details (something like “I keep seeing myself in France running away from two highwaymen”) and see if what they have to tell you matches up, or at least correlates well, with the information you’ve been given through dreamtime.

As for the detail situation, I can only say that I myself am all about giving details, because YOU are the one who needs to make decisions about your life, not me. So I would not count this reading, if this is all it was, as detail. To be fair, however, part of the problem may be with it being a written reading. Frankly, I hate reading by email, to the point where I no longer bother with them; I can’t get the information I’m receiving down fast enough. I far, FAR prefer either phone readings or doing the session on a CD to send you. When I speak, information flows better and you get more of it, because it doesn’t have to process from brain to hand to keyboard to computer page.

For a real understanding about how to choose a good psychic and how to prep for a great session, recommend my e-book PSYCHIC ANSWERS, which is yours FREE just for signing up for my email newsletter. Read it carefully, and if you truly were not comfortable with the reading you received, you may want to go somewhere else. There are a lot of good intuitives out there, so don’t give up. Just choose wisely. Always do research on them ahead of time, ask for references, and remember that none of us will be more than 85% accurate. The only one 100% accurate is God, and God isn’t doing private psychic counseling as far as I know!

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