When Not To Have A Reading



You’d think this was the LAST thing a psychic or intuitive would say to you:  “Don’t have a reading with me!” But there are times when a divination session with a psychic isn’t going to get you the answers you need, or support you in ways that serve you best. Some of these situations may seem ludicrous to you (“I would never do that!”) but trust me – there are classic behaviors that a truly professional psychic will see and refuse to become involved with.

What might some of these be?

Example #1 when not to have a reading:  The client feels they absolutely MUST hear a certain answer to a question.

If this is the case, the client is not open enough to listen to what the Universe wants to tell them.  Every psychic intuitive I know can remember countless clients who were so set on having (or keeping) a certain relationship, or not having to face the consequences of a difficult situation, or wanting their will to trump someone else’s, that they ask the same question over and over, tilting it ever so slightly to see if we can give them the answer they want.  Examples:

“Does Bruce think about me?”  No

“Has he ever thought about me?”  Not the way you want

“If I do  will he think about me?”  No

“Is he going to call soon?”  He isn’t

“Well if he isn’t going to call soon, will he call later?”

Notice that this person is so desperate for a relationship with Bruce that she will not accept that it isn’t what HE wants, and she would be better off turning her attention elsewhere.  She is not listening to what is being said, and believes that if she keeps up the relentless demand for reassurance that the intuitive will finally, exhausted, say “yes, he loves you and wants seven babies with you but he just doesn’t know it yet.”

Example #2 when not to have a reading:  The client is extremely negative/angry about a situation.

In this case, the client will not be able to hear how to either change the situation to a win-win or walk away with the lesson the Universe wants to share with them.  Real-life example from one of my Canadian shows years ago:

“Can you tell me where my ex-husband is sleeping with his mistress?” No, I don’t do remote spying.

“Well, is he with the same one or a different one?”  I don’t do remote spying, I’m sorry.

“How many prostitutes has he cheated on me with?”   That is still remote spying.

“Oh.  Well, is he sick? Is he going to die soon? Can I still get his money?”

Another situation:

“My supervisor at work is mean to me.  Is she going to get any nicer?”  No

“Is her supervisor going to make her stop harassing me?”  No

“Is she going to fire me?”  No

“But if she doesn’t like people she fires them.  Are you sure she won’t fire me?”  It doesn’t appear so in anything I am seeing.

“I have a meeting with her tomorrow.  Is she going to fire me then, or should I quit first?”

Clearly, both of these people are so emotionally tangled in their difficulties that they are looking for neither objective information on how to improve things, nor are they willing to listen to what is really happening.

And the definition of remote spying is reading someone in an emotionally volatile situation who has not asked to be read.  If John and Susan are dating, each can ask about the other.  If they break up, neither one can ask about who the ex-partner is dating, because it’s no longer their business.

The specific danger here is that unscrupulous charlatans (and as in all professions, we have our share) will be able to convince the client that they have bad luck, or there is a curse, or there is a hole in their aura, or there are Karmic knots to untie.  This can set up the client to lose thousands of dollars by believing the situation must be overturned by what are really fraudulent acts – burning  $100 curse-break candles in the dozens, special rituals that only the fraud can perform for them, and on and on.

Example #3 when not to have a reading: The client is so despondent about life that they refuse to see any hope or positivity that the reading brings.

In these cases, it is as if the client wants the intuitive merely to solidify their worldview that Life is Awful.  Example:

“I never have any friends.”  I am seeing new friendships for you in the spring.

“But they never stay; they always leave me.”  Do you want to look at what can change that?

“No, why bother.  It never works.  Why am I so lonely?”

An intuitive has chosen their profession because we want to give people hope in their future and tools to make their lives better.  If you simply want confirmation that your life is awful and you deserve it and it will never change – there are other places that will prove that to you.  A professional intuitive’s  office isn’t one of them.

Example #4 when not to have a reading: The client is so unsure about their own ability to control their life that they come to a psychic too frequently.

There is no all-encompassing answer for how often you should seek out an intuitive. Some people get sufficient information and empowerment if they see an intuitive once every couple of years. Some people have an annual visit set up with their chosen psychic.  And some seek them out more often.  This is appropriate if you have taken the information the intuitive has given you, worked with it and your life has now moved forward.  For instance, if someone comes to me for one of my entrepreneur readings, and two months later their business is in a different place and they want to reviews some new directions, I am completely fine with scheduling another appointment for them.

However, if a client comes to me repeatedly asking the same questions, and I give them the same information as the last session  which they refuse to act on, after three readings I am like a good bartender – I cut them off. They are wasting their money and their time.

Additionally, if someone comes to their intuitive with constant minutiae and overly-detailed questions, it means they are not willing to do any of their own work – and a session doesn’t serve them.  An actual example from a reading I did years ago:

I need to know what needs to be done to sell our house:  what furniture goes and how to sell it, what furniture needs to be bought and where to get it, what rooms to be painted and what colors, what to do with the fireplaces, what to do with kitchen counters and cupboards, what to do with the flooring throughout the house; what to do with the basement and how to decorate it; what to do with the garden/furniture for comfort and resale, and which doors and windows to replace.

These are absolutely questions that can be answered with some logical thought and research into what is working for house sales these days.  And the person you should talk to is a real estate agent, not a psychic!

Example #5 when not to have a reading: specifically regarding mediumship:  the client constantly wants to speak with their deceased loved one.

This is a little touchy, in that I feel if you can connect personally with those on the Other Side, feel free to do so.  If they come in for you, then they want the connection too! For example, I often hear from my father, a splendid physician who Crossed Over in 2001, but who apparently enjoys working with me in medical intuitive readings.

However, there are clients who constantly come back seeking to talk to a spouse or a child because they cannot bear to move on with their life without them.  In these cases, they have nothing specific to say to those who have Crossed Over, but just want to know that they are there – or return to their grief and tears because that’s all they can conceive of

In those cases, I tell the client I will no longer reach for their Dearly Departed, but suggest that they look at why they are so desperate to retain the connection when Karmically there is more life for them to live on their own, with new lessons and possibilities.  I also gently invite them to begin to open their own connections, so that they no longer have to spend money on reaching their loved ones so frequently.

If you read these examples carefully, you will see that they all point to one thing:  I want my clients empowered, not dependant; I want them to be willing to move ahead and learn, not be stuck in a particular situation or “pity party”; and I want to be of use, not an inappropriate crutch or tool.  And that is how every professional psychic worthy of the title feels about what they do.

So next time you want a reading, ask yourself:  am I in the right frame of mind for it?  Will I listen objectively?  Do I want answers, or mere reassurance that what I want can happen?  Am I willing to consider other roads, other choices, or other possibilities? Am I willing to be responsible for my own life, or do I want someone to “fix” everything for me?

If you can answer those questions honestly – if you come to see us because you want to move ahead in your life, and learn how to make the best of what you have, then we are absolutely delighted to be a part of your Earthwalk. And you are always welcome at my table.