Why Are Past Lives Important To Me Now?



Past lives are important because they help you discover who you ARE by exploring who you WERE. But there is a very important difference between past life RETRIEVAL (what I do) and past life REGRESSION.

Let’s look at regression first. Past life regression should be done with the assistance of a certified hypnotherapist. In this situation the subject, through hypnosis, re-experiences their own past lives. Why is it important to do this with a certified hypnotherapist? They have specific training to help you through the process. When you are reliving one of your own past incarnations through hypnosis, you may experience traumatic situations, or even how you died in that lifetime. They will be able to help you “distance” yourself from these situations so that you can observe them objectively while not getting caught up in the emotions. Past life retrieval is less immediate, but sometimes more direct. If my client has a question about why they are drawn to a certain time period, or a certain person, or have certain challenges in their life, then I can go to the Akashic Library and pull open the specific “volume” that will explain to them why that time, person or challenge has resonance. When I peruse the stacks instead of my client, it allows them to maintain objectivity and it allows me to go directly to what they need to know.

As an example: when I taught at LilyDale a few years ago, a woman raised her hand and asked why she always panicked when she had wet hair in her face – for most of us an everyday, trivial matter but for her a source of great emotional distress. I was immediately drawn to a life of hers during World War One, where she was a passenger on the ocean liner Lusitania. In 1915 it was torpedoed by a German U-Boat, as they believed it had weapons for the British on board, along with the passengers. She, like so many others, was cast overboard. Her difficulty came when her hair – still very long, in the Edwardian style, rather than the shorter style then popular – became waterlogged and heavy. As it dragged her down, debris from the boat also snagged in her hair, further impeding her fight to get to the surface. She drowned. As I opened my eyes and finished telling her the story, she looked at me, white-faced. “And now I know why I have always been terrified of the ocean or being on a boat,” she whispered. Past lives can hold the key to so many parts of our lives today; their exploration is a fascinating and useful tool in the quest to “know thyself.”

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